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The iGaming industry in Malta: companies, conferences, jobs, taxes, and much more!


The iGaming industry in Malta is an exciting place to be right now, as companies jostle for space in a booming sector with huge prospects ahead. Smartphones are leading the way in providing users with the immersive experiences they crave, and as emerging economies develop at ever faster pace, the pool of potential players with readily available Internet access will unquestionably expand around the world.

Malta is uniquely placed to offer iGaming companies the perfect setting in which to take their online gaming business to the next level. And EHLION is on hand to help them take flight, whether through software localisation, terminology management or the best translations available on the market.

There’s never been a better time to take on the iGaming market – and EHLION’s qualified translators and website and SEO translation buffs are equipped with inside-out knowledge of the industry and all the terminology and fluency you need to make an impact from the get-go. We work with our industry’s cutting-edge tools to provide you with consistent, cohesive translation and localisation you can trust.

Get in touch to find out what we can do for you, and read on for our expert overview of Malta’s iGaming industry. Learn what iGaming is and why it’s on the rise, find out why Malta is leading the way in the industry, and explore career prospects and the very best conferences to attend on the island.

iGaming at a glance

iGaming refers to all forms of betting on the outcome of events, games or sporting competitions on the Internet, and online gambling of all stripes. The term encompasses:

  • virtual poker,
  • online casinos,
  • gambling and
  • slot games,

with casino games raking in the biggest chunk of market share.

The iGaming industry is constantly evolving as new technologies develop, tastes change and new tools and events emerge onto the market, with smartphones leading the charge in conquering new ground.

This is a sector buzzing with new ideas, fresh talent and exhilarating opportunities – and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. EHLION’s extensive experience in supporting iGaming companies in producing crisp, effective and perfectly localised text for their iGaming platforms makes us a partner you can rely on to get your message across.

The rise and rise of iGaming

Studies and surveys show that the iGaming market is set to double its worldwide revenue between 2019 and 2024, coming just shy of $100bn total value over the next four years. This global appetite for all forms of online betting and casino games is propped up by easy-access smartphone use, high-tech solutions and user-centred experiences, with exponential growth most clearly visible in tech-embracing Asian countries.

China leads the way on the world stage, single-handedly generating sales of over $36,500m, with Japan and South Korea following hot on its tail. Yet the European market makes for fertile iGaming territory too, with Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy all easing their way into the top-ten list of highest-spending iGaming nations.

Malta is one of the first European countries to spring to mind when it comes to iGaming, and with good reason: iGaming accounts for over 13% of the country’s GDP, generating a mind-blowing total of €700m a year in revenue and firmly establishing it as Europe’s undisputed iGaming capital.

Introducing Malta: a little slice of iGaming paradise

Over 250 iGaming companies have elected Malta as their home. Why here? A number of factors come into play in making this Western European island a haven for the sector, and elevating the iGaming industry in Malta into one of the world’s most impressive. Let’s take a closer look at why the biggest names in remote gaming and online gambling flock to Malta:

  • European Union membership and gaming regulations: 

Malta was the very first European Union Member State to usher in comprehensive framework regulations on remote gaming, making it a water-tight jurisdiction with long-standing expertise in the field. As a member of the EU, companies based here also enjoy the freedom to provide cross-border services – a definite plus when it comes to tapping into Europe’s burgeoning iGaming market.

  • Low taxes and fees:

A 5% gaming tax on revenue applies to Maltese companies, and corporate tax is effectively set at 5% with a little careful structuring – the lowest tax rate in Europe. In addition to this, the Maltese government puts on a generous spread of tax incentives for gaming operators to draw on.

  • Flexible, low-cost licensing infrastructure:

In comparison to other countries, iGaming license fees for B2C companies are staggeringly low, set at a fixed fee of €25,000. This drops to €10,000 for ‘Type 4’ licensees (defined as providers of controlled skill games such as fantasy sports). For  more details, check the Malta Gaming Authority website here.

  • A diversified, skilled labour market:

The Maltese workforce is made up of skilled talent, providing a steady stream of world-class professionals across the value chain, from iGaming customer service operators to software developers. The iGaming recruitment market in Malta has never been healthier.

  • A vibrant, dynamic events scene:

Malta is packed full of iGaming events, fairs, exhibitions, conferences, iGaming summits and iGaming seminars, all of which combine to create a living, breathing ecosystem that helps foster exchange and stimulate the market. Jump to the next section for the low-down on Malta’s unmissable online gaming events.

