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Anyone who often travels on business or for pleasure appreciates translator apps. They are practical companions in many situations and ease a person’s workload. 

Carry along a bulky dictionary in your backpack or communicate with your hands and feet? Gone are the times when we mainly lived our lives offline and when good planning and a talent for improvisation were more important than good apps. Regardless of whether you are on a business trip to China, on vacation in Latin America or at home on the street, translator apps are very helpful when communicating in foreign languages.

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, apps have become indispensable to our everyday lives. Meanwhile, a very wide selection of translation apps has become available which is difficult to survey. Which app is the best? This depends entirely on your expectations and needs.

The best translator app

Which translator app is the best? The answer to this question cannot be provided in general terms, since it depends on your personal needs and preferences. Every user will find his own favorite app with a variety of practical functions for fast private and commercial translations among the numerous providers that are available.

Free translator apps

Good and practical translator apps are not necessarily fee-based. You also can get a good deal featuring extensive functions free-of-charge. We will introduce some of the best and most popular translator apps to you here.

DeepL Translator App

One thing in advance: Unfortunately, DeepL is not yet available as an app. According to its developer, a Cologne start-up, this most popular online translating program will soon be available as a free translation app as well. Unfortunately, since the launch of the app has been delayed, this program still is available only as an online translator at present.

Meanwhile, DeepL can already quite easily be used in the web browser of your smartphone or tablet.


Read more about DeepL here

ehlion apps
Translator apps help you communicating in foreign countries – easy and convenient!

Microsoft Translator app

The free Microsoft Translator app is available for over 60 languages with diverse functions.

The Microsoft Translator app for Android has an attractive design and features numerous functions:

  • Translation via speech recognition (split-screen mode)
  • Translation of entered text
  • Translation of text on photos and screenshots
  • Translation of multiparty conversations (conversation mode)
  • Option for downloading languages for offline use
  • Translation memory for reading previous translations
  • Voice playback of translated text
  • Pinning and saving translations
  • Pronunciation aids


  • Very extensive (60 languages)
  • Numerous functions
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone


  • Translations somewhat inaccurate

Asknet features a very good overview of the Microsoft Translator app in their Video review.

Download: Google Play and iTunes.

Microsoft Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone

Google Translate translator app

The free translator from Google is one of the biggest competitors of the Microsoft Translator – it is used by millions of users worldwide. The app is easy to use and clearly structured.

The Google app features the following functions:

  • Language identification – the app identifies the language involved.
  • Translation of the spoken word via speech recognition.
  • Translation of multiparty conversations (conversation mode).
  • Translation of entered text.
  • Offline translations (Option for downloading languages for offline use).
  • Optical character recognition of images via camera.
  • Creation of your own vocabulary and memory (for example for learning vocabulary).
  • Handwritten text input possible.


  • Translation of 103 languages.
  • Extensive offline functions.
  • Conversation mode.


  • Quality of the translation (often fails to match that of the competition).

An in-depth video evaluation is provided here

Download: Google Play and iTunes.

Google Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone

PROMT Offline Translator app

The popular PROMT Online Translator also comes in an app version for smartphones and tablets. The app translates only into the most important European languages, and therefore offers fewer languages than Google Translate or the Microsoft Translator.

The app of the repeatedly award-winning translation service currently costs € 3.49. Users agree that the price and quality of the PROMT Translator are right.

The PROMT Translator features numerous functions:

  • Translations via text input
  • Technical translations also are possible offline – Offline mode without an internet connection
  • Text translation from images
  • Conversation mode for direct translation of conversations
  • Transcription
  • Extensive dictionary
  • Technical terms from various fields
  • Translation memory containing the last 50 translations
  • Pronunciation scoring of words and their translations
  • Phrasebook for upcoming trips
  • Extension for iMessage


  • Quality (good evaluations by users)


  • Only translates into the most important European languages

Download: Google Play and iTunes.

PROMPT Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone

iTranslate translator app

The iTranslate translator app convinces with its many sophisticated functions – for example, through the different dialects and 100 languages available for selection.

The free translation app offers its users the following functions:

  • Translators for more than 100 languages
  • Conversation mode – direct translation of languages
  • Translation of camera images and signs
  • Offline translation mode in over 40 languages
  • Voice output with male or female voice
  • Selection of different dialects
  • Conjugation of verbs
  • Dictionary & translator with synonyms and different meanings in different languages
  • Translation of characters
  • Translations can easily be shared with others
  • The favorites list and automatically created translation memory enable you to look up previous translations


  • 100 possible languages
  • Selection of dialects
  • Relatively high accuracy


  • Fewer technical features: no conversation mode for direct translation of conversations
  • Speech recognition is not free

Download: Google Play and iTunes

iTranslate Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone translator app dictionary

The translator app dictionary easy to use. It also functions without an internet connection, and is therefore very useful, particularly when traveling. The app is based on the design of the website.

