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April 24, 2020

Professional DTP and foreign language typesetting

Looking for high-quality translation work coupled with professional DTP services for both print and digital formats? Our highly qualified DTP team uses the full Adobe Creative Suite to produce print-ready documents for Mac and PC. We’re also careful to stick to your exact layout and DTP specifications. As a full-service supplier of high-quality language solutions, we provide professional DTP and foreign typesetting services designed to optimize the look and feel of your print and digital materials for global markets.

DTP and more

We provide assistance with every stage of the DTP process to ensure that all your documents – from brochures, advertising materials and magazines to technical documentation – meet your exact quality standards. EHLION’s experienced DTP team will handle the typography, page layout and graphic design of your files while sticking closely to your specifications at all times. We are happy to advise you on how to best adapt your documents to target groups and markets in different countries – because we are experts in the linguistic and cultural norms of each different region.

Our DTP specialists ensure precision layouts and perfect foreign language typesetting.

We can handle your files in both PC and Mac formats. As well as working with the very latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite, we can also process your files using significantly older versions of standard graphic design packages where required. Our DTP team also has plenty of experience with solutions such as QuarkXPress.In addition, EHLION can provide you with templates for cross-media publishing if you wish to present your foreign-language materials in different media and formats. Get in touch so we can develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs.

Professional foreign language typesetting

Our team of DTP experts works closely with our language experts to ensure flawless typesetting of your documents in Asian languages and other foreign languages that use different alphabets or large numbers of special characters. The quality of the materials that you create for worldwide markets has a major impact on your company’s image. We can support you in creating professional materials that are specifically tailored to your target groups. Our experienced native speakers will translate your original materials and review and proofread the final product.

April 24, 2020

Our translations are search engine optimised to ensure that your website is found online!

As your professional language service provider, EHLION will help you to communicate with your international customers. Whether you want your website to be found by people within European countries or in other parts of the world, our native speaker translators will ensure that

  • your Internet presence is comprehensible in all languages and
  • that your website can actually be found on the Internet.

Our website translation service incorporates solid know-how in the field of online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We’ll adapt your content specifically for the respective target country, which includes optimizing it for whichever search engines are used within the target market (Google, Yandex, Baidu etc.).

What is an SEO translation?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comprises all necessary measures that contribute to a website being listed (ranked) as highly as possible in search engine results (SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages), e.g. by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., and clicked on by Internet users.

A whole series of SEO measures are necessary to ensure that your site can be found on the Internet, including, for example, well-founded keyword research and keyword analysis taking into account the competitive situation. We also take into account your competitors’ ranking competitors in the search results. On top of that, we analyse which search terms your potential customers enter into the search engine.

SEO translation involves more than just the translation of online content. If individual websites, landing pages or entire Internet presences are also to be found by users in the corresponding target market, the keywords (search terms), synonyms and search phrases used must be adapted to the specific country and target users. This means using search terms in the content of your page which have a correspondingly large search volume in the search engines.

These are used specifically in the URLs, headings, body text and snippet design – which affects the presentation of your own search result in the search engine. User-friendly keywords are even used in the photo captions and the so-called alternative texts embedded in images.

Optimizing the content for the search engine gains increasing importance.

The importance of SEO translation for international and national companies

The internationalization of companies and their services has become a matter of course in many industries. Until a few years ago, it was mostly large corporations that offered their Internet sites in different languages. Today, more and more medium-sized companies and even small businesses have recognized the potential of an international or multilingual Internet presence:

  • simple shipping options,
  • less customs-related bureaucracy within the EU,
  • online payment procedures (e.g. PayPal) and
  • free communications via email and other online applications

enable almost any company to expand into new target countries.

With the increasing internationalization of Internet content, SEO translation is becoming more and more important!

SEO translation is important for companies that offer their goods and services abroad. But that’s not all: even companies that create a website for the domestic market can benefit from multilingual content, for instance when the target group includes speakers of different languages.

Multilingual search engine optimization for an Internet offering tailored to specific target groups  

This is particularly relevant for local providers in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix etc., as the demographic structure in major US cities is multilingual.

US Cities are multilingual: GermanEnglishTurkishArabicRussian but also Italian and Spanish.

If the potential customers of your target group do not speak English or only speak it to a limited extent, you will benefit from adapted web content. EHLION’s competent SEO translators will support you in this!

