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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Expert support for terminology management

We can create specialized terminology databases, glossaries and in-house dictionaries from virtually any format. EHLION believes in creating customized solutions for optimum results. That’s why we work with cross-platform tools, develop tailor-made workflows, and even create special programs where required.

Terminology projects – whether they involve terminology management or the creation of a new terminology glossary – are a challenge we love. That’s because they give us a chance to put our extensive expertise to good use. And you benefit from greater efficiency and reliable quality management for all your corporate communications.

Terminology management helps companies to be better prepared for translation projects.

Expert support for terminology management

What is terminology management?

This is a problem many companies are familiar with: a given product can have many different descriptions or spellings in just a single language. If it is translated into another language – or into multiple languages – the terminology often starts to proliferate wildly.

Professional terminology management can lend a helping hand. The first step is to build a glossary of appropriate, company-wide terminology. This means defining which terms should be used and how they should be written – throughout the whole company.

Creating a professional terminology glossary serves to unify your corporate language. Initially, the exact type of terminology is unimportant – it could be an English to French glossary of legal terminology, for example, or a resource for complex Spanish medical terminology.

What is a terminology database?

The foundation for all professional terminology management is an in-house terminology database. This is a special type of database that makes it possible to manage files systematically – in this case, terminology files.

Terminology databases are often created and managed as a component of professional translation services. Consequently, these terminology databases are bilingual or multilingual. For each term in the source language, the database provides all translations that have been saved or defined for the various target languages.

These databases of specialist terminology are sometimes referred to as term banks. They are usually part of the software that is used in computer-aided translation (CAT).

EHLION’s team of experts is happy to advise you on creating bilingual and multilingual

  • terminology databases,
  • glossaries,
  • thesauruses and
  • in-house dictionaries

Make an appointment for a free initial consultation on terminology management and the creation of terminology resources.

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The benefits of professional terminology management

It doesn’t matter whether your company is already using terminology databases, or if you are just beginning to learn about the topic. We will work closely with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs – solutions that help you with quality assurance and knowledge management, as well as implementing a consistent corporate language.

If required, we can also edit and rework your texts to ensure consistent use of your in-house terminology. EHLION’s terminology services give you the support you need to ensure that your corporate language is used consistently.

With terminology management, you’ll be able to:

  • organize collaboration between employees and external service providers more efficiently,
  • ensure that your terminology is used correctly even when the translation is done by an external prover – regardless of which translation service provider you use, and
  • ensure that your company presents itself to the public in a way that is unified and consistent.

EHLION makes sure that your technical documentation, your marketing materials and your sales teams all speak the same language. In areas such as medicine, medical technology and IT/software, a terminology database can help you take a standardized approach to complex fields of vocabulary and ensure consistent communication with your customers.

Professional software to create customized solutions

As might be expected, modern terminology management requires the use of appropriate terminology management software. EHLION works with a variety of cross-platform tools, develops tailored workflows and, when required, even writes special programs to create terminology resources.

We work with industry standard CAT tools such as SDL MultiTerm. These enable us to create glossaries and in-house terminology databases from your existing texts. EHLION’s team of experts is happy to advise you on finding the best terminology management solutions for your company, regardless of whether you opt to have EHLION run your terminology projects or whether you prefer to run them in-house.

We are also available to provide expert assistance with introducing terminology projects and terminology management at your company. Our experts can advise you on selecting an appropriate tool and assist you in creating your database. We’ll make sure that each entry is saved correctly, and that your corporate language is consistent in each and every target market.

Contact us for a personalized consultation about terminology management!

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Good technical documentation brings you closer to your customers

EHLION’s technical authors and editors are expert linguists with an impressive array of specialist skills and in-depth product knowledge. They have years of experience in writing and translating texts, enabling them to deliver your documentation in outstanding quality in every language you require. Technical documentation with EHLION’s quality will help you meet statutory requirements in countries all over the world. And that’s not the only benefit. Clearly written texts that are a pleasure to read show people that you are customer-focused and have high quality standards.

Professional product presentation

We communicate your product and your complex processes with maximum precision and a sharp eye for detail. Technical documentation by EHLION ensures that your products are beautifully presented – whether in operating manuals for machines and systems, maintenance manuals, user guides or online help systems. We explain how to handle your products safely in a style appropriate to the relevant target group. EHLION also creates the required terminology to ensure consistency in the use of specialist terminology and product descriptions in line with your specifications.

Please contact us for further information.

Technical documentation in all languages for all industries.

