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iGaming refers to all forms of online gambling and betting on the outcome of events, games or sporting competitions on the Internet, encompassing:

  • Poker,
  • Online casinos and
  • Slot games,

with casino games accounting for the biggest chunk of market share.

The iGaming industry is constantly evolving as new technologies develop, tastes change and new tools and events emerge onto the market. But whatever the format or platform used, astute localisation and razor-sharp precision are central to effective iGaming translations.

With its extensive experience in working with qualified translators to provide high-quality content and translation services with a strong emphasis on app and website localisation, EHLION is a natural partner for companies seeking to hit the right note across all markets.

Why pitch-perfect translation is crucial in the iGaming business

Accuracy and market sensitivity are essential irrespective of your sector, but become non-negotiable when operating in an industry that transcends national borders. iGaming companies face stiff competition, with apps and websites all accessible worldwide.

On the plus side, this means an unlimited market with a constant stream of prospective clients – yet it also means that to get themselves heard, businesses need to stand out from the crowd in a bustling marketplace.

If you currently only offer your services in your home market, you’re missing out on millions of extra clients hungry to get playing. Why stick when you could twist?

iGaming localisation has its own set of challenges and specifics, namely the high stakes involved which translate into a pressure to use the exact right terms and turns of phrase. At EHLION, we draw on a stringent, meticulous terminology management process to log each and every specialist term and word, building you your very own database of multilingual language choices you can refer back to whenever you need. Do you know your buy-ins from your all-ins? Your click raises from your full rings? From no-limit games to double-headers and accumulator bets, using the right words in the right place, at the right time and in the right language, all help set you apart from the competition, marking you out as an iGaming business users can trust.

Nothing undermines a professional product more than iGaming content that sounds unnatural. Slick, effortless translations and localisation that makes sense to its target audience is the fastest way to consolidate your credibility and build loyalty, drawing in gamers who return to your platform time and time again. And it all starts with dropping us a quick line for a zero-commitment overview of what we can do for you.

EHLION’s iGaming translation expertise

Our translators are all qualified, experienced professionals held to the highest of industry standards. We only ever work with native speakers translating into their mother tongue to ensure your copy rings true and reads effortlessly, hand-picking the very best linguists with specialist knowledge of the iGaming industry.

Our project managers oversee the nitty-gritty details of each and every project, combing through your specifics with a meticulous eye. Our teams are well-versed in the particularities of iGaming businesses, with a keen understanding of the need for high responsiveness and adaptability, changing to align with market developments, last-minute additions, small tweaks and large-scale roll-outs – whatever your needs might be. We work with developers on a daily basis and have inside-out knowledge of your priorities and challenges.

Whether you’re a sports betting platform, an online casino or an iGaming conference, place your trust in a multi-faceted team that can handle your translation projects from start to finish, delivering ready-to-go translations that get your message across and put your user experience centre-stage.

EHLION’s proven track record in the iGaming sector, our ISO-standard translators and passion for cultural fluency make us an unparalleled partner for companies aiming for high impact and accurate, fluid text. Take the first step towards crafting a polished user experience, drawing on our experts’ passion for terminology and fluid, natural language – get in touch, and let’s discuss your goals.

The iGaming industry in figures

When it comes to the iGaming industry, the figures speak for themselves. The worldwide online gambling industry is expected to be worth a whopping $94bn in 2024 – that’s double its current value ($46bn). iGaming Asian markets lead the way both in terms of online population and online gambling-generated revenue, followed by English-speaking countries and European nations.

Top iGaming countries at a glance in 2019

 Online populationRevenue (USD)
The United States273.7m$35,510m
South Korea48.9m$6,194m
The United Kingdom64.7m$5,348m

The iGaming business is a booming market, with two key factors driving growth:

  • Online gambling and betting is increasingly being legalised in countries (notably in Asia) and American states (such as Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware) that have traditionally had restrictions or bans in place.
  • Smartphones have been responsible for a dizzying rise in websites, platforms and apps, both by offering a more exciting, user-centred experience, and by facilitating on-the-go access and high-security privacy.

The number of smartphone users worldwide is set to hit the 3.8 billion mark in 2021, opening up an extensive new market for iGaming businesses to tap into. The mobile gaming experience will inevitably be drastically improving to accommodate this growing audience, and faster, slicker and more user-friendly design put to work in a dynamic, burgeoning marketplace can only be good news for iGaming companies. Add intuitive, natural-sounding language and smart, polished copy crafted by EHLION’s qualified linguists and industry experts, and you’re good to go.

iGaming events and hotspots – where it’s at

By its very essence, the iGaming industry and scene are not restricted to any one epicentre. But with an iGaming market of over 4 billion potential users, Asia is home to the two biggest online betting and gaming industry events, and the iGaming industry in Malta is internationally-renowned for its extensive opportunities and business-friendly regulations.

Calendar highlights on the iGaming scene:

  • ICE Asia

Focussing on the future of gaming in Asia, ICE (Industry Conference and Exhibition) Asia showcases cutting-edge solutions and advanced land-based and online gaming technologies, offers opportunities for professional networking, holds inspirational panel talks and meet-the-expert events, and serves up in-depth industry insights.

  • SiGMA

Billed as the world’s leading iGaming festival, SiGMA (Summit of iGaming Malta) runs its events in three locations and time-zones: SiGMA Asia (Manila), SiGMA Europe (Malta), and SiGMA LatAm (online, and new for this year). Having incorporated another big exhibition, the AIBC Summit, SiGMA is known for its exciting line-ups of talks by decision-makers on anything and everything from AI to Big Data and open-source tech solutions.

Igaming Industry

Held in Amsterdam, the iGB (iGaming Business) Awards are a celebration of industry innovation, successes and game-changing achievements, in a whirlwind round-up of all things iGaming. The event puts the emphasis on complete transparency and pays tribute to the sector’s leading professionals and names, from the best sports betting platforms to winning affiliate programmes.

Igaming Industry

Final thoughts: tapping into a burgeoning market

The iGaming market is ripe for the taking, with sales set to explode over the next few decades as the smartphone gaming market is flooded with better-performing tech and a growing number of users.

As platforms, app localisation, and websites provide an ever more intuitive and user-friendly experience, quality iGaming operators owe it to themselves and their customers to create high-quality content that reflects their infrastructure, plunging gamers and users into immersive environments that lead them seamlessly from their lived, everyday realities to an online setting that perfectly reflects their culture.

EHLION’s innate flair for language and understanding of local markets, as well as our forward-looking outlook and in-depth understanding of the iGaming industry and digital platforms make us a natural partner for businesses hoping to attract and keep users for life. We work with some of the world’s leading names in the iGaming industry – why not join them? Get in touch with our talented teams today and see how we can help take your business to the next level.

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