Translations for advertising, marketing and PR

Translations of advertising copy and marketing texts have to meet special requirements: as well as corresponding to the source text in terms of content, they also have to get your message across to the right target groups in your new market. EHLION's language experts translate your content into the country-specific context, 

combining the creativity of an advertising copywriter with a feel for the language and their knowledge of the culture of the country in which you want to position your company, your products and your services – making sure that you get your message across in any language!! 


Marketing and advertising in any format 

Your corporate PR materials are in same hands with EHLION – we’ll adapt all of your communication materials so that they resonate with your international target markets. Regardless of the format, the specialists in our Marketing Materials Department can translate marketing, advertising and PR materials into the various languages spoken in your target markets: 

  • Translation of advertising, advertising copy and slogans 

  • Translation of press texts, press releases and PR articles 

  • Translation of company presentations and image brochures 

  • Translation of brochures and leaflets 

  • Translation of catalogs, product catalogs and other product presentations 

  • Translation of commercials (voice-over)


We think in terms of your marketing messages 

EHLION’s experienced language experts can help you to adapt traditional advertising to your target group – delivering professional translations of advertising texts and slogans crafted with an instinctive feeling for the target language – English, for example. Rather than simply translating your materials word for word, we think in terms of your core messages. This enables us to find the best way of communicating your brand and your corporate image in each language. 

We’ll ensure that your core message is understood across cultural and linguistic boundaries in the way you intend it to come across. Our advertising, marketing and PR translators are not only trained translators, they also have a special flair for language and a creative streak.  

As native speakers, their knowledge of the country and their awareness of the values and expectations of the target group are invaluable. EHLION will ensure that your advertising and marketing texts are aligned with the ideals and goals of your company, to ensure that your campaign is authentic and effective.  


Get in touch – let’s see how we can tailor our service to your specific requirements 


Translating press releases – a special case 

Increasing globalization has helped fuel international growth in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive and consumer goods sectors to biotechnology, medical technology, telecommunications and insurance. 

This international expansion is often accompanied by traditional PR work: accordingly, press releases, PR articles and advertorials sometimes need to be translated into one or more foreign languages. 

Our language professionals can manage all aspects of translating your press releases and other PR articles, ensuring that your press materials are perfectly prepared for your target market, both formally and in terms of content. This way you can be sure to make a good impression with foreign reporters, and journalists, who will be wowed by your professional documentation. 


Your company in focus  

Your company’s public image is largely conveyed through your corporate communications – and your company website and other materials, such as image brochures and videos, play a pivotal role in this.  

Our native-speaker specialist marketing and advertising translators will ensure that all of your company's relevant materials are translated perfectly, both linguistically and stylistically, into the target language – collaborating closely with your PR department to ensure that your image remains consistent around the globe. 


Your product in focus: brochures, leaflets and catalogs 

We can help you to show your company's products in the best possible light in all desired languages. Our expert advertising and marketing translators will translate all of your product marketing materials, from brochures and leaflets to product catalogues and, of course, everything else, adapting them creatively to the suit specific target groups and markets. 


DTP and terminology creation 

As a full-service agency, EHLION can help you tailor and localize the graphic design of your marketing tools and materials. Our professional DTP team works closely with our specialist translators to ensure perfect target-language typesetting – for example, in languages that use a lot of diacritics or have unique characters of their own. 

Do you have offices in different countries? Do you want to ensure that all the different teams really do speak "your" language? EHLION’s terminology creation service provides professional support in   developing a consistent, multilingual corporate language to ensure uniformity in your foreign-language publications, materials and presentations. 


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EHLION — marketing that performs in any language

As a full-service provider, we offer a range of localization solutions to help you enhance the effectiveness of your marketing materials and communications abroad, including translations for brochures, product presentations and PR materials. EHLION’s team of qualified marketing and advertising translators provide high-quality native localization in a wide range of high-demand and niche languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian. We also support localization for Asian markets such as Japan, Korea and China.  Our experienced DTP team handles the typesetting for all your languages to ensure you get the best possible layout for each market, even for Asian languages with complex character sets. Other services offered by EHLION: Technical translations, website localization, terminology management, interpreting services, and cross-cultural coaching tailored to your individual needs. EHLION – for perfect texts in any language. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can service your localization and translation needs.

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