Professional Proofreading

Making sure your international content is well written and error-free is paramount to getting your message across in foreign markets. EHLION’s high-quality translations can be paired with our professional proofreading and editing service to ensure you get perfect results every time. Proofreading at EHLION is performed in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation services. Each translation is thoroughly checked by a second translator to make sure the target text corresponds accurately to the original and is well written. This is the standard method used in the translation industry for ensuring high-quality and consistent translations, and we highly recommend this service to all our customers.

If your business has branch locations operating abroad, EHLION can easily integrate your local personnel into the review process to guarantee nothing goes unchecked. And our team of qualified project managers are equipped to manage every aspect of your localization project, from start to finish.

Technical reviews

Our proofreading services also include a technical review option which is performed after the standard proofreading process. The technical review is performed by a qualified specialist with extensive knowledge of the document’s target industry or field and is designed to assess the translated text in terms of style, target audience and the your intended message. Our technical proofreaders also make sure your translations contain the right technical terminology.

Translations tailored to your target audience

EHLION’s technical review process puts your documents through a series of rigorous checks to ensure, for example, that your patient brochures are written for a general audience and use terms and concepts that the average person can understand, while materials intended for the medical community adhere to strict medical terminology. Knowing the purpose and intended audience of each project text is essential to communicating accurately and effectively in foreign markets, which is why we work together with you to get the details right before we translate, proofread and submit your materials for technical review.

Stylistic editing

Unlike standard proofreading and technical reviews, stylistic editing is not defined by DIN EN ISO 17100. EHLION’s comprehensive stylistic editing service is performed by qualified proofreaders and copywriters who work according to your specific stylistic needs and demands. The more detailed and specific your style and terminology requirements are, the better able we are to find the right voice for your message. If you don’t already have a reliable style guide for your translations, we’ll work with you to create one and help you manage your terminology across all languages and projects.

Our professional proofreaders not only review translations for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, but also stylistic elements such as word choice, register, sentence structure, clarity and readability. Our translation and review services are designed to make sure you convey the right message to the right audience. The more information our translators and proofreaders have, the better. Some essential questions which make it possible for us to produce the best possible translation for you include: Who is your target audience? Where will the translation appear? What do you want the text to achieve? Is the text accompanied by any visuals? If so, what kind?

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EHLION – Comprehensive translation services

EHLION is your one-stop source for professional, reliable language services to help your business communicate effectively and grow in foreign-language markets. Our full range of international communication and language solutions includes high-quality translations, technical documentation, terminology management, interpreting services, SEO-optimized translations and web content localization. Take advantage of our custom-tailored consulting services to maximize the impact of your international communications in any language. Our extensive team of qualified translators can handle projects in any major world language, including German, Spanish, French and Chinese. For more information about the services we offer and the industry sectors we specialize in, visit the “Industries” section of the EHLION website. EHLION offers high-quality translations of industry-specific texts in a wide range of sectors and fields, including medical technology, gaming, mechanical engineering and environmental technology. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business speak the world’s languages.

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