EHLION offers a comprehensive portfolio of technical documentation services – from research, planning and project management to professional technical authoring and editing as well as graphic design (including DTP and foreign-language typesetting services). We tailor the technical documentation for your product to your requirements and your international target groups – this includes websites and online documentation as well. The experienced authors, editors, translators and graphic designers at EHLION ensure that the texts and illustrations form a well-organized, easily understandable whole.


Localization of technical documentation

Our highly skilled team of technical translators and editors knows what it takes to ensure professional localization of your technical documentation. With EHLION, you’re in the best of hands when it comes to translating documentation into ChineseEnglishRussianPolishSpanish and many other languages.

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional software localization

Our software localization experts give you the support you need to prepare your software for international markets. We carefully guide you through each and every step of the process to ensure you get professional results. And we ensure that every last detail of the final software product is perfectly tailored to your target market. EHLION software localization is the best way to create superbly user-friendly products for your target groups – worldwide and in any language.

  • What does software localization mean?
  • EHLION software localization: here’s how it works!
  • The elements of professional software localization
  • Quality assurance for perfect software localization

Software localization: what exactly does it involve?

EHLION can draw on a wealth of linguistic and cultural expertise in its software localization projects. We specialize in foreign language translation and adaptation of all content, user interfaces and accompanying documents,  including, for example, target group-specific adaptation of fonts and character sets, units of measurement and numbers, address and paper formats as well as color palettes and audio output.

Drop us a line: we’d be happy to explain software localization in detail

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EHLION Localization Project Process

We’d be glad to support you throughout your software internationalization process right from the planning phase by working closely with the developers and optimizing the prerequisites for localizing the software at an early stage, which will end up saving you time and money. EHLION can handle the entire project management process, including:

  • Preliminary discussions and briefings in the planning phase
  • Clarification of all technical aspects of localization
  • Elaboration of a detailed project plan
  • Selection of suitable translators, project managers and employees
  • Preparation of material for localization
  • Implementation of localization according to the order and the plan
  • Final quality assurance of the localized software

Our experienced team will coordinate your localization project across all interfaces. Talk to us and we’ll develop the right solution for you.

The elements of professional software localization

For international users, the most important aspect of a program is its user interface. The more accurately all the information has been translated into the language of the respective user, the easier it will be for them to navigate and use or operate the respective software.

However, thee are also a number of other elements that usually have to be adapted in the course of professional software localization, including:

  • License agreements
  • Installation instructions
  • Online help
  • Manuals etc.

Quality assurance for software localization

EHLION performs quality assurance to confirm that the contents, DTP aspects and user interfaces meet the linguistic and target group requirements. As experts in terminology creation, we work hard to make sure that all your key terms are used consistently. We work closely with the software development team to ensure that your software product and accompanying documentation stand out in the target market for their high quality and user-friendly design.

Drop us a line and learn more about software localization!

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Professional software localization performed by EHLION’s qualified language specialists
April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional app localization

Do you want to grow, access new markets and place your product successfully in international target markets? Having your app available in the respective national language can work wonders in this regard. Localizing your apps will enable you to reach smartphone and tablet users in all international markets.

EHLION’s localization experts combine language skills with extensive experience in localization. So we can provide you with the expert, personalized advice you need, and we can guide and support you through every step of the process – from planning, right through to successful implementation.


All countries differ culturally – this is why app localization is so important

Localizing your apps for new markets will increase your visibility to all smartphone and tablet users. That opens up exciting new opportunities for your marketing activities. However, your apps will only be accepted by target groups if they have been localized and translated professionally.

EHLION combines technical know-how with comprehensive linguistic and intercultural competence. All countries differ slightly in terms of culture. This means that as well as linguistic localization, or translation of content, it may also be necessary to make other adaptations due to specific cultural differences.

We can help you to adapt your apps for specific target groups on operating systems and software platforms including Android, iOS and Blackberry – with technical knowhow and flawless linguistic expertise, as well as with the requisite intercultural sensitivity.

Drop us a line and learn more about app localization!

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Language localization: your app in multiple languages

We’ll translate the contents of your apps into all desired target languages, whether it’s JapaneseChineseEnglishFrench or Arabic. Discover more about our extensive language portfolio. We also localize:

  • Audio files
  • Figures
  • Characters
  • Symbols
  • Units of measurement
  • Currencies

Graphic localization of your app

As well as translating the content, our experienced localization experts will also customize the your app’s user interface – including graphics and color palette – to suit the cultural expectations of your target audience.

High quality professional localization forms the basis for internationally successful apps – for example in Asia, so make sure you get EHLION involved right from the start. We’ll support you in all phases of your localization project – from planning through to successful implementation.

Contact us for bespoke advice on app localization!

