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In today’s digital and globalized world, an incredible number of products and services are marketed and sold online to consumers around the globe. But ensuring your services are well-ranked and easy to find online in your target countries requires a special approach to generating and translating content. Not only is it essential to have high-quality translations tailored to your target market and audience, it’s also crucial to make sure your web content is optimized for search engines. EHLION’s SEO-optimized translations are specifically designed to get your message across while maximizing online visibility. And this service is available in any of the language pairs we offer.


Leveraging search engine optimization for business

Successful international companies know that being competitive in foreign markets means having a website which supports all of your target languages. But simply translating your content isn’t enough if consumers can’t find you. Making sure your products and services are easy to find and your content is optimized for Google, Bing and Yahoo searches is a must. EHLION offers professional SEO translation services which optimize your message for better rankings in any language.

Our professional translators understand that truly optimizing your web content for search engines requires more than simply producing high-quality and accurate translations of your content, keywords, tags and meta descriptions. Keywords need to be researched for each individual target language in order to find the words and phrases which are most relevant for your target groups. And search engines such as Google, which use contextual search to provide users with relevant results, place more emphasis on keywords and search terms which appear throughout a text. EHLION does the legwork to make sure your translations contain the most effective keywords, keyword combinations and phrases to improve your ranking online.

Custom-tailored SEO solutions

Never heard of SERP? New to SEO? Our SEO experts and partners work with you to find the perfect SEO solution to fit your needs, starting with an assessment of your source language website. We’ll make sure your content is optimized for SEO in your home market and language before we begin the process of generating SEO-optimized translations for your target markets. Our SEO solutions are designed to handle all of your web content and can be completely tailored to meet your specific needs and the requirements of the industries, target audiences and countries most relevant to you.

Professional web content translations

Planning to expand into international markets? EHLION’s team of expert translators and SEO specialists can translate and optimize your web content to ensure your products, services and brand are visible and communicated in the manner most effective for your target countries from the very start.

Our experienced IT specialists, project managers and professional translators can handle localization projects of any size and complexity and work with you every step of the way to make sure your website is properly localized and ready for new business. Our native speaker translators start by producing a high-quality, engaging and natural-sounding localization of your web content. Our IT specialists then work together with your web developers and programmers to ensure the localization is implemented properly and optimized for your target markets.

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EHLION — localizing content for global visibility

EHLION offers a full range of communications services and language solutions for businesses. As a full-service provider, not only do we offer high-quality localization and SEO services for web content, but also specialized translations produced by native speakers for a wide range of industries and fields, professional app and software localizations, and accurate and consistent translations of technical documentation produced in close collaboration with your technical editors. SPEAK THE WORLD®: We support more than 80 languages and 700 language pairs, including high-demand European languages such as German, French and Spanish as well as Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can service your localization and translation needs and to request a free sample translation.

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