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Web Localisation and Translation

EHLION will support you throughout the increasing internationalization of your company and will work with you to plan the professional translation and localisation of your websites and eCommerce sites.

What is Website Localisation?

Localisation is the linguistic, visual, and content adaptation of a website for an international target market and international target groups.

Accordingly, it involves far more than just translating the texts into the target language. We take care of the linguistic translation and adaptation of all content, buttons, audiovisual resources, and user interfaces, including address formats, dimensions, symbols, and forms.

EHLION guarantees flawless technical implementation of the target-language pages. We also handle any multimedia files and compact software applications that are embedded in your site.

Which platforms and programming languages do we localize?

EHLION works with all standard platforms and programming languages in our website localisation projects, and we’re very familiar with CM systems such as:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • TYPO3
  • E-commerce
  • Adobe CQ
  • and more.

Our IT specialists are also experts in scripting languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP and Perl.

Why should you localize your website?

Consider your corporate website as your international business card!

After all, a significant number of people within your target groups already get their information predominantly online.

And the better your corporate website is adapted to the respective target market, the more likely it is to be accepted and resonate with the crucial target groups for your products and services.

Why choose EHLION for your Website Localisation?

We have experience with localisation projects of varying complexity, from simply structured webpages to more complex websites with multimedia files and interactive functions.

Work with our content and web Localisation team to develop client-focused solutions for your online business

Serena Calogero | Team leader Project Manager

Serena Calogero
Team Leader Project Management & Quality Manager


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Web Localisation and Translation
Frequently Asked Questions


EHLION’s IT experts, web developers and language professionals will work as a team on your localisation project. We offer localisation tailored to your needs and to the target market, and we are happy to take on the entire project management – across all interfaces.

We’ll plan the localisation activities according to your specifications, take care of all linguistic and cultural aspects, and oversee the technical implementation, up to and including the final quality controls. Localizing a website usually involves the following steps:

  • Project preparation including team composition
  • Translators, project manager, SEO strategist and design team preparation
  • Creation of a precise localisation plan
  • Development of bespoke workflows
  • Translation and localisation of content
  • Technical editing and proofreading
  • Technical implementation
  • Quality control
Of course, EHLION will also help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your target-language content, to ensure that your company’s products and services can be easily found on the Internet in various languages by your potential customers.

EHLION’s SEO translations are specifically translated for search engine optimization and are tested in all the languages in our portfolio.
  • Language: a fully translated website with cultural nuances taken into consideration
  • Images: images and even videos should be replaced to be culturally appropriate
  • SEO: multilingual SEO will help you get found in your new markets
  • Design: such as adapting for right-to-left languages, language switcher placement and taking into consideration text expansion
Here at EHLION we translate into 100 different languages, and 800 language combinations – all ISO 17100-compliant. Our translators are the best in the market and they go through rigorous testing in accordance with ISO 17100 standards to qualify as an EHLION Translator.
How much it will cost to localize your website, will depend on various criteria. To provide you with the most accurate quote possible, we’ll need some basic information about your planned localisation project:

  • What is the source language of the texts?
  • What is/are the target language(s)?
  • Which services would you like EHLION to provide – simple translation, localisation, overall project management?
  • Subject area and level of difficulty: What kind of texts are involved?
  • Technical framework conditions: Which CMS is used, which version?
  • Timeframe and deadlines: When and how quickly do the localisation need to be implemented?
Our clients
Our clients

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