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Gaming localisation

If you want your video games to achieve maximum exposure and revenue, you need to translate and localize them into multiple languages!

What is gaming localisation?

Gaming localisation is the adaptation of video games for international markets of any console or operating system.

The localisation process includes translation and voice dubbing into different languages depending on the target market and linguistic quality control for audios, videos, and graphics.

A successful video game localisation can connect your game with thousands of the world’s 2.5 billion gamers.

Advantages for gaming translation and localisation:

  • Increase sales and downloads in different languages
  • Get higher ranking in App Stores
  • Stay competitive in a tough market
  • Launch multilingual games to several countries at the same time
  • Penetrate the target market faster
  • Increase your prestige and brand awareness
  • Engagement and immersion of players
  • Customer loyalty

Developers for gaming translations

We always work very closely with the game developers on our game localisation projects. Our project managers can execute even extremely complex localisation projects professionally and efficiently.

We can help get your planning on track and coordinate the project across multiple interfaces. We use professional localisation and project management tools, working based on proven processes. Likewise, we also enjoy localizing innovative applications of game technologies, such as simulations and interactive product presentations.

Why choose EHLION for video game localisation & translation?

Our gaming localisation experts give you the support you need to prepare your game for international markets.

We carefully guide you through each step of the process to ensure you get professional results. And we ensure that every detail of the final product is perfectly tailored to your target market.

EHLION gaming localisation service is the best way to create superbly user-friendly products for your target groups – worldwide and in any language.
Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Gaming localisation
Frequently Asked Questions


Localisation basically consists of developing a completely different list of parts of the game for each country. This can take a lot of dedication and effort, but it’s also a great way to maximize sales and demonstrate your product’s high-quality content internationally.

The translation of video games achieves inclusivity and the transgression of barriers between different cultures in the world of games.
  • Preliminary discussions and briefings in the planning phase
  • Clarification of all technical aspects of localisation
  • Elaboration of a detailed project plan
  • Selection of suitable translators, project managers and employees
  • Preparation of material for localisation
  • Implementation of localisation according to the order and the plan
  • Final quality assurance of the localized software
To have a good overview and complete control of the costs, EHLION Project Managers will prepare a bespoke quote for your requirements. Pricing usually depends on the language combination, the word count or amount of pages in the document. Repeat customers benefit from the translation memory system, and therefore don’t pay for already translated word repetitions on the same or different documents.

To set the order in motion, simply contact us and give us the most important key data for your project.

We have a complete guide where you can find “gaming terms, acronyms, phrases” here.

We translate all genres and support all file formats! (strings, po, json, xml, xliff, txt)
Our clients
Our clients

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