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Remote Interpreting

Flexible and on-demand, our remote interpreting services enable our clients to effectively communicate, without the additional stress of travel or logistics.

What is remote interpreting?

Remote interpreting is a digital form of interpreting, made possible by the use of communication technology, and it is becoming increasingly popular and the go-to choice for many companies.

The event location or the parties involved in the discussion are connected via an audio and/or video link to the remote interpreter, who is at a different location.

End devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones are suitable for video reception.

Which Interpreting services can EHLION offer you?

  • Web conferences
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • International negotiations
  • Conferences
  • Meetings and discussions with customers and business partners.

We provide interpreting services to businesses, medical practices, schools, universities, and other public and private organizations.

Companies over the world welcome international partners and clients, this is where interpreting becomes a necessity and a fundamental asset to achieve better agreements.

Reasons you should choose Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting has some advantages over the use of a speech-to-text interpreter or other translation options, which only become apparent when you take a closer look:

Lower costs: A remote interpreter can be booked for shorter assignments – this is reflected in the price. With remote interpreting, you also avoid travel expenses, including accommodation, petrol, train, and flight tickets.

Full Flexibility: With no need for attendees or interpreters to be physically present, reducing the stress of bookings and logistics, you can host small or large scale meetings or conferences more efficiently. Additionally, no special equipment is required, which would continue to lower the costs of your communication needs.

Why choose EHLION for remote interpreting?

Our interpreters are all native speakers available in the country or remotely. We have experts in specialized interpretation, according to the sector of the industry and services required.

Book your initial consultation now and let us know your exact requirements.

Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Remote Interpreting
Frequently Asked Questions


An increasingly dynamic business world means that the pace of communications is accelerating in many industries. At the same time, it is important that the quality of communications remains high.

We at EHLION stand for excellent international communications – with all your foreign business partners and customers. Do you need a remote interpreter or advice on our translation services? Then simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
Remote interpreting is one of the comparatively less expensive interpreting services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you are not sure whether remote interpreting is the right option for you. EHLION is your partner for language services, and we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of international communications.

Just let us know what linguistic challenge you need to overcome, and we’ll find the right language solution for you. Our consultancy services ensure effective communication and optimized processes in foreign language management. Book your initial consultation now and let us know your exact requirements.
  • No special IT technology is required.
  • The parties involved in the negotiation can take part no matter where their location: under certain circumstances, they can even follow the event while on the move.
  • Full flexibility, because location is no constraint (so even requests made at short notice can be accommodated).
Remote interpreters may use either the simultaneous or consecutive interpreting method. To ensure a smooth process without major delays during the call, certain important technical requirements must be met. These include:

  • A stable connection for data, communications and the Internet.
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission.
  • State-of-the-art attack-proof technology.
  • Highest quality audio and video / short loading times.
  • Image and audio are transmitted almost in real time.

Good preparation and planning are not the only factors that contribute to the success of international communications mediated by a remote interpreter:

in particular, for those who have never taken part in a remote interpretation event before, it is vital to remember to speak into the microphone. This ensures that the interpreter is able to hear and understand everything that is said and reproduce it accurately in the target language.

With EHLION’s interpreting service, you are in safe hands. Together, our qualified project managers and our remote interpreters will ensure that your meeting or event is a success.

Our technical support team will also there for you, before and after the meeting or negotiation, to ensure that all your communications are successful despite the distance between the parties involved. nsmitted almost in real time.
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Bio Medical Industry
  • Business Consulting
  • Government
  • Insurance Industry
  • Event Production
  • E-learning and Training
  • E-commerce and retail industry
  • …and many more!
Our clients
Our clients

Entrust your remote interpreting needs to EHLION

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned a thing or two about seamless customer service! We are happy to provide a tailor made service to suit your Remote Interpreting needs.