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App Localisation

Localizing your apps will enable you to reach smartphone and tablet users in all international markets.

What is APP localisation?

Do you want to grow, access new markets, and place your product successfully in international target markets?

Having your app available in the respective national language can work wonders in this regard.

Localisation is more than just translation, adapt your apps for specific target groups to increase engagement.

Why is APP localisation important for business?

Localizing your apps for new markets will increase your visibility to all smartphone and tablet users. That opens exciting new opportunities for your marketing activities. However, your apps will only be accepted by target groups if they have been localized and translated professionally.

All countries differ slightly in terms of culture. This means that as well as linguistic localisation, or translation of content, it may also be necessary to make other adaptations due to specific cultural differences.

Which operating systems do we localize apps for?

With technical know-how and flawless linguistic expertise, as well as the requisite intercultural sensitivity.

We can help you to adapt your apps for specific target groups on operating systems and software platforms including:

  • Android
  • iPhone OS
  • Windows Mobile

Why choose EHLION for your app localisation needs?

EHLION’s localisation experts combine language skills with extensive experience in localisation.

We can provide you with the expert, personalized advice you need, and we can guide and support you through every step of the process – from planning, right through to successful implementation.

Get in touch with us for a customized solution for your localisation needs.

Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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App Localisation
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As well as translating the content, our experienced localisation experts will also customize your app’s user interface – including graphics and color palette – to suit the cultural expectations of your target audience.

High-quality professional localisation forms the basis for internationally successful apps – for example in Asia, so make sure you get EHLION involved right from the start. We’ll support you in all phases of your localisation project – from planning through to successful implementation. Contact us for bespoke advice on app localisation!

We translate into over 100 languages and 800 language combinations

  • Preliminary discussions and briefings in the planning phase
  • Clarification of all technical aspects of localisation
  • Elaboration of a detailed project plan
  • Selection of suitable translators, project managers and employees
  • Preparation of material for localisation
  • Implementation of localisation according to the order and the plan
  • Final quality assurance of the localized app
For international users, the most important aspect of a program is its user interface. The more accurately all the information has been translated into the language of the respective user, the easier it will be for them to navigate and use or operate the respective App.

However, there are also several other elements that usually must be adapted during professional App localisation, including:

  • License agreements
  • Installation instructions
  • Online help
  • Manuals etc.
We’ll translate the contents of your apps into all desired target languages, whether it’s Japanese, Chinese, English, French or Arabic. Discover more about our extensive language portfolio. We also localize:

  • Audio files
  • Figures
  • Characters
  • Symbols
  • Units of measurement
  • Currencies
Our clients
Our clients

Localisation is more than just translation

Adapt your apps for specific target groups to increase engagement. Get in touch with us, our project management team is ready to assist!