Whether you have a large translation project or a particularly urgent translation – talk to us about your translation needs.

Book your free initial consultation now – we are happy to help!

For companies 

EHLION’s expert SEO translation services

The SE-optimized translation of content goes far beyond a normal translation  into a foreign language. The exact requirements in the target country must be taken into account, including both the linguistic and cultural aspects.

EHLION’s SEO translation service is applicable to the following areas:

  • Internet presences, website contents, landing pages and service pages, company pages (company description, philosophy, etc.)
  • E-commerce: Translations of online shops with category texts and product descriptions as well as service pages,
  • Blog articles, reports and web catalogs,
  • Social media presentations with company information in the desired language versions, posts and multilingual press releases for portals or PR agencies abroad,
  • Ad texts (e.g. Google Ads) and
  • Translation of online advertising materials (banners, skyscrapers, interstitial) and adaptation for other cultural groups.

High quality SEO translation as an indicator of quality and consumer confidence 

Most people prefer to search and read on the Internet in their mother tongue. The more complex the topic and the higher the quality of the product, the more likely potential customers are to develop a sense of trust when the website or online shop is presented in their own language. This applies to website offers within Germany as well as to online texts for foreign target markets.

Learn more about our SEO translations and drop us a line

For companies

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Translation certification

We can provide you and your company with certified translations of contracts, certificates and other important documents from and into any language within our portfolio.

Our qualified translators have all the necessary formal qualifications to produce certified translations, and are extremely precise and accurate in the translation of contracts, deeds, procedural documents and other legal documents.

  • What are notarized translations?
  • Notarial certification of documents
  • What documents need to be certified?
  • Sworn translators and interpreters
  • The apostille: an internationally recognized form of certification
  • We provide certified translations in all language pairs
  • Certified translation costs

Request support for your certified translation now

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What are notarized translations?

What is colloquially referred to in Germany as a “certified translation” is, strictly speaking, something else entirely: rather than being a certification in the legal sense, it is the confirmation of the correctness and completeness of the translation by a (usually) court-appointed translator.

“Sworn translator” is another frequently used term. In fact, the details are subject to state sovereignty and, in Germany, are regulated by the respective state laws. In Baden Württemberg, for example, such “certified translations” are produced by publicly appointed sworn translators.

In a nutshell, however, it is true to say that certified translations are produced by sworn, publicly appointed or generally authorized translators and meet a number of formal criteria. For example, they must be clearly identified as certified translations in the heading, which also includes a note as to whether the document in question is a translation of the original, a certified or an uncertified document. Certified translations are only considered official if they contain the certification formula, place and date, signature and translator’s stamp.

In anglophone countries, the so-called certified translation corresponds most closely to the German notarized translation.

Notarial certification of documents

A notarial certification is sometimes obtained or required in addition to the certified translation. In this case, a notary confirms that the translator’s details are correct and that the signature is genuinely that of the person concerned,

but gives no guarantee whatsoever as to the quality, correctness or completeness of the translation. It only confirms formal criteria concerning the translator (and possibly his or her qualifications).

In the Anglophone world there is the so-called notarized translation, which roughly corresponds to the German notarization.

What documents need to be certified?

The documents that require authentication may vary from country to country. Certified translations may be necessary for a wide variety of certificates, deeds, legal documents and contracts used in international legal correspondence, including:

  • Diplomas and certificates from universities
  • School leaving certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Expert reports
  • Judicial documents

The certified translation of documents may also be required in the case of work-related immigration, especially from non-EU countries. For example, if your company were to recruit a highly qualified specialist from abroad and you needed help with the official procedures. EHLION will provide you with competent and reliable support for all necessary translations.

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Sworn translators and interpreters

EHLION can offer you professional and competent support, providing sworn translators and interpreters who work on behalf of companies, authorities, legal firms and notaries.

Our sworn interpreters can provide simultaneous or consecutive interpretation services during court hearings, police interrogations and sworn statements. Our sworn translators translate contracts, court documents and deeds into the desired language and produce certified translations.

While the requirements and formulations vary between the different German federal states, in general all sworn or authorized translators and interpreters will have taken an oath at a court or before an official authority. As a rule, they will have also proven their professional competence and personal aptitude and will have sworn an oath to produce faithful and conscientious translations into the respective foreign language.