It offers the following functions:

  • A dictionary for 51 language pairs
  • Complete expressions or typical compound sentences are translatable
  • Including a vocabulary trainer
  • Can be used without an internet connection (offline dictionary, voice output only online)


  • Free
  • Good vocabulary for German-English translations


  • More like a dictionary than a translator app
  • Can be used only offline
  • Comparatively small vocabulary

Download: Google Play and iTunes Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone

Special translator apps

The programs of most translator apps mainly feature common languages. But what should you do if you want to translate into an exotic language? Some apps concentrate on certain niche markets and offer translations for languages that are in less demand, such as Chinese or even Low German.

Especially during your next trip to China, such a specialized app definitely would be a suitable tool for making it a bit easier to communicate with the local population. Particularly in cases where one hundred percent understanding is not necessary (in contrast to a business negotiation).

Waygo translator app (Asian languages)

Waygo is especially practical when traveling in the Asian region: The app is very visual and translates signs, menus and images into English using the camera. Waygo is especially valuable in Asian countries where most travelers require assistance with local language and are not able translate the characters on their own.

The app recognizes and translates Chinese and Japanese characters or Korean script into English. Since it also works offline, no internet or data connection is required. The free version of the app includes up to 10 translations per day. An unlimited package is available for a fee of $6.99.


  • Translation of texts in images from Asian languages
  • Pronunciation aids for vocabulary
  • Offline mode – also works without internet
  • Special focus on Asian languages


  • Well-suited to travelers
  • Relatively high accuracy, specifically focused on Asian languages
  • Offline mode


  • Translates from Asian languages only into English

Download: iTunes.

A video evaluation is provided here.

Waygo Asian Translator App for Iphone and Smartphone

Pleco translator app (Chinese)

Pleco is one of the leading apps for Chinese translations. The free app is currently available only in English, however, a Chinese-German dictionary can be installed. Chinese learners agree that Pleco is one of the best translator apps for the Chinese language.


  • Eight free dictionaries (other languages are available as payable downloads)
  • Translation of handwritten entries / drawings
  • Translation of text via camera image
  • Audio playback of translation (male and female voices)
  • Translation via audio (speech recognition)
  • Translation of characters in documents


  • Large Chinese vocabulary
  • Free functions


  • Interesting only for Chinese learners

Download: Google Play and iTunes

Pleco Translator App (Chinese) for Iphone and Smartphone

Op Platt translator app (Low German)

A translator app for Low German? This app from Radio Bremen is definitely something very special. For this reason, we just had to introduce it to you here. The free app is original and entertaining – and an option for anyone who would like to get a taste of the Low German language without having to attend an entire course.


  • Low German vocabulary
  • Low German course with ten lessons
  • Daily news in Low German
  • Sayings, words of wisdom and anecdotes


  • Original contents
  • Free app


  • Very small scope and few traditional translator app functions

Download: Google Play and iTunes


Risks and disadvantages of translator apps

Translator apps are practical whenever you’re in a hurry and offer valuable help in conversations with locals, especially when traveling. However, they do not even come close to the performance of a professional translator or interpreter.

It is advisable to employ a professional interpreter, especially in direct dealings with international customers or business partners, e.g. during negotiations and at events. In this way, you can make sure that you and your business partners understand everything exactly so that no costly misunderstandings occur.

At EHLION we offer you interpreters for all languages. Find out more about the various interpreter services and languages which we offer here.

Anyone who uses an app to translate technical terms or requires flawless translations of precise technical terminology or legally binding formulations also should be careful and should preferably hire a professional to perform the corresponding translation.

Data input also involves certain risks since, once entered, your information remains stored on the provider’s server and hardly can be removed. Your data are thus located in the public sphere.

Comparison of translator apps

Finding the translator app that is right for you is not so easy. There is a wide range to choose from and the many different functions of the available apps make it hard to choose. Popular allrounders such as the Microsoft Translator app, Google Translate or PROMT convince with a great diversity of languages, a wide range of functions and constant updates and improvements.

The Microsoft Translator is popular especially due to its many technical features. The iTranslator even makes it possible to select between various dialects. A special app with a well-functioning voice output such as Waygo or Pleco is above all practical for travelers. The translator apps are recommendable for English-German translations.

Such an app cannot replace a professional translator or protect users against translation errors. However, the app is very practical when traveling and will provide you with “language first aid” whenever your own language skills prove inadequate.

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