Advertising and marketing translations

Translating advertising copy and marketing materials is a specialist task in its own right. As well as reflecting the content of the source text, the translated copy also has to succeed in getting your message across to the correct target groups in your new market. EHLION's language experts present your materials in the right context for each specific country. To achieve that, our translators combine the creativity of a copywriter with their cultural knowledge of the country in which you wish to market your company, your products or your services. The results ensure that your message comes across loud and clear in each and every language.


We think in terms of your core messages

Instead of simply translating materials word for word, we think in terms of your core messages. That enables us to find the best way of communicating your brand and your corporate image in each language. Our experienced EHLION language experts can help you localize traditional advertising, social media marketing and other marketing and advertising copy to cater to different target groups. We help you communicate clearly across cultural and linguistic boundaries and ensure that people receive exactly the message you intended.

Native-speaking translators

As native speakers, our translators are able to draw on their knowledge of the country and their understanding of the values and expectations of your target groups. EHLION works closely with you every step of the way to make sure your marketing and advertising copy is sending the right message. This enables our expert translators to optimize your global ad campaigns for local performance and authentic brand communication. If you wish, we can also adapt the visual design of your advertising materials in addition to localizing the copy. Our desktop publishing (DTP) team works closely with our translators.

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EHLION — marketing that performs in any language

As a full-service provider, we offer a range of localization solutions to help you enhance the effectiveness of your marketing materials and communications abroad, including translations for brochures, product presentations and PR materials. EHLION’s team of qualified marketing and advertising translators provide high-quality native localization in a wide range of high-demand and niche languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian. We also support localization for Asian markets such as Japan, Korea and China.  Our experienced DTP team handles the typesetting for all your languages to ensure you get the best possible layout for each market, even for Asian languages with complex character sets. Other services offered by EHLION: Technical translations, website localization, terminology management, interpreting services, and cross-cultural coaching tailored to your individual needs. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can service your localization and translation needs.

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