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Simultaneous Interpreting

For seamless communication throughout small or large scale conferences or meetings.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters translate spoken language directly, i.e., without delay, into another language.

Simultaneous translators are also referred to synonymously as simultaneous translators, synchronous translators, and cabin translators.

Simultaneous Interpreting is Recommended for:

  • International conferences, conventions, and congresses
  • Trade fairs
  • Webinars, seminars, courses, or workshops
  • Interviews
  • International negotiations
  • Meetings and discussions with customers and business partners
  • Guided tours
  • Presentations and product demonstrations.

How does Simultaneous Interpreting work?

Simultaneous interpreting is the most common type of interpreting for conferences. The speaker’s speech is interpreted into another language in real-time. In simultaneous mode, spoken language interpreters work in soundproof booths, where they receive the sound feed through headsets and interpret the speech into the target language in real-time, with a delay of just a few seconds. Attendees listen to the interpretation through a headset and can listen to their language of choice.

Simultaneous interpretation requires professional conference interpreters who have undergone rigorous training. Simultaneous interpretation requires two or three interpreters per target language who work in turns, alternating at regular intervals (usually every 20 to 30 minutes).

Why choose EHLION for simultaneous interpreting?

We ensure that our interpreters are available for all necessary language combinations, and for the required periods of time. If required, we can also take care of organizing the technology, including:

Soundproof booths with a control center, interpreters’ desks including headphones and microphones for the interpreters, and wireless headsets and infrared headphones for the participants.

If, for example, there are no booths provided for the interpreters at the event location, we will arrange to provide and set up the required number of modern mobile interpreter booths.

Bespoke, customized solutions for complex language services. Is it important to you for your international contacts and guests to be directly involved in the discussion? If so, then simultaneous interpreting is the right solution for you.
Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Simultaneous Interpreting
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Because costs can vary depending on several aspects, including language combination, duration and amount of interpreters required, get in touch with us about your project and your requirements and we’ll prepare a personal quote based on the information you give us, and tailored to your needs and budget.
Regardless of the industry sector or subject area concerned, very few international events can succeed without the services of simultaneous interpreters, and there’s a good reason for that: a certain quality standard is simply expected from events attended by international guests from all over Europe or even further afield. In terms of quality, the use of simultaneous interpreters is crucial for such events – because successful communication is essential to the success of any event, whatever its type or central theme.

Simultaneous interpreting ensures successful communication regardless of the number of different nationalities and cultures involved.

EHLION’s highly qualified interpreters can make a crucial contribution to the success of your entire event, whereby our overriding objective is to assure your satisfaction as our valued customer. What’s more, thanks to our strict quality standards, our performance consistently exceeds expectations.
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Bio Medical Industry
  • Business Consulting
  • Government
  • Insurance Industry
  • Event Production
  • E-learning and Training
  • E-commerce and retail industry
  • and many other industries.

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Is it important to you for your international contacts and guests to be directly involved in the discussion? If so, then simultaneous interpreting is the right solution for you.
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Our clients