The formal and personal requirements include:

  • a diploma or master’s degree
  • or a state examination for the respective foreign language, in addition to
  • many years of experience as a translator/interpreter,
  • evidence that their financial situation is in good order,
  • a police certificate of good conduct, and
  • assurance of confidentiality and impartiality

The apostille as an international form of authentication

Under the Hague Convention, the so-called apostille represents a special form of authentication which can simplify the international legal process. However, it applies only in those states that have ratified the Hague Convention, and only to so-called authentic instruments.

An apostille confirms, so to speak, a document’s certified character, or the authenticity of the respective document. A given form is used to confirm, among other things, who issued or confirmed the certificate, when and in which country. The Convention regulates which documents are considered to be an “authentic instruments”.

Apostilles also bear a clearly identifiable reference number, and the relevant authorities responsible for issuing the apostilles are obliged by law to maintain a register or index.

Certified translations in all language pairs

EHLION offers support with certified translations from and into all languages within our portfolio.

Do you need your university certificate recognized based on a certified translation from EnglishSpanishPortugueseFrenchDutchJapanese or Chinese? Or do you need a notarial certification for your birth certificate? Our sworn translators for the desired language pair will translate your document reliably and professionally, in a faithful and conscientious manner.

Or maybe you need an agreement to be translated into ItalianLithuanian or Polish? EHLION’s professional translators will produce an expert translation of any document into the desired language, and will ensure that all requirements for the desired certification are fulfilled.

Costs for certified translations

Calculating the costs of producing a certified translation will require a precise analysis of the material in question, taking into account, among other things, text length, typesetting and file format, source and target languages, as well as a number of other factors. Need a certified translation of a specific document and want to know the exact costs?

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Express translation

Even with the best organization, things don’t always happen as they should – and even with suitable preparation, it’s not always possible to adhere to schedules.

“Ideally, the translation should have been finalized yesterday.” 

Whenever an urgent deadline for your important documents is fast approaching and you’re worried that you might not meet it, you need a proficient and dependable partner who you can fully rely on. That partner is EHLION: your partner for professional premium quality translations. 

Contact for Express Translations


As a leading provider of professional language services, we are here to support you through whatever linguistic challenges you may face. In addition to our high-quality standard translations, we will also help you when things are particularly urgent:

  • How long does an express translation project take?
  • How can I place an order for an urgent translation project?
  • What are the costs and additional charges for express translations?
  • Professional express translations in compliance with the ISO 17100 industry standard
  • Express translations into more than 100 languages and in around 800 language combinations
  • The benefits of working with EHLION for your express translations

How long does an express translation project take?

The time required for urgent translations depends heavily on the volume of text to translate and the subject matters involved. From receiving an order to delivering the finished documents, the process can take anywhere from a few hours up to around 24 hours; for particularly complex technical topics and very long texts, significantly more time may be required, as the texts still need to be translated to a high quality and edited to ensure accuracy.

In many situations, though, it is possible to commit to a 24-hour turnaround time. 

EHLION is known for excellent quality and reliable translations. With our service for particularly urgent translations, we deliver the results in the quickest possible time and with consistently high quality. As with all our services relating to international communication, our high quality standards remain the benchmark for our urgent translation service.

As part of your order, we will explain all the precise details and commit to a deadline.

Book your free initial consultation now!

How can I place an order for an urgent translation project?

As a customer, ordering urgent translations is both easy and convenient for you. Contact us on express@ehlionmail.com and we will get back in touch with you immediately to clarify all the details of your order.

What are the costs and additional charges for express translations?

EHLION delivers express translations that are always finished to the highest quality. Our professional, qualified translators work diligently to ensure that your expectations as a customer are always met in full. The costs for urgent translations are based on our standard prices for translations, with an additional charge added to accommodate the urgent order. For urgent translations, the price depends largely on the content and length of the text, as well as the language combination(s) required.

Urgent translation quotes

We are always happy to prepare a cost estimate in advance of your project in order to assess the expected costs. This gives you full control over the costs, even with urgent translation orders. Contact us on express@ehlion.com to provide detailed information on your urgent translation project – the more information we have, the more accurately we can estimate the expected costs.

Professional express translations in compliance with the ISO 17100 industry standard

When selecting EHLION translators, we pay special attention to translators’ training, experience and expertise. We work exclusively with native speakers of each target language, who are able to draw on their many years of professional experience.

