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Conference Interpreting

We offer conference interpreting services for multilingual events all over the world.

What is Conference Interpreting?

During conferences and other large events, organizers often enlist the help of interpreters to be able to communicate to all audience members.

Conference interpreters usually are able to switch between consecutive and simultaneous styles of interpreting and possess the highest levels of training of any type of interpreter.

Which events can we offer Interpreting services for?

  • Conventions
  • Specialist conferences
  • Congresses
  • Symposiums
  • Workshops training courses
  • Business meetings
  • And more…!

Our Project Managers can help you select the best mode of interpretation depending on the type of event taking place. Our interpreters are all. Our experience and credentials enable us to provide a tailor-made solution for each client event – no matter the scale or the number of languages required!

What are the different modes of Conference Interpretation?

Choosing the right interpreting option for your conference is crucial. Most large-scale conferences require the use of Simultaneous Interpreting is used for shorter and smaller meetings where the interpreter will take notes and interprets when the speaker pauses.

Why choose ehlion for conference interpreting?

Our professional conference interpreters will ensure that you can communicate smoothly with your international contacts in numerous languages and language combinations so that your events run successfully and are not inhibited by language barriers.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Depending on the size and nature of your event, we can offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs. And naturally, if required, we can also provide the necessary technology for high-quality conferences.
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Serena Calogero
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Conference Interpreting
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Specialist interpreters: Language professionals with specialist expertise

Like EHLION’s specialist translators, our specialist interpreters command a high level of linguistic and technical competence and can communicate effectively across all language barriers. EHLION’s expert interpreters offer professional interpreting at the highest level and cover all topics and specialist areas included in our industry portfolio.

Let us know which technical specialties will be discussed at your event, and we will provide you with an interpreter who specializes in the required language combinations and subject areas. EHLION’S experienced interpreters are:
  • well-trained and competent
  • able to familiarize themselves with new specialist areas quickly and professionally
  • experienced in dealing with international clients
  • able to adapt their demeanor and appearance to suit your event
  • skilled in the use of the requisite technology.

Book an appointment for a free initial consultation with a specialized interpreter!
Both interpreters and translators work as language mediators between two or more languages. However, the professions, and therefore also the specialist training requirements, differ considerably.

Interpreters usually translate the spoken word in the context of a live speech situation and must be capable of grasping what is being said very quickly and translating it orally.

Translators, on the other hand, usually work with text and deliver written translations, which gives them the chance to research the subject matter and correct the target text. Find out more about our range of specialist translation services.
Costs vary depending on the language combination, the platform on which interpretation will take place (remotely, on-site, etc.), the duration of the service and the amount of interpreters required. Get in touch with us for a quote tailored to your needs!
At EHLION we work with 100 languages and over 800 language combinations. Inquire now about your language preferences!

Our interpreters are all native speakers available in the country or remotely. We have experts in specialized interpretation, according to the sector of the industry and the services required.

Our clients
Our clients