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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Using special DTP software, our graphic designers and language specialists adapt and localize your documents for print or digital format, preparing them for international markets.

What is Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)?

By using DTP software, translation agencies can recreate formats and page layouts in other languages for both print and digital use, without compromising the message and feel of the original material.

Our DTP specialists work carefully to ensure that a culturally accurate and appropriate message is reflected using graphics, fonts, and design elements as required by the project.

Why is Multilingual Desktop Publishing important?

Translation of advertising files into other languages can cause disasters in the original designs, formats, and graphics. Text on photos, numbers on graphics, forms, or other illustrations can be superimposed or even lost inadvertently.

Some letters take up more space in other languages, text spacing can vary a lot. Bulleted lists, hyphens, paragraph breaks, spaces, and other graphical layout elements can be negatively affected when switching between languages.

Which graphic documents do we translate and adapt for you?

Our DTP services are used to create digital media such as web pages, manuals, downloadable PDFs, information sheets, brochures, and other image formats such as PSD, AI, PNG, JPG, etc. Our DTP team uses the full Adobe Creative Suite.

Hard copies such as brochures, manuals, signage, flyers, handouts, forms, and other printed materials are also formatted for printing using DTP software, design, and layout services.

Why choose EHLION for multilingual desktop publishing service?

Looking for high-quality translation work coupled with professional DTP – Desktop Publishing services for both print and digital formats? Our highly qualified DTP team uses the full Adobe Creative Suite to produce print-ready documents for Mac and PC. We’re also careful to stick to your exact layout and DTP specifications.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing
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In addition, EHLION can provide you with templates for cross-media publishing if you wish to present your foreign-language materials in different media and formats. Get in touch so we can develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

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