Professional and efficient project management

EHLION is committed to managing your translation and localization projects professionally and efficiently. From project preparation to quality control, we ensure on-schedule processing of each individual step. We believe in keeping you in the communication loop at all times, and we pride ourselves on providing you with regular status reports and prompt responses to any questions you may have. To keep things running smoothly, we use established processes and workflows that are optimized for multi-language translations and complex localization projects. We touch base with you on a regular basis to ensure that we are meeting your expectations and specifications.

Project management you can rely on

EHLION's professional translation project management team gives your company outstanding support in successfully tackling complex translation and localization projects. EHLION can manage your projects in collaboration with your company's in-house translation department or take on full responsibility for tackling the task on its own. With our tried-and-tested project management platform, well-established workflows, and experienced project managers, you can be sure your project is in good hands. Get in touch to tell us what projects you have in the pipeline and we will be happy to explain the best options for integrated or external project management.

EHLION: Project management you can rely on

Project management at EHLION is built on the idea that close and constant communication always produces the best results. Our project managers are always available to answer questions and discuss any aspects of your project with you. And with regular progress updates, you always know how your translations are coming along.

Our multilingual project managers are experts in the workflows of professional project management and act as effective communicators across all the interfaces involved. They have been specifically chosen for their dedication, outstanding organizational skills, and an ability to work under pressure. It's good to have someone you can rely on.

Quality assurance in project management

EHLION's high quality standards underpin our work from the moment we start planning and preparing your project. We choose our linguists, IT experts and DTP specialists on the basis of strict quality criteria and strive to eliminate possible sources of error and uncertainties at the preparation stage before the project gets underway. We also analyze and manage your project risks. We handle quality control at every single stage of your project – either in collaboration with the relevant department in your company, or by simply taking care of it ourselves. We understand that global businesses need to remain dynamic to meet the challenges they face in international markets. Our language specialists are able to accommodate changing project requirements to give you the flexibility you need to hit moving targets.

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EHLION – Your partner for outstanding quality

EHLION offers comprehensive language services built for global business. In addition to translation project management, we also offer high-quality website translation and localization, specialist translations in more than 35 languages, terminology creation and management backed by our team of technical translators and editors, and technical documentation translation. Get in touch with us today to learn why our quality and professionalism standards are second to none. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language.

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