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As a global tech company, your technical editors are essential to making sure your product documentation complies with all applicable regulations and standards. And as your business pushes into new markets and shortens its product development cycles, your documentation volumes can quickly grow beyond what your technical editors can handle. With the support of EHLION's external technical editors, you can streamline your workloads while taking advantage of our editors' extensive knowledge and experience.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Our technical editors are carefully selected to ensure the best possible results. We only work with editors who can demonstrate the experience and skills necessary to work with technical documentation in their given field — through their work as technical editors as well as through regular participation in training events hosted by their respective trade associations. So you can rest assured your editorial team is backed by professionals who know the technical editing process inside and out and who understand how to manage terminology and translations efficiently and navigate the challenges associated with the growing variety of technical documentation media. Our editors are also well-versed in using a wide range of tools for creating and localizing user manuals, online help, product descriptions and other forms of documentation.

Our technical editors have years of experience working with visuals, SGML/XML, CMS and publishing systems such as Schema ST4 and they know the standards and requirements applicable to technical documentation — both online and off — in their respective markets. They can help your in-house editors push through difficult backlog periods and can also provide support for routine tasks and special projects.

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