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Advertising Review & Translation

Advertising translation connects brands with multilingual audiences, generating a local relationship and a greater purchase decision.

What is Advertisement Review & Translation?

Language experts translate your content into the country-specific context, combining the creativity of an advertising copywriter with a feel for the language and their knowledge of the culture of the country in which you want to position your company, your products, and your services.

Making sure that you get your message across in any language!!

Which advertising formats do we offer?

  • Translation of advertising
  • Translation copy and slogans
  • Translation of press texts and press releases
  • Translation of PR articles
  • Translation of company presentation
  • Translation of commercials (voice-over service)

How does Adapting Advertisements help my business?

It is very important to adapt your messages to the interests of local audiences and understand that translation alone doesn’t always get the job done.

You may need to localize your messages or even change them more radically through transcreation to overcome the unique nuances of both source and target languages.

Why choose EHLION for advertisement review & translation?

Our advertising, marketing and PR translators are not only trained translators, but they also have a special flair for language and a creative streak. As native speakers, their knowledge of the country and their awareness of the values and expectations of the target group are invaluable.

EHLION will ensure that your advertising and marketing texts are aligned with the ideals and goals of your company, to ensure that your campaign is authentic and effective.
Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
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Advertising Review & Translation
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To access foreign markets, transcreation of your content is a must. Transcreation is a concept used in the field of translation to describe the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context.

A company’s most important message is its branding. Avoid unnecessary costs on endless translations that might change the whole concept of your brand, and implement transcreation so that your message remains unchanged throughout different languages.

Increasing globalization has helped fuel international growth in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive and consumer goods sectors to biotechnology, medical technology, telecommunications, and insurance.

This international expansion is often accompanied by traditional PR work: accordingly, press releases, PR articles and advertorials sometimes need to be translated into one or more foreign languages.

Our language professionals can manage all aspects of translating your press releases and other PR articles, ensuring that your press materials are perfectly prepared for your target market, both formally and in terms of content. This way you can be sure to make a good impression with foreign reporters, and journalists, who will be wowed by your professional documentation.

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