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Software Localisation

Our experienced team will coordinate your localisation project across all interfaces.

Get in touch, and we’ll develop the right solution for you!

What is software localisation?

When you adopt software localisation, you make applications (apps, video games, web plugins, etc.) look and feel native or local to users.

Software Localisation is the language translation and adaptation of all content: user interfaces, and accompanying documents, including, for example, target group-specific adaptation of fonts and character sets, units of measurement and numbers, address, and paper formats as well as color palettes and audio output.

Why should you localize your software?

This is achieved by adapting user interface elements, text, visual content, dates, measures, currency, etc.

Without software localisation, your digital product may not have the same impact on international users as it does in their home country.

A product that is not localized to a target market has a high probability of failing sales and affecting the brand.

What types of software do we localize?

  • Documents: we can also locate individual documents in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc.
  • Web apps: Backend, frontend, and other elements.
  • Mobile Apps: iOS or Android, using the file format you prefer.
  • Video games: For mobile phones, game consoles, computers, etc.
  • Plugins: Open-source CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and more, for example, customer service plugins.

Why choose EHLION for your Software Localisation needs?

Our software localisation experts give you the support you need to prepare your software for international markets.

We carefully guide you through each step of the process to ensure you get professional results. And we ensure that every detail of the final software product is perfectly tailored to your target market.

EHLION software localisation is the best way to create superbly user-friendly products for your target groups – worldwide and in any language. Get in touch with us for a customized solution for your localisation needs.

Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Software Localisation
Frequently Asked Questions


For international users, the most important aspect of a program is its user interface. The more accurately all the information has been translated into the language of the respective user, the easier it will be for them to navigate and use or operate the respective software.

However, there are also several other elements that usually must be adapted during professional software localisation, including:

  • License agreements
  • Installation instructions
  • Online help
  • Manuals etc.
  • Customer loyalty,
  • penetrate the target market faster,
  • Increase conversion rates,
  • Increase your prestige and brand awareness
  • Preliminary discussions and briefings in the planning phase
  • Clarification of all technical aspects of localisation
  • Elaboration of a detailed project plan
  • Selection of suitable translators, project managers, and employees
  • Preparation of material for localisation
  • Implementation of localisation according to the order and the plan
  • Final quality assurance of the localized software

Here at EHLION we translate into 100 different languages and 800 language combinations.

Our translators are the best in the market, and they go through rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality criteria to be part of the EHLION translation team.
  • Retail
  • Bio Medical Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • IT Software
  • Crypto
  • Manufacture
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Gaming
  • …and many more!
Our clients
Our clients

Localise your software to increase client engagement

Our team will coordinate your localisation project across all interfaces. Get in touch, we’d be happy to explain software localisation in more detail!