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SDL Trados Studio – Review & Features (Incl Free Trial Download)

SDL Trados Live app

In this article we will be looking closely at SDL Trados Studio 2021, detailing the perks of the new version and give you an insight into what the software has to offer in general!

With more than 270,000 users worldwide SDL Trados Studio is the world market leader when it comes to CAT tools (Computer-Assisted Translation) and it is known for its expertise in translation memory technology.

As a language service provider, at EHLION we work with different CAT tools on a daily basis and are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the most well-known CAT tools. This is why we offer CAT tool training to help companies to choose the right CAT tool and get the most out of it.

As part of the series of articles with the most used CAT tools on the market, we will be going through the functions, application possibilities, and costs of SDL Trados Studio 2021.

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What is SDL Trados Studio and How Does it Work?

The SDL Trados software provides various tools, which support the translator during the translation and the review process. Some of these tools are translation memories, terminology management, and neural machine translation

SDL Trados Studio offers tools that simplify the translation management process. In times where the need for content to be translated in increasingly shorter time frames, this software allows the user to speed up and simplify the translation process and management.

Some key benefits are:

  • Translate more content in less time
  • Reduce costs
  • Maintain brand consistency through the use of terminology management
  • Manage translation projects more efficiently

SDL Trados on Mac

The desktop version of SDL Trados Studio is for Microsoft Windows. Although it was not designed to be used on a Mac computer, there is an SDL Trados help page that explains in detail how the SDL Trados can be used via Windows on a Mac. It definitely requires extra effort, but it is not impossible!

Features and Innovations of SDL Trados Studio 2021

The latest version of the SDL Trados CAT tool has its focus set on maximum flexibility for its users. This is possible thanks to the new cloud solution, which is available in addition to the desktop version. The 2021 version also makes it even easier to personalize SDL Trados Studio and tailor it exactly to your needs.

SDL Trados Live

Thanks to the new SDL Language Cloud, translation projects can now be edited from your web browser. This means the cloud solution, with its SDL Trados online editor, offers a brand-new way of working with an increased level of flexibility and freedom for the user.

As in today’s trend, flexibility and the option to work remotely have become more and more important, with its cloud solution, SDL Trados reacts to changing conditions in the work environment.

In alignment with that, the company also launched the SDL Trados Live app which is available for iOS and Android. The app allows users to manage their translation projects on the go, using their tablet or smartphone.

SDL Trados Live app
SDL Trados Live app (Taken from Google Play Store)

SDL Trados Price

When a company starts to offer cloud solutions that usually means that there will be changes in the price structure as well and SDL Trados Studio is no exception. Up until now, you could only buy the software, now it is also possible to get an annual subscription.

The subscription package for freelancers is available for 295 EUR per year. However, customers still have the option to buy the software.

SDL Trados Studio 2021 Freelance is available for 695 EUR, while SDL Trados Studio Freelance Plus can be purchased for 855 EUR.

The Freelance Plus version of SDL Trados includes an extra license for users, who want to work on two PCs.

Before buying the software, users can download an SDL free trial version of the desktop software, which is valid for 30 days – get your copy here: SDL Trados Studio free download.

Apart from the different versions for freelancers, SDL also offers different options for translation teams.

Trados Studio 2021 for translators - prices
Trados Studio 2021 for translators – prices (Taken from Trados website)

Personalize SDL Trados Studio through adding optional functions

In the 2021 version of Trados Studio users can access the SDL AppStore directly from SDL Trados Studio. With more than 250 apps, translators can tailor SDL Trados exactly to their needs.

Enhanced functions for increased Productivity

SDL Trados Studio 2021 comes along with extended and enhanced functions that allow users to achieve better and faster results.  For example:

  • The translation memory technology now delivers even faster and better results.
  • The Advanced display filter incorporates new features which allow an easier
    navigation through documents. The more powerful filter allows users to quickly correct or check names, terminology consistency, etc.
  • New shortcuts: Within the editor, you can jump to various windows using a keyboard shortcut. Users can customize the shortcuts by assigning a shortcut of their choice to a certain action. This works for the following windows: advanced display filter, termbase, and termbase search, translation results, recognition, concordance, and more.

SDL Trados Studio – overview of important functions

Below are some of the most important functions the software has to offer in general:

  • Terminology management
  • Translation memory
  • It can process more than 50 file formats and reconvert them to those formats after translation is completed.
  • Supports several hundred languages. The full list with all languages available can be found here.
  • It offers neural machine translation through SDL Machine Translation. Each account includes 500,000 NMT characters per month for free. Furthermore, users have the option to integrate other machine translation engines.

Trados Studio 2021

Anyone, who has ever used a neural machine translation knows that their results get better and better and sound more natural and fluent. Yet they can’t replace a human translator, and if they did, CAT tools such as SDL Trados wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

Therefore, machine translation engines can be used by the human translator to speed up the translation process, but their results can’t be used without post-editing. In machine translation post-editing, the human translator can review the translation, correct errors, and adjust the text accordingly to match human standards.

SDL Trados Training

SDL Trados offers training online as well as on-site in more than 35 locations around the world. There is separate training available for both translators and project managers.

Furthermore, SDL offers the opportunity to get certified for SDL Trados Studio. Certifications for translators can be obtained for different levels starting with “Getting Started”, followed by “Intermediate” and “Advanced”.

Costs start at around 50 EUR and can go up to a couple of hundred Euro depending on the Training and packages taken. Detailed information on training, certifications, and prices can be found here.

Conclusion – More flexibility, more freedom with SDL Trados Studio

The latest version of SDL Trados Studio shows that this CAT tool is the market leader and for good reason! With their new cloud solution and enhanced functions, SDL reacts to the newest trends and requirements at the time.

With SDL Trados Live and the SDL Trados Cloud, the company focuses on hybrid work. Online, offline, desktop PC or web browser, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, everything is possible! With this, SDL Trados creates previously unknown flexibility for users.

In addition to that, enhanced functions allow translators to work more productively which is especially important in times where more and more translations are needed in increasingly rapid cycles.

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