Through our compliance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation services, we ensure that all our translators have the required professional qualifications and expertise. Our ISO 17100 certification also ensures that our translation services meet the required quality standards in all stages of production.

Please contact us for further information.

Express translations into more than 100 languages and in around 800 language combinations!

Our language services cover far more than just text translation, and many more language combinations than just German–English, German–French or German–Spanish, etc. In addition to all European languages and language combinations, we also offer express translations in less common language pairs, for example, express translations into Chinese and Japanese. 

But that’s not all: Take a closer look at the portfolio of languages included in our services.

Our satisfied customers are able to rely on EHLION’s language services, partly due to this comprehensive portfolio, and also because:

we are passionate about delivering the work of the highest quality professional standard for all translation jobs. 

No matter how urgent a translation job is and no matter how much “the clock is ticking”, our highest priority is delivering premium quality translations. In order to deliver this consistently, we need to be passionate about what we do.

All our employees share a deep passion for languages and writing, and they bring this to every aspect of your project: whether through project management tasks to ensure that projects and orders run smoothly, or through hands-on translation as one of our specialist translators for your texts and documents.

The benefits of working with EHLION for your express translations

  • Immediate processing of all your urgent translation requests;
  • Specialist translators who are qualified, experienced and approved;
  • Consistently high quality in all translation services;
  • Fair, reasonable pricing;
  • ISO 17100 translation services certification;
  • Professional quality assurance;
  • Confidential handling of all documents and data;
  • Encrypted communication and transfers;
  • Professional project management.

Do not leave anything to chance! Put your translation projects in our capable hands.  

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Patent translations: accurate and legally compliant translations

Does your company thrive on innovation? Or perhaps you’re an inventor who has come up with a novel solution, and you want to patent your achievement? You’ll need a competent language services provider to help you through the patenting process, to ensure that your innovation and your intellectual property is protected against theft or unauthorized use across borders.

In order to secure exclusive exploitation, application, production and distribution rights you’ll need to submit a patent application, either in Europe or internationally.

EHLION has the requisite know-how, in both languages and international communications to help you with this. Our patent translations are of the highest quality and facilitate a smooth application process.

As a full-service agency for language and translation services, EHLION should be your first point of contact for patent translations. Our language experts have the necessary qualifications and expertise to translate your patents into any language.

Have you come up with an invention, technological innovation or unique solution to a specific problem? Then now is the time for action – come to us for comprehensive advice on patent translations.

Let us give you detailed advice about patent translations!

High-quality patent translations performed by qualified technical translators.

What are patents and what is their economic significance?

All innovations in the field of process engineering, products and trademarks are generally protected for a period of 20 years in Europe and the USA. For utility models, on the other hand, the usual protection period is three to a maximum of 10 years. During this protection period, only the patentee can make use of the invention to generate sales and profit (i.e. the patentee holds the monopoly). Other competitors are at a disadvantage.

Patents are industrial property rights for inventions and innovations, and they are of great economic importance. They could even determine the success or failure of a company in domestic or global markets.

This applies in particular to industries that have a focus on innovation and technology.These include the following sectors and specialist areas:

Not only are patents important assets for financial success, they are also used to evaluate the innovative capacity of a company, and they contribute to its property value. Companies with an impressive patent portfolio are more likely to find collaboration partners and succeed in attracting funding or subsidies. Patents play a major role in securing the kind of high development costs that are typical, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Hassle-free patent examinations thanks to EHLION’s expert patent translators

As a rule, patents are filed with the patent office of the respective country, for example with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the patent office of an EU country. As soon as patent protection is applied for, a patent examination takes place. This is a substantive examination of the patent, which takes into account existing industrial property rights. Patents can be challenged under certain conditions, so it is all the more important not to make any mistakes when protecting your intellectual property!

International patent protection requires collaboration with technical experts and language professionals! 

Due to the increasing internationalization of business activities, it is no longer sufficient for innovative companies to apply for patent protection in their home countries.

Patent law is subject to the principle of territoriality, which means that a patent is only valid in the country for which it was granted. However, there are several ways to extend patent protection to other countries – for example, by filing individual applications in the respective countries in which patent protection is desired. Alternatively, you can apply for protection through a European or international patent application processes –. for this you will need high-quality specialist translations into various languages, because even the smallest of errors can have a considerable effect on the scope of protection provided by a patent. This process also requires the creation and use of uniform technical terminology.

