Audiovisual media are an integral part of modern corporate communications. EHLION provides voice-over and dubbing services for audiovisual media in all the languages it offers. Choose from a selection of professional voice-over artists and we'll ensure that your dubbed file or podcast is perfectly rendered in exactly the format you need. Für Ihre Vertonungs-Projekte bieten wir Ihnen gerne individuellen

Is your message getting heard?

Have a promotional film or professional company presentation you want to use across all your company’s international branches? We can create professional audio tracks in any of the languages we support and in any format you need. We work with professional voice-over artists to ensure clear and engaging audio, and we handle all audio editing and cutting ourselves. If you want to maintain the existing soundtrack of your staff or customers, we can create additional voice-over tracks while keeping the authentic feel of the original interviews and documentary footage.

Today, audiovisual media is part and parcel of effective business communication. We offer voice-over and dubbing for a broad range of applications, from e-learning programs and internal corporate communications to promotional films highlighting your company's key messages and values. We can also produce audiovisual materials to supplement your technical documentation and create podcasts as guides or tutorials for your employees and customers.

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