Professional DTP and foreign language typesetting

Looking for high-quality translation work coupled with professional DTP services for both print and digital formats? Our highly qualified DTP team uses the full Adobe Creative Suite to produce print-ready documents for Mac and PC. We're also careful to stick to your exact layout and DTP specifications. As a full-service supplier of high-quality language solutions, we provide professional DTP and foreign typesetting services designed to optimize the look and feel of your print and digital materials for global markets.

DTP and more

We provide assistance with every stage of the DTP process to ensure that all your documents – from brochures, advertising materials and magazines to technical documentation – meet your exacting quality standards. EHLION's experienced DTP team will handle the typography, page layout and graphic design of your files while sticking closely to your specifications at all times. We are happy to advise you on how to best adapt your documents to target groups and markets in different countries – because we are experts in the linguistic and cultural norms of each different region.

We can handle your files in both PC and Mac formats. As well as working with the very latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, we can also process your files using significantly older versions of standard graphic design packages where required. Our DTP team also has plenty of experience with solutions such as QuarkXPress.In addition, EHLION can provide you with templates for cross-media publishing if you wish to present your foreign-language materials in different media and formats. Get in touch so we can develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

Professional foreign language typesetting

Our team of DTP experts works closely with our language experts to ensure flawless typesetting of your documents in Asian languages and other foreign languages that use different alphabets or large numbers of special characters. The quality of the materials that you create for worldwide markets has a major impact on your company's image. We can support you in creating professional materials that are specifically tailored to your target groups. Our experienced native speakers will translate your original materials and review and proofread the final product.

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EHLION – Professional language services for businesses

Our high-quality translations and professional DTP and foreign language typesetting services are part of a comprehensive range of language solutions for businesses. We also provide clear and accurate specialized translations in German, French, Bulgarian, Italian and many other languages. If you’re looking to push into new territory online, we offer professional website localization designed to get your multilingual website up and running quickly and can optimize all your online content for global markets, no matter the volume. We also provide high-quality interpreting services, accurate technical documentation translation, terminology management and a range of consulting and training services, including cross-cultural coaching for businesses looking to enter new markets. Get in touch with us to learn more about how EHLION can help your business. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language.

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