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Are your project management needs outgrowing your in-house team? Want to streamline your workload, but find it difficult because of rising text volumes and increasing project complexity? Bringing in an external service provider, especially one with years of experience managing translation projects and working with efficient translation tools, is an effective way to free up internal capacities.

Getting help from outside saves you time and effort onboarding new hires when work gets backlogged and also puts professionals at your disposal who know the ins and outs of managing complex localization projects. Our project managers specialize in a wide range of language pairs — many of them are qualified translators themselves — and have years of experience working with industry-standard translation tools and preparing content for translation to ensure efficient processing.

External project managers streamline workloads

Our external project managers handle everything from the initiation of the project to the delivery of the finished translation, including communication with the translators, clarifying queries and relaying all reference materials and style specifications. External project managers step in as professionals when bottlenecks occur in your company or to assist with large-scale localization projects. EHLION project managers are available for hire by the hour, by the week and even by the month.

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Remote and on-site project management

With the Internet and remote desktop applications, external project managers today are able to support teams around the globe from the comfort of their own office. And since most industry-standard translation tools also offer server-based solutions for managing translation projects, controlling which jobs your external managers can see and edit is a breeze. Remote management also reduces the number of routine tasks your own team has to perform, freeing up time and energy for more important projects. Our project managers are also available to support your team on site if needed.Interested?

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