  • An unbeatable setting and standard of living:

With its balmy climate and scintillating seascapes, this Mediterranean jewel offers unparalleled quality of life, and boasts 300 days of dazzling sunshine per year. Its close proximity to Europe and accessibility make it ideal for cross-continent networking, it offers a stable property market, high-tech telecommunications infrastructure and a safe, highly secure setting. Bliss.

We’re not here to try and win you over, though. Instead, we’ll let this round-up of the very best iGaming companies in Malta do the talking – a minute selection of the international leading names that have all put down roots on the island.

CompanyYear foundedProfile
Casumo2012Mobile gaming, online casino, sportsbooks. Sponsorship deal with Reading F.C.
Evolution2006The world’s broadest selection of live tables, live casino production studios.
Mr Green2007An online casino operator with a conscience. Launched the ‘Green Gaming’ predictive tool in 2017 with a view to achieving fairer, safer gaming.
Betsson1963Huge online gambling offer, operating under more than 20 brand names.
Tipico2004Online sports betting and casino game provider with franchise system. Sponsorship deal with Hamburger SV.
Kindred1997Online gambling operator with 11 brands to its name.

iGaming conferences and events in Malta

An effervescent networking and events scene is one of the top reasons for Malta’s home-grown iGaming market magic. The country’s jam-packed year-round line-up of places to go and conferences to attend means iGaming companies are spoilt for choice. Some of the global industry’s major highlight events take place here:

  • NEXT: Described as a TED talks platform for the iGaming industry, NEXT attracts operators and suppliers to discuss and debate forthcoming gaming developments in a digital context. All the speakers receive TED training, and networking opportunities abound.
Igaming industry
NEXT Igaming
  • iGaming IDOL: iGaming IDOL is the world’s leading iGaming awards event to actively shine a spotlight on individuals forging the future of the industry, rather than companies and enterprise. Designed for and by professionals, talented specialists are nominated and awarded in a host of different categories, with Design Idols, Rising Star Idols and VIP Idols of the Year all jostling for coveted titles.
Igaming Idol
Igaming Idol
  • SiGMA iGaming Malta: Billed as the world’s leading online gaming festival, the SiGMA iGaming summit is known for its ground-breaking talks by decision-makers on topics that span AI to Big Data and open-source tech solutions.
SiGMA iGaming Malta
SIgma Igaming
  • The Malta Gaming Awards: Another awards event, this time attached to SiGMA, the annual Malta Gaming Awards seek to spotlight movers and shakers in the online gaming and betting world, bringing together suppliers, brands and event leaders under the same roof. All proceeds from the Awards go to the SiGMA Foundation, a not-for-profit that aims to support those in need around the world.
Igaming awards

Forging an iGaming career in Malta

iGaming jobs abound in Malta, with graduates and experienced specialists alike having their pick of position. iGaming salaries for iGaming professionals in Malta showed an 11% year-on-year rise in 2019, with the average entry-level salary starting at a generous €35,000. The need for specialist talent on the local market remains high, with strong demand for developers and data analytics experts seen across the board. The biggest salary increases were observed in mid- to senior-role positions, and bonuses are frequently offered as part of standard salary packages at all levels.

Opportunities for career development and retraining are endless in Malta, thanks to the iGaming Academy’s online and in-person Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, along with the accredited iGaming courses on offer at the European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) and their specialist Masters in iGaming Technology and Gaming Data and Analytics. An incredible chance for professionals at all stages to refresh and update their knowledge and upgrade their careers.

Final thoughts: a leading destination in a booming market

The iGaming market is ripe for the taking, with sales set to explode over the next few decades as the smartphone market is flooded with better-performing tech and a growing number of users.

As a result of its picture-postcard location, long-standing experience in the industry, flexible licensing regulations and generous tax breaks, Malta is Europe’s leading destination for iGaming companies looking to secure a foothold on the European and international market.

Home to close to 300 iGaming companies and awash with events, training opportunities and major international networking platforms, Malta offers a thriving scene in one of the world’s most exciting and profitable industries, making it a no-brainer for businesses looking to take their reach and performance to the next level.

EHLION lets you get on with what you and your teams do best, handling all your localisation and translation needs and freeing up time and headspace for you to focus on the bigger picture.

Our qualified, experienced native-speaker translators and localisation pros get to work on transforming your gaming experience, websites, apps, software and marketing materials into pitch-perfect mirror images of your target market, all overseen by professional project managers fluent in the iGaming industry’s language.

Shoot us a quick email and we’ll get thinking about what we can do to help elevate your brand, message and product, delivering a neatly-packaged bundle of professional services that perfect and reflect who you are.

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