Corporate Social Responsibility

EHLION is a company that believes in providing top-quality language services. We strive each and every day to combine our passion for clear, accurate, and creative translations with high levels of professionalism, reliability and linguistic expertise. And we also hold our company and the work we do to high ethical standards. In fact, we believe that every business activity comes with social and environmental implications.

We accept that our company has a responsibility towards society and the environment. That’s why corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are such integral parts of our corporate culture. And we see that responsibility as the fundamental principle that dictates how we treat people and nature.

Our company offers services that affect the lives of numerous people worldwide, at least indirectly. And of course our business policies and corporate culture have a direct impact on the people who work for us and our customers and partners all over the world.

This is why we endeavor to put humans first in everything we do, to treat our employees, customers and parters with the respect and dignity they deserve.

We understand that much of our success as a business stems from the willingness of the people who work for us to go the extra mile. We honor their commitment by acting fairly and responsibly towards EHLION translators, interpreters, IT specialists and DTP experts. And we expect this same level of respect from our employees in their day-to-day interactions with one another.

At EHLION, prioritizing the rights, interests and needs of our employees and customers is not only good for business — it’s the right thing to do.

Treating people fairly

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Our business practices are designed to keep any direct, harmful impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. The fact that our working environment has become almost entirely digital offers huge benefits in this respect. For example, paper plays almost no part in the modern translation business.

Even the most complex localisation projects can generally be handled on-screen without being printed – and that saves enormous quantities of paper. We also endeavor to minimize our use of resources and promote eco-friendly practices in all other areas of our business.

As well as adhering to the principles described above, the value EHLION places on people and the environment can be seen directly in the initiatives supported by the EHLION Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2013.

The EHLION Foundation currently supports a number of charitable organizations and projects through donations, focusing primarily on capacity building. Examples include support for children’s education projects in countries where many children don’t have the opportunity to go to school and get an education.

It is our firm belief that education is crucial to enabling people to determine the course of their own lives. And it is our hope that education will empower people to bring about the change needed to live a better, more fulfilling life.