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Localization of websites for international markets

Today, international companies cannot avoid having a bilingual or multilingual Internet presence. With EHLION as a partner, IT professionals, web developers and language professionals work hand in hand to localize your website professionally, customizing content and user interfaces regardless of the programming or scripting language.

EHLION will support you throughout the increasing internationalization of your company and will work with you to plan the professional translation and localization of your website.

We have experience with localization projects of varying complexity, from simply structured webpages to more complex websites with multimedia files and interactive functions.

  • Website localization – what is it?
  • Why should I localize my corporate website?
  • Step by step: The process of localizing your website
  • Ancillary services: Proofreading and SEO translations
  • Localization into all languages included in our portfolio
  • Costs of a professional website localization

Website localization – what is it?

Localization is the linguistic, visual and content adaptation of a website for an international target market and international target groups. Accordingly, it involves far more than just translating the texts into the target language.

We take care of the linguistic translation and adaptation of all content, buttons and user interfaces, including address formats, dimensions, symbols and forms. EHLION guarantees flawless technical implementation of the target-language pages. We also handle any multimedia files and compact software applications that are embedded in your site.

EHLION is a full-service agency that combines language skills with technical know-how. Our IT experts and language professionals handle localization projects as a team. They work closely with your corporate communications department and your web developers, as well as with specialists from EHLION partner networks.

We’re also fluent in scripting languages!

EHLION works with all standard platforms and programming languages in our website localization projects, and we’re very familiar with CM systems such as TYPO3, WordPress, Joomla und Drupal. Our IT specialists are also experts in scripting languages such as JavaScript, HTML, PHP and Perl.

Why should I localize my corporate website?

Consider your corporate website as your international business card! After all, depending on the age group, significant numbers of people within your target groups already get their information predominantly online.

And the better your corporate website is adapted to the respective target market, the more likely it is to be accepted and resonate with the crucial target groups for your products and services.

EHLION’s professional website localization service will provide you with a multilingual Internet presence that will set you apart from the competition. And with a homepage that is perfectly adapted to the target market, you can show your appreciation for your international customers and contacts.

Step by step: The process of localizing your website

EHLION’s IT experts, web developers and language professionals will work as a team on your localization project. We offer localization tailored to your needs and to the target market, and we are happy to take on the entire project management – across all interfaces.

We’ll plan the localization activities according to your specifications, take care of all linguistic and cultural aspects, and oversee the technical implementation, up to and including the final quality controls. Localizing a website usually involves the following steps:

  • Project preparation including team composition
  • Technical preparation / IT
  • Creation of a precise localization plan
  • Development of bespoke workflows
  • Translation and localization of content
  • Technical editing and proofreading
  • Technical implementation
  • Quality control

Ancillary services: Proofreading and SEO translations

Of course, EHLION will also help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your target-language content, to ensure that your company’s products and services can be easily found on the Internet in various languages by your potential customers. EHLION’s SEO translations are specifically translated for search engine optimization, and are tested in all of the languages in our portfolio.

In addition to ISO 17100 compliant translations, EHLION also offers a professional editing service: Based on the two-man rule according to ISO 17100, a second translator always checks the target language content of the translation and compares it with the source text. During proofreading, an additional check of the target language text is carried out by a technically experienced proofreader. To achieve the highest quality, we always recommend this additional proofreading of the translations by a specialist proofreader to all our clients.

Drop us a line: we’d be happy to explain website localization in detail

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Localization into all languages included in our portfolio

We offer professional website localization in all of the languages included in our portfolio, and we will select the right translators with the required language combination and expertise for your localization project. English is still the most frequently requested language for website localization. However, we also have qualified specialist translators for less common languages and language combinations.

The cost of professional website localization

How much it will cost to localize your website will depend on various criteria. To provide you with the most accurate quote possible, we’ll need some basic information about your planned localization project:

  • What is the source language of the texts?
  • What is/are the target language(s)?
  • Which services would you like EHLION to provide – simple translation, localization, overall project management?
  • Subject area and level of difficulty: What kind of texts are involved?
  • Technical framework conditions: Which CMS is used, which version?
  • Timeframe and deadlines: When and how quickly does the localization need to be implemented?

Drop us a line: we’d be happy to explain website localization in detail

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Professional localization ensures your brand is communicated clearly and naturally, no matter the language.
April 24, 2020

Translations for advertising, marketing and PR

Translations of advertising copy and marketing texts have to meet special requirements: as well as corresponding to the source text in terms of content, they also have to get your message across to the right target groups in your new market. EHLION’s language experts translate your content into the country-specific context, combining the creativity of an advertising copywriter with a feel for the language and their knowledge of the culture of the country in which you want to position your company, your products and your services – making sure that you get your message across in any language!!

