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From good morning in chinese, french or german to how to say “good morning” in spanish! (incl. “good morning” in sign language and list for download)


There’s always an element of surprise when you greet someone in their own native language or mother tongue. If you know (or soon will learn) how to say good morning in different languages, you’ll witness the huge smiles that break on people’s faces when they realize you’re making the effort to create that connection.

It used to be necessary to know good morning in different languages just when we travelled but with Global Networking being an intrinsic part of our everyday life now, both in our personal and professional life, we increase the chance of getting to know someone who speaks another language all the time.

Reasons to know Good morning in different languages

The world has become such an international setting that the reasons for getting to know Good morning in different languages keeps growing by the day.

We used to look up how to say Good morning in a language when we were off for a holiday somewhere.  Which meant we needed it once or twice a year at most.

Going to Madrid? Look up good morning in Spanish.

Spending the weekend in Paris? Look up good morning in French.

Enter globalization – walk out your door, commute, pass by the Italian cafeteria with the best coffee in town, run by Italians of course (look up good morning in Italian to put a smile on their face).

Enter multicultural teams in the workplace – you find yourself checking Hello in different languages.

Enter Internet – have an international team with various offices around the world.

Enter video calling – you need a different good morning for every different meeting.  Oh yes, it’s the meeting with the Tokyo office today – How do you say good morning in Japanese?

Good morning in 137 languages!

Do you want to know good morning in other languages?

We have put together a list of good morning in 100+ different languages!

Download your list of Good morning in 137 different languages in a PDF here.

Wondering how they sound?

Here’s how to say Good Morning in Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish and French

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Bonus: Good morning in Sign Language

Here’s how to say good morning in American Sign language

Tourism Industry nowadays

It all started with the baby boomers using travel and holidaying as a form of leisure that turned the wheels of the economy.

Some thought there might be a saturation point, instead the Tourism Industry keeps growing and growing and growing, to points in which it soars and keeps expanding to even higher heights.

We went from having a trend on wanting to know how to say Good morning in German to take a trip to Oktoberfest and enjoy the beer and the festivities.   Then we looked further to the Carnival of Brazil, so we wanted to know good morning in Portuguese.

At Ehlion, we offer specialized Tourism Translation for any company who needs to surpass the dense competition out there.

Want to have the best site out there for your tourism services?

Talk to us today for a free consultation about our Professional Tourism Translation.

Globalization in the workplace

Nowadays the job market has gone absolutely broad.  A vacancy goes up on the Internet and anyone with a connection can see it and apply for it.

Interviews can be done by video call and when that person is hired there’s the two options available.  Relocation to an office somewhere around the world or remote working.

Consequently we are getting more exposed and used to saying thank you or good morning in different languages now.  With the ever growing economy in China, knowing how to say good morning in Chinese will soon become a necessity for everyone.

Cultural Coaching

Some companies which are expanding and opening their offices to a new country even, are looking for Cultural Coaching.

We are more conscious of the importance of Intercultural Coaching in Business Life, in order as to make sure we are politically and ethically correct in our manners nowadays.

The trend in intercultural coaching and/or cultural coaching has come out of necessity to our ever-growing international work field.

Think your company needs Cultural Coaching?

Talk to us at EHLION today for a free consultation to know:

  • What you can expect out of intercultural coaching?
  • Who is intercultural coaching recommended for?

Online Companies

Is your company based completely online?

Amazon, Uber – we all know them right? They’re both online based.  Their customer base is massive, yet their customers do not come walking through the door, they do not need to specifically know how to say good morning in different languages but it is of immense need to grow their reach around the globe and that their services are accessible by as many people as possible.  That is why they use professional translation services to make sure every letter, every line, in every part of their site is up to standard with the high quality they offer.

Do you want to step up your game and offer your products and services to more people around the globe?

Talk to us today for a free consultation about how we at EHLION can help you with our top-notch professional translation service.

FREE – Good morning in different languages list

Download your list of  Good morning in 137 different languages in a PDF here.


Want to take it up a notch? Here’s how to say I love you in different languages!

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