Helping you find the right CAT tools

EHLION can help you choose the best Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to meet your company's needs. We also offer tailored training courses designed to get your content managers and translators up to speed as quickly as possible with your new software. We work with the industry’s leading CAT tools every day, which means we understand the unique challenges and benefits of using each and can help you select the tools best suited to your business.

CAT setup support

Introducing new tools is always something of a challenge. EHLION provides full CAT setup support to help you get the tools of your choice up and running, complete with custom configurations and workflows built to maximize quality and efficiency. We’ll work closely with your CAT managers and, if needed, with the manufacturers of your tools to ensure you get the configuration you need.

Once your CAT tools are up and running, we’ll run through a series of practical tests with you to make sure you’re using the best settings for your requirements. We can also provide help choosing the right database structure for storing your translated content and for managing terminology as well as regular appointments to help you fine-tune your setup as new requirements and issues arise. If you’d like to add other tools down the line, such as authoring systems, we’ll work with our technology partners to ensure smooth integration with your CAT configuration.

Independent training and consulting

EHLION's CAT tools training & support service is based on many years of using industry-leading software such as SDL Trados and Across. We provide independent, use-oriented consulting and training covering all aspects of computer-aided translation, from terminology management to quality assurance and workflow optimization.

In addition to training, EHLION also offers tailored in-depth advice on choosing and implementing CAT solutions. We have years of experience using CAT tools to provide high-quality language services and can help you choose a solution and configuration best suited to meet your needs.



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EHLION – Your partner for outstanding quality

EHLION’s CAT tool consultation and training is part of a comprehensive range of high-quality language and international communication services. We also offer clear and accurate specialized translations for businesses, professional localization of websites, software and apps, high-quality DTP and foreign language typesetting, and precise technical documentation in more than 35 languages, including German, English, French, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. On top of that, we also help global businesses learn to interact and communicate effectively with clients and associates in their target markets with targeted cross-cultural coaching designed to prep representatives for assignments abroad. Contact us today to learn more about how our services and solutions can be tailored to make your next global communication project a success.

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