Marketing and advertising in any format

Your corporate PR materials are in safe hands with EHLION – we’ll adapt all of your communication materials so that they resonate with your international target markets. Regardless of the format, the specialists in our Marketing Materials Department can translate marketing, advertising and PR materials into the various languages spoken in your target markets:

  • Translation of advertising, advertising copy and slogans
  • Translation of press texts, press releases and PR articles
  • Translation of company presentations and image brochures
  • Translation of brochures and leaflets
  • Translation of catalogs, product catalogs and other product presentations
  • Translation of commercials (voice-over)

We think in terms of your marketing messages

EHLION’s experienced language experts can help you to adapt traditional advertising to your target group – delivering professional translations of advertising texts and slogans crafted with an instinctive feeling for the target language – English, for example. Rather than simply translating your materials word for word, we think in terms of your core messages. This enables us to find the best way of communicating your brand and your corporate image in each language.

We’ll ensure that your core message is understood across cultural and linguistic boundaries in the way you intend it to come across. Our advertising, marketing and PR translators are not only trained translators, they also have a special flair for language and a creative streak.

As native speakers, their knowledge of the country and their awareness of the values and expectations of the target group are invaluable. EHLION will ensure that your advertising and marketing texts are aligned with the ideals and goals of your company, to ensure that your campaign is authentic and effective.

Get in touch – let’s see how we can tailor our service to your specific requirements

Translating press releases – a special case

Increasing globalization has helped fuel international growth in a wide variety of industries, from the automotive and consumer goods sectors to biotechnologymedical technologytelecommunications and insurance.

This international expansion is often accompanied by traditional PR work: accordingly, press releases, PR articles and advertorials sometimes need to be translated into one or more foreign languages.

Our language professionals can manage all aspects of translating your press releases and other PR articles, ensuring that your press materials are perfectly prepared for your target market, both formally and in terms of content. This way you can be sure to make a good impression with foreign reporters, and journalists, who will be wowed by your professional documentation.

Your company in focus

Your company’s public image is largely conveyed through your corporate communications – and your company website and other materials, such as image brochures and videos, play a pivotal role in this.

Our native-speaker specialist marketing and advertising translators will ensure that all of your company’s relevant materials are translated perfectly, both linguistically and stylistically, into the target language – collaborating closely with your PR department to ensure that your image remains consistent around the globe.

Your product in focus: brochures, leaflets and catalogs

We can help you to show your company’s products in the best possible light in all desired languages. Our expert advertising and marketing translators will translate all of your product marketing materials, from brochures and leaflets to product catalogues and, of course, everything else, adapting them creatively to the suit specific target groups and markets.

DTP and terminology creation

As a full-service agency, EHLION can help you tailor and localize the graphic design of your marketing tools and materials. Our professional DTP team works closely with our specialist translators to ensure perfect target-language typesetting – for example, in languages that use a lot of diacritics or have unique characters of their own.

Do you have offices in different countries? Do you want to ensure that all the different teams really do speak “your” language? EHLION’s terminology creation service provides professional support in   developing a consistent, multilingual corporate language to ensure uniformity in your foreign-language publications, materials and presentations.

April 24, 2020

Professional Proofreading

Making sure your international content is well written and error-free is paramount to getting your message across in foreign markets. EHLION’s high-quality translations can be paired with our professional proofreading and editing service to ensure you get perfect results every time. Proofreading at EHLION is performed in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard for translation services. Each translation is thoroughly checked by a second translator to make sure the target text corresponds accurately to the original and is well written. This is the standard method used in the translation industry for ensuring high-quality and consistent translations, and we highly recommend this service to all our customers.

If your business has branch locations operating abroad, EHLION can easily integrate your local personnel into the review process to guarantee nothing goes unchecked. And our team of qualified project managers are equipped to manage every aspect of your localization project, from start to finish.

Technical reviews

Our proofreading services also include a technical review option which is performed after the standard proofreading process. The technical review is performed by a qualified specialist with extensive knowledge of the document’s target industry or field and is designed to assess the translated text in terms of style, target audience and the your intended message. Our technical proofreaders also make sure your translations contain the right technical terminology.

Translations tailored to your target audience

EHLION’s technical review process puts your documents through a series of rigorous checks to ensure, for example, that your patient brochures are written for a general audience and use terms and concepts that the average person can understand, while materials intended for the medical community adhere to strict medical terminology. Knowing the purpose and intended audience of each project text is essential to communicating accurately and effectively in foreign markets, which is why we work together with you to get the details right before we translate, proofread and submit your materials for technical review.

