Expert Negotiation Interpreting

Good communication is key to successful negotiation. Our expert business interpreters provide qualified support in any negotiation situation and can help you communicate clearly and effectively across a wide range of languages and language pairs. Our job is to get your message across, live and in person. Years of experience and in-depth familiarity with your target markets enable our business interpreters to translate off the cuff and without the need for cumbersome technological aids. And having them there in person means you can directly address and clarify any issues on the spot.

Qualified support where it matters

By accurately relaying what you and your business associates are saying — one short segment at a time — our interpreters are able to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of your negotiations in real time. EHLION’s expert interpreters understand the cross-cultural dynamics at play in international business communication. Their many years of experience in negotiation situations and qualified linguistic training means interaction between you and your internal business associates is both fully nuanced and perfectly understandable.

For negotiations taking place in court, we can assign you a sworn interpreter who specializes in your field and required language pair. No matter the subject or situation, we’ll work with you to create a solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Our comprehensive interpreting services also cover telephone interpreting for over-the-phone negotiations. Expert interpreting you can rely on, discretion you can trust.

Professional interpreting built for the world of business

Our interpreters can handle negotiations in any of the subject areas we service. We assign interpreters to you who are deeply familiar with your industry and with the countries and cultures represented in your negotiations. Simply let us know the subject area and context of your meeting, and we’ll select an interpreter who’s perfectly suited to meet your needs, no matter the language pair. Our interpreting service supports a wide range of languages, including German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish und natürlich English.

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EHLION – Interpreting services of the highest quality

Language lies at the heart of all the services we offer. As a full-service agency, we are your professional and reliable partner of choice for all matters involving international communication. Professional interpreting is just one of the many services we offer. Our comprehensive range of solutions also includes high-quality technical translations and professional web content localization. We also provide reliable terminology and glossary management services and high-quality DTP and foreign language typesetting. Our language and DTP professionals work in every EU language and also support other major languages such as Turkish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Want to put us to the test? We look forward to hearing from you! We carry out all of our projects with a passion for language and meticulous attention to detail.

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