The international extension of patent protection to Europe and the USA is subject to specific rules and requirements, including the requirement for accurate and professional translation.

Certified translation of your patent application

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to produce certified translations for you patent application. For this purpose, we can provide you with a technical translation by a sworn translator. On request, our patent translators will also issue a Translator’s Certificate.

Time is an important factor in patent applications: the faster and smoother the patent examination, the sooner the patent protection comes into force and the new invention can be commercially exploited. High-quality translations will help ensure that your patent application runs smoothly and that the patent is granted.

Our qualified professional patent translators provide services to:  

  • Specialist attorneys for patent law / patent law firms,
  • Patent departments of large and medium-sized companies,
  • Research and development departments,
  • Inventors and engineers.

We provide high-quality patent translations for all patent classes, into all languages. With EHLION you’ll have a strong partner at your side to help you with your patent applications at patent offices around the world.

Inquire a free consultation now!

EHLION’s professional patent translators guarantee:

  • Error-free patent translations: correct syntax, spelling and punctuation are a matter of course.
  • Familiarity with the patent laws of the target country: legal certainty through technical competence.
  • Unambiguous patent specifications are assured through precise linguistic formulations in the written translation based on the use of the appropriate technical terminology.
  • Use of the specific vocabulary for the relevant patent class.
  • Industry-specific know-how.
  • Familiarity with the formal rules and regulations governing the drafting of patents.

Different country, different patent regulations!

The patent system varies from country to country: The patent laws of America, Japan, China and Europe follow different conventions, for example with regard to the drafting of patent claims for cross-border patent protection.

It is not uncommon for legal disputes to arise due to imprecise translations of patents or inconsistent use of terminology. So err on the side of caution when it comes to translating your patents and rely on EHLION – your language specialist for patent translations.

Using our patent translators will minimize any risk you may incur in connection with your international patents. We can translate your patents into many different languages  and we cover many industries. We will get to grips with all of the technical terms, ensuring that a uniform language is used in all your written submissions and communications relating to your patent application.

Patent applications for German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) Patent translation be filed in German. If you want your latest technological or process engineering inventions to be protected throughout Europe, your patents must be translated into GermanEnglish and French.

To ensure your patent is granted with the desired scope of protection, the patent specification must be exactly the same in all three languages!

We would be happy to advise you on your upcoming patent translations!

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Translation of manuals: we translate operating instructions for your international customers

Errors in the texts of manuals and operating instructions not only annoy the user but also present a major safety hazard. In order to minimize risks of damage to property and personal injury, legislation obliges manufacturers (and also dealers) to arrange for the preparation of easily understandable operating information for the user.

If operating instructions or assembly information is inadequate, § 434, Paragraph 2 of the German Civil Code (also known as the “IKEA Clause”) tells us that this can constitute a material defect and have legal ramifications.

The best way to avoid problems or even litigation is by preparing, translating and issuing professional, reliable and comprehensible manuals to the customer. This is also the easiest way to minimize the safety hazards inherent in poorly written or translated manuals.

In an ideal situation manufacturers and producers of sophisticated machines and equipment arrange for their product manuals to be translated directly into the language of the target market. Qualified, experienced and professional translators are needed for this task.

  • Why is it so important that the translation into the language of the target market is technically correct?
  • Accurately translated manuals are a sign of a professionally managed company
  • For which languages can we support you with a translation of your technical manuals?
  • Our additional services accompanying the translation of manuals
  • Costs for the translation of manuals

Contact us for further information on the translation of manuals

Why is it so important that the translation into the language of the target market is technically correct?

A consequence of opening up new and international markets is that your customer base becomes increasingly international. A further consequence is that manuals or operating instructions for consumer goods must be translated into the language of the target country.

As a standard, and also as the absolute minimum, the manuals need to be translated into English.

Well written and correctly translated operating instructions are absolutely essential for users of technical products. Even though many items of equipment can be operated more or less intuitively. But when a problem arises or the time comes for a service or a part to be replaced, the user needs information.

If most users have not previously reached for the manual, they will certainly want to consult it to solve a technical problem which they have encountered. Irrespective of whether the manual is in hard copy or electronic form.

Properly translated manuals are a sign of a professionally managed company.

