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EHLION has years of experience helping global businesses build upon their existing document management systems (DMS) to meet the growing demands of creating and managing content across multiple languages. As a full-service provider of language solutions, we rely on DMS solutions ourselves each and every day and are able to provide professional, user-centered advice to help you supplement your current setup. And if you're a medium-sized businesses looking to expand globally with your products and services, we can help you select and implement a cost-effective CMS solution to manage the creation and publishing of all your multilingual content.

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EHLION can help you select the CMS/DMS solution best suited to the needs of your business. We use CMS/DMS tools every day to provide our customers with a full range of high-quality language and communication services. Knowing the ins and outs of effective content management means we are able to provide professional advice and support — from one user to another — in choosing the right CMS/DMS for your content and getting you up and running with your new solutions quickly. We also provide reliable follow-up support to help ensure simple and user-friendly collection, management and publishing workflows.

We understand the importance of easy and cost-effective content management. We help global business create and manage high volumes of multilingual content every day, from high-quality translations, technical documentation and terminology to web content and product information.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of common CMS and authoring systems — including Schema ST4, GFT RedaktionsSystem XML, TIM-RS, COSIMA go! and Noxum Publishing Studio — and leading translation memory programs such as SDL Trados and Across. We can help you develop a CMS/DSM solution designed to improve the quality and consistency of your content across all languages, document types and projects.

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EHLION is a full-service provider of high-quality language and communication solutions designed to help you grow your brand in foreign-language markets and get your message across effectively in a wide range of languages and fields. Our comprehensive range of services includes clear and accurate specialized translations, professional website localization for businesses, terminology creation and term base management, and technical documentation translation. A complete overview of the solutions we offer, the industries we cover and the languages we support is available on For more details about how our services help global business create and manage high volumes of targeted, multilingual content, check out our case studies. Ready to start planning your next translation or localization project? Get in touch with us today. EHLION – Language professionals with an eye for detail.

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