High-quality patent translations

EHLION's patent translations combine the skillful use of language with extensive specialized knowledge. Our patent translations meet the very highest standards of quality, credibility, and data security. Our experienced specialized translators work seamlessly with proofreaders who have proven expertise in the relevant fields. And of course our whole team is well versed in all aspects of the patenting process. We work with the official languages of the European Patent Office — German, English and French — as well as the languages of all the member states of the European Patent Organization.


Translators and proofreaders with specialist expertise

EHLION's translators and professional proofreaders are familiar with the intricacies of patent law and the terminology used in each individual subject area. They have excellent knowledge of the structure and style of patent specifications. And they are well versed in the patenting process, patent classifications, and the different patent procedures used in different countries. We can also provide an official attestation in the form of a Translator's Certificate on request.

As well as translating the contents of your patent, we ensure that the layout and structure of the translation conforms to relevant patent organizations' guidelines. Thanks to our expertise in desktop publishing (DTP), you can be confident that we will choose the right layout and format the translation perfectly.

That also includes careful preparation of any illustrations included in the patent.


Confidentiality and data security

We guarantee confidentiality and maximum security at every stage of the translation process. From the moment your order is processed to the translation, proofreading and delivery of the final product, our entire workflow is designed to achieve the highest levels of data security. So you have the reassurance of knowing that your information is in safe hands at EHLION. Our translators and proofreaders are also contractually bound to maintain confidentiality at all times.

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Language lies at the heart of all the services we offer. As a full service agency, we pride ourselves on being a professional and reliable partner in all areas of international communication. Our patent translations are part of a full range of language services that also includes professional website localization and technical documentation translation for a wide range of industries and fields. We offer specialized terminology services to help you create and maintain term glossaries and company dictionaries for clear, accurate and consistent technical translations. And our DTP team makes sure your documents have the right layout and typesetting across all languages. Visit the “Services” section of the ehlion.de website for a complete overview of the services we offer. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Want to put us to the test? We look forward to hearing from you! We carry out all of our projects with a passion for language and meticulous attention to detail.

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