Companies which have the manuals for their technical products translated into a number of additional languages, for example EnglishFrench or Spanishclearly demonstrate that they are professional in their approach to customers and markets. This increases confidence in their product, its quality and the company itself.

Manuals available in several languages can therefore enhance your corporate image.

The translation of manuals and operating instructions needs a special know-how and technical skills on the part of the translator. This is what we guarantee at EHLION with our qualified and experienced translators.

Avoid all risks in the selection of your translation provider and contact us directly.

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For which languages can we support you with a translation of your technical manuals?

The translation of manuals into English is now the absolute minimum. However, EHLION offers you much more: As well as the translation of operating instructions or manuals into English, we offer all the languages in our language portfolio.

Particularly popular translations are:

translation of manuals German – English

translation of manuals German – Spanish

translation of manuals German – French

As well as translations of all the European languages, you can order translations involving more unusual languages, for example Japanese or Malay. This way you gain maximum flexibility.

Wherever your markets are located in the world. Both you and your customers will be completely satisfied by the technical translations of your manuals and operating instructions made by our professional translators.

We translate

  • operating instructions
  • assembly instructions
  • user manuals
  • instruction manuals
  • manuals
  • technical documentation
  • user guides
  • process descriptions
  • guides
  • samples

Our additional services alongside our translation service for technical manuals

As well as the pure translation of texts, our staff is also able to check the manuals and operating instructions of your products for accuracy.
For example, as part of our language services we offer proof-reading of your texts. But more than that. Below, we list the additional services we offer to accompany the translation of your manuals.

  • checks for completeness
  • the “four eyes principle” proof-reading by an additional translator
  • proof-reading by a technical expert
  • terminology management (usage rules)
  • punctuation and grammar
  • formatting

Do you need additional services not listed here? No problem – tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find the right answer for you.

Have your manual translated by EHLION

Costs of the translation of manuals and operating instructions

EHLION’s billing for the translation of manuals is fair and reasonable. We would be happy to prepare a non-binding quotation for you. You will therefore have a good overview and complete control of the costs.

To set the order in motion simply contact us and give us the most important key data for your project.

  • Is this a stand-alone manual or one of a series?
  • How large is the manual?
  • Into which target language(s) is your manual to be translated?
  • Do you want additional services such as proof-reading?
  • What is the time frame for receipt of the translation?

Simple order processing with EHLION

We will prepare a non-binding quotation for you based on the information you provide.

When you have placed the order we immediately start working on a professional and technically correct translation of your manual.

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional technical documentation

EHLION’s technical translators and editors provide professional and reliable foreign-language localization of your technical documentation. Whether it’s manuals, product descriptions or maintenance instructions – we will ensure that the technical documentation for your products is perfect in any foreign language.

  • What is technical documentation?
  • Why is technical documentation important?
  • The structure and contents of technical documentation
  • Example manuals: Translation by qualified translators
  • Our service: all file formats and languages
  • Complementary services: Terminology creation, DTP and technical editing


We can translate all your technical documentation for you – contact us to arrange a personal consultation

What is technical documentation?

Technical documentation includes all texts that provide information about a technical product. This includes, for example, all published information concerning assembly or installation, use, maintenance and repair of the product. Manufacturers of technical products are legally obliged to supply the relevant documentation, and if their products are exported abroad, the entire technical documentation usually has to be translated or localized.

EHLION’S language professionals can work with all text types, formats and media which you use for your technical documentation, and can translate your information correctly, precisely and comprehensibly into the required target languages. One classic example of technical documentation is the instruction manual. However, the term ‘technical documentation’ can cover many different types of documentation, including:

• Product specifications

• Instruction manuals

• Operating instructions

• Assembly instructions

• Manuals/user manuals

• Maintenance instructions

• Online help

• Support videos

Why is technical documentation important?

In short, manufacturers are obliged by law to prepare technical documentation for their products. Technical documentation is intended to ensure that the products can be commissioned, used and maintained in a safe and proper manner.

There are various EU directives on this subject, such as the Product Safety Directive, which must then be transposed into national law within the member countries. In Germany, for example, the Medical Devices Act regulates the technical, medical and information requirements for medical devices.

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The structure and content of technical documentation

There is no single template for technical documentation, because of the huge variety of different products for which it is required. The content and structure of technical documentation can also vary greatly, according to the relevant legal requirements. Nevertheless, there are various standards and guidelines that regulate the design of technical documentation, both nationally and internationally. This makes it all the more important that the localization of technical documentation is carried out by qualified specialist translators.

