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Professional translation

EHLION’s team of expert translators has specific expertise, skills, and the relevant background needed to handle professional translation for projects that require a deep understanding of specific industries.

What is Professional Translation?

Professional Translation is a specialized translation, requiring the highest quality standards, and it is applied to different areas and industries. A professional translation must be carried out by a native of the target language, with professional training, to guarantee the quality of the text.

Professional Translation is not translated word for word. A professional translator considers the text as a whole and contemplates what the author wanted to convey. With the right tools and the right methods, a very natural-sounding text is produced, by adding specialized knowledge in certain areas and industries.

What are the advantages of professional translation services?

Apart from the superior quality, professional translation services offer the necessary resources to carry out expert translations in conformity with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 standards.

Through the means of revision after translation, any errors that might have occurred during the translation stage will be detected by the revisor and corrected. With the right team of linguists, professional translation can be offered in any language and for any industry.

How does professional translation work?

Our dedicated team of project managers will manage the translation project for you from start to finish.

Our project managers are not only familiar with the language combination you request, but also the specific criteria of each language. Your assigned project manager will select the best professional translators based on their field expertise, language, and context.

Your translations will go through proven quality control procedures, such as proofreading and editing, to ensure quality and consistency across languages.

Why choose EHLION for your Professional Translation?

At EHLION Language Consultancy we have over 20 years of experience in the language industry, a team of dedicated project managers stationed in different time zones, supported by a team of over 4,000 linguists, and we work in over100 languages and 800 language combinations. EHLION is certified in ISO Standards ISO 17100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. Our linguists are all native speakers and are specialized in different subject areas.
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Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Professional translation
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Our translations for different industries and specialized areas are distinguished by their fluency and adept use of the relevant specialist terminology. That’s because we work so hard to find the right tone and style for each project, creating texts that are precise, accurate, clear, and readable. We ensure that you come across as proficient, credible, and professional in your chosen languages.
We work exclusively with translators who are properly qualified and who meet our rigorous quality standards. Our translators are native speakers who have many years of translation experience in their specialist subject areas. We offer specialized translations into 800 different language combinations.
The specialized translations we produce for the different areas of our industry portfolio – including medical technology, engineering, law, and business– achieve the status of professional specialist publications in your chosen foreign language.
When it comes to technical translations, EHLION always focuses firmly on your target group. Thus, we ensure that even the most complex issues are easily understandable in the target language. Moreover, in our specialist legal translations, we always take into account the specific legal system that applies in each country.
As a company, you believe in high-quality products and value trustworthy, reliable corporate communication. EHLION shares those beliefs and values, and we renew our commitment to them every single day. Professional specialist translations by EHLION underscore the quality of your products with terminological precision and impeccable style. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as specialist translators. Our meticulous and accurate translations provide the basis for customers all over the world to use your products safely and reliably.
Our clients
Our clients

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