Conquering new markets through app localization

Want to grow your business, tap into new markets, and successfully establish your products in those markets? Then you need to make sure your apps are in the right language for each region. Localizing your apps enables you to reach smartphone and tablet users in all international markets. EHLION's localization experts combine language skills with extensive experience in localization. So we can provide you with the expert, personalized advice you need. And we can guide and support you through every step of the process – from planning right through to successful implementation.

Reaching new target groups

By localizing your apps for new markets you can boost your visibility among smartphone, tablet and cell phone users. That opens up exciting new opportunities for your marketing activities. However, your apps will only be accepted by target groups if they have been localized and translated professionally. EHLION combines technical know-how with comprehensive language skills. That means we can give you optimum support in tailoring your apps for operating systems and software platforms such as Android, iOS and Blackberry while keeping a firm focus on your target groups.

As well as translating your content, our experienced localization experts will also adapt the user interface to suit the cultural norms of your target group by localizing elements such as the graphics and color palette. We can also localize your app's audio files, figures, characters, symbols, measurement units and currencies. The key to a successful app in the fast-growing markets of Asia and other newly industrialized countries is the quality of the localization process. So make sure you get EHLION involved right from the start. We can support you in each and every phase of your localization project – from planning right through to successful implementation.

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EHLION – Your partner for outstanding quality

We’re obsessed with quality. And it shows in all the services we offer. Our app localization services are part of a full range of high-quality language solutions covering more than 25 industries and over 30 languages, including: Professional website localization designed to optimize your online content for international markets (for more details about our website localization services, have a look at our case studies); industry-specific translations for all your products, services and processes; accurate technical documentation translations in any language; terminology creation and management; and professional DTP and foreign language typesetting for a wide range of materials and document types. We also offer a range of custom interpreting services and cross-cultural coaching. For a complete overview of our services, languages and industries, visit EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our services can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

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