EHLION will ensure that all your product descriptions and other documentation are translated in an accurate, technically correct and comprehensible manner. For example, we translate the captions and labeling in your technical drawings and adapt the format of dimensions and units. We also know how important it is to provide correct information about the material used, quality, product properties, product functions and chemical composition.

In addition to a high level of expertise, our EHLION technical documentation translators have extensive experience in processing and translating technical documents . They are experienced professionals and are adept at finding the perfect wording and style for user manuals and maintenance instructions, to ensure that your technical documentation is readable and comprehensible.

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Example manuals: Translated by qualified translators

Does your company manufacture a technical product and distribute it internationally? As a rule, you will have a legal requirement to ensure that all enclosed manuals and operating instructions are translated for the respective target market. EHLION’s qualified and experienced technical translators can translate your manuals into any language you desire.

Our service: all file formats and languages

Do you also create technical documentation in special formats for your customers? Does your company offer online help or support videos as a special service? We will ensure that these and all other formats are translated accurately and comprehensibly into all desired target languages. Our technical translators work closely with our IT specialists to translate both written and spoken texts into the target languages for your documentation.

With our competent team of specialist translators and technical editors, we offer professional localization of technical documentation into all of the languages included in our extensive portfolio, including:

Your documentation is in good hands with EHLION. 

Our technical translators are also specialists in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive sector to the electrical industry, from mechanical engineering and medical technology to environmental technology – so you can be sure that you will be able to meet your legal obligations to provide adequate technical documentation even at international level.

Complementary services: Terminology Creation, DTP and technical editing

EHLION offers a complete range of services for your technical documentation, from research and planning to project management, professional technical editing and graphic design (DTP and foreign-language typesetting), as we also tailor for the graphic elements included in your technical product documentation perfectly to your needs and those of your international target groups.

What’s more, EHLION provides the necessary terminology creation service to standardize technical terms and product descriptions according to your specifications. In this way, we help you to standardize the production of your technical documentation using bilingual or multilingual terminology databases, glossaries or in-house dictionaries.

EHLION’s terminology creation service will provide you with optimum support for the professionalization and quality assurance of your technical documentation, ensuring uniform use of your company-specific terminology. This will give you the reassurance of knowing that your technical editors and communication experts are speaking the same language worldwide.

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Does your company’s own technical editorial department need reinforcements?

We can supply you with qualified specialists to support your technical editing team. EHLION’s technical editors will enable you to flexibly supplement and relieve your own team. At the same time, you’ll benefit from their comprehensive expertise and experience. 

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional translations of outstanding quality

Specialist translations by EHLION ensure that your message will reach your professional audience exactly as it was intended to. Our translations for different industries and specialized areas are distinguished by their fluency and adept use of the relevant specialist terminology. That’s because we work so hard to find the right tone and style for each project, creating texts that are precise, accurate, clear and readable. SPEAK THE WORLD®: We ensure that you come across as proficient, credible and businesslike in your chosen languages.

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We believe in creating something truly outstanding

As a company, you believe in high-quality products and value trustworthy, reliable corporate communication. EHLION shares those beliefs and values, and we renew our commitment to them every single day. Professional specialist translations by EHLION underscore the quality of your products with terminological precision and impeccable style. We are fully aware of our responsibilities as specialist translators. Our meticulous and accurate translations provide the basis for customers all over the world to use your products safely and reliably.

Expertise and experience – the formula for perfect texts

Specialist translations by EHLION are accurate down to the tiniest detail, precise and consistent.

We work exclusively with translators who are properly qualified and who meet our rigorous quality standards. Our translators are native speakers who have many years of translation experience in their specialist subject areas. We offer specialized translations into EnglishFrenchRussianJapaneseChinese and many other languages.

The specialized translations we produce for the different areas of our industry portfolio – including engineering, law, business and medicine – achieve the status of professional specialist publications in your chosen foreign language. Our specialist medical translations allow you to communicate as one physician to another – without worrying about linguistic or cultural barriers. When it comes to technical translations, EHLION always focuses firmly on your target group. Thus, we ensure that even the most complex issues are easily understandable in the target language. Moreover, in our specialist legal translations we always take into account the specific legal system that applies in each country.

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