Custom-Tailored Interpreting Services

Nothing beats the opportunity to make direct contact with your business partners, whether in conversation, in a negotiation, or while giving a presentation at a conference. EHLION's interpreting service can help you overcome language barriers and communicate successfully with your international contacts. Our professional interpreters provide support in many different settings including negotiations, personal conversations, and business trips.

You can rely on EHLION to develop the best interpreting solution to meet your needs and to arrange any equipment that may be needed, including whispering equipment and interpreting booths. Please get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss the best options for you!

SPEAK THE WORLD®: Interpreters for all kinds of occasions

EHLION's conference interpreters are ready to assist at any kind of conference, congress or event. We help you communicate smoothly and efficiently with your international partners in numerous different languages and language combinations. Our interpreting services include consecutive interpreting as well as the more technically demanding process of simultaneous interpreting. Depending on the size and nature of your event, we can offer a range of solutions that are tailored to the context and your specific goals.

Overcoming language barriers in negotiations

Good communication is the key to a successful negotiation. EHLION's interpreting service for negotiations offers you the support you need in a variety of situations, for example in negotiations between business partners. The numerous languages and language combinations that we offer enable you to overcome language barriers and communicate effectively with your business contacts. Our interpreters provide a highly skilled, professional and reliable service, translating your negotiations "live" and on the fly without the need for any costly equipment. The fact that you are there in the room makes it easy to respond to questions and provide on-the-spot clarifications.

Specialized interpreting – language professionals with specialist skills

Our specialized interpreters stand out for their language skills and technical expertise. EHLION's experienced and highly skilled interpreters offer a top-quality specialized interpreting service covering all the industry segments featured in EHLION's portfolio. No matter the event or occasion, we’ll assign an interpreter with the language pair and industry knowledge required to meet your needs and make you a part of the conversation.

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EHLION - Your partner for outstanding quality

We offer a wide range of high-quality language services for businesses. EHLION is the professional, reliable partner of choice for all aspects of international communication. Professional interpreting is just one of the many ways we help businesses operate effectively and grow in foreign-language markets. Our comprehensive range of services also includes clear and accurate technical translations for over 25 different industries and website localization to help your business maximize the effectiveness of its online presence abroad. We also offer professional localization services for software and apps. Our team of qualified language specialists can help you create and manage terminology to ensure your message stays consistent across all languages. And even the layouts of your documents are in good hands with our professional DTP and foreign language typesetting services. EHLION’S cross-cultural coaching service gives your business the knowledge and skills it needs to operate and communicate effectively in new markets. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can service your localization and translation needs. EHLION – For perfect texts in any language. We support a wide range of languages, including English, German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Estonian, French, Korean, Russian, Hungarian and many others. Visit the “Language” section of the website for a complete overview of all the languages we offer.

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