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About us

EHLION is an international company that offers language services in more than 100 languages and over 800 language combinations, compliant with industry standard ISO 17100. Working with native speakers with professional language skills and in-depth industry knowledge, we create translations of the highest quality in terms of fluency, accuracy, specialist terminology, and style. EHLION is also certified in ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

Our mission

At EHLION we strive to facilitate borderless communication for our clients by delivering the highest quality end products and pride ourselves in providing solutions for all language services. We believe that superior multilingual communication contributes directly to the growth and success of our clientele.

With over 20 years of experience and team members coming from language backgrounds, we are set on a mission to provide client-centered customer service and innovative language solutions, making us the best at what we do!

Our Values and Culture


Our extensive knowledge and expertise ensure client satisfaction and success with every project.


We constantly adapt with the industry and are the front-runners for innovation.


We are inspired by our work. We are committed to engaging with our clients to provide the best possible solutions.


We create trust and are open, consistent, and honest. This is the foundation of our business.


We display enthusiasm, which translates importance into passion for our work.


We empower each other as a team and empower our clients to clearly communicate their message across and be successful with the services we provide to them.

Our Vision


EHLION strives for premium quality in every service it offers to clients as well as internal processes.

Expert Team

Develop the EHLION Team both in terms of size and skills to offer clients:

Experience and quality at the core of our operations

Our team of experienced project managers can handle even the most complex jobs professionally and efficiently. All EHLION Project Managers come from a language background, and most are qualified translators themselves!

Outsources, translators & interpreters.

Our language specialists are stationed worldwide, ready to serve you in over 800 language combinations in different time zones.

Partners & Memberships


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Our ISO Certifications