Translations for ophthalmology


EHLION specialized translations cover every aspect of ophthalmology – from diagnosing functional disorders of the eye to treating and following up eye diseases. We deliver high-quality translations of a wide variety of content, including complex product descriptions and informational brochures for physicians as well as easily understandable information for patients.

In terms of subject areas, we cover the full spectrum from medical to engineering topics; with regard to style, the relevant experts at EHLION do everything from sophisticated marketing to very technical medical texts. 

Our professional translation project management service enables us to handle complex projects, such as producing texts in more than 20 languages. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice and a solution tailored specifically to your requirements.

Translations for ophthalmology

As an expert in the field of ophthalmology, EHLION provides professional translations of specialist medical texts as well as user guides and product information, e.g. for devices used to diagnose and treat eye diseases.

In terms of subject areas, our specialist translations cover all aspects of ophthalmology, including the diagnosis of functional disorders of the eye, diseases of the retina and vitreous, surgical interventions such as cataract and retinal surgery, and intraocular lens implants.

We maintain high quality standards by working with translators who have recognized translation qualifications and technical/medical expertise. When you work with EHLION, you can be sure your specialist texts are in the very best hands, because our language professionals are as familiar with the set-up of surgical microscopes as they are with the terminology of computer-assisted surgical systems.

EHLION – Specialist translations of the highest quality

We support your marketing activities, too

The increasing complexity of the instruments used to diagnose and treat eye diseases often requires intensive training and continuing medical education (CME) courses for doctors, technical assistants and other staff members.

One of the ways in which EHLION supports companies that offer ophthalmological services and systems in international markets is by translating and localizing marketing, information and training materials. We also offer professional localization of websites and online forums for ophthalmologists and patients.

We bring clarity into the complex world of technical jargon

EHLION – professional language services for business customers in the field of ophthalmology


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