Stylistic editing

Unlike standard proofreading and technical reviews, stylistic editing is not defined by DIN EN ISO 17100. EHLION’s comprehensive stylistic editing service is performed by qualified proofreaders and copywriters who work according to your specific stylistic needs and demands. The more detailed and specific your style and terminology requirements are, the better able we are to find the right voice for your message. If you don’t already have a reliable style guide for your translations, we’ll work with you to create one and help you manage your terminology across all languages and projects.

Our professional proofreaders not only review translations for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, but also stylistic elements such as word choice, register, sentence structure, clarity and readability. Our translation and review services are designed to make sure you convey the right message to the right audience. The more information our translators and proofreaders have, the better. Some essential questions which make it possible for us to produce the best possible translation for you include: Who is your target audience? Where will the translation appear? What do you want the text to achieve? Is the text accompanied by any visuals? If so, what kind?

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional copy editing for your documents

The words “review” and “copy editing” make many people think of their theses or dissertations for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. However, translations also benefit from an additional review through professional copy editing. We review your texts and translations to ensure that they are correct, understandable and easy to read, assessing all aspects of spelling, grammar, style and content.

  • Copy editing vs proofreading – what is the difference?
  • Professional post-translation copy editing
  • Specialized review to ensure perfect documents
  • Professional proofreading to find every last error
  • Style-specific copy editing
  • Copy editing of source materials before translation
  • Turnaround and costs for copy editing
  • Copy editing for many sectors and languages
  • Supplementary typesetting / DTP

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Copy editing vs. proofreading – what exactly is the difference ?

Copy editing normally involves reviewing and correcting texts in terms of:

1. Spelling

2. Grammar

3. Style

4. Content

This means a copy editor doesn’t just correct spelling errors and grammar, they will also review the text in terms of content and improve the style to suit the target audience and the purpose of the text. For technical documents, it’s essential to work with professional copy editors with suitable technical backgrounds.

Proofreading (or sometimes just called “proofing”) is normally just limited to reviewing a document for correct spelling and grammar. Checks for style and content are not included in this kind of review.

While it’s particularly common for publishing houses to do copy editing and proofreading in-house, advertising agencies tend to prefer working with professional copy editors. For individuals, copy editing and proofreading are most often needed during university studies; a final review is often needed for theses and dissertations in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD courses.

Professional post-translation copy editing

As a supplement to our high-quality EHLION technical translations, we also offer professional copy editing of translated texts in all languages. All reviews are performed in accordance with the new ISO 17100 standard for translation services. Each translation is thoroughly checked by a second translator to make sure the target text corresponds accurately to the original source material.

This is known as the “four eyes principle”, and it is the standard process for translation services. To ensure optimum quality for all translations, we recommend that all our customers take advantage of specialized copy editing as an additional review stage.

Specialized review to ensure perfect documents

On request, EHLION will arrange for an additional specialized review together with the copy editing process described above. For this, the translation will be reviewed by a separate, qualified expert with the appropriate specialist knowledge. This expert checks the translation in terms of additional, specialist criteria. These include:

  • ensuring the translation is suitable for the text type;
  • ensuring the translation will be well received by the target audience in the foreign language;
  • ensuring the translation meets the required communication objectives;
  • ensuring the correct specialist terminology has been used.

Professional proofreading to find every last error

In many cases – especially when translating documents that will subsequently be printed in large numbers by our customers – we also offer a review of translated texts in the form of proofreading: Using a “proof” (usually a PDF document that can be marked up digitally), proofreading allows for any final typos and spelling errors to be detected, as well as ensuring grammar and punctuation are perfect throughout.

Style-specific copy editing

It is sometimes recommended for a translation to undergo a comprehensive stylistic review and rework. EHLION works with suitable copy editors and copywriters for this type of style-specific copy editing. They review and rework the translation to correct any problems relating to:

  • Phrasing
  • Structure
  • Comprehensibility
  • Readability

If you don’t already have a reliable style guide for your translations, we will work with you to create one. The more detailed and specific your style and terminology requirements are, the better prepared we will be to ensure that your message comes across in the right voice.

Copy editing of source materials before translation

Even before the actual translation process starts, professional copy editing of your source materials can save you time and money by ensuring that all source texts are correct and understandable. This saves a lot of effort (and ultimately expense) for large localization projects with translations into multiple languages.

There’s a long list of good reasons for having your source materials reviewed by a professional before sending them for translation. Here are just a few:

  • Less time spent clarifying issues during the translation process – when you’ve got deadlines coming up, questions and requests for clarification from translators are the last thing you and your team need. Good editing ensures that nothing is left unclear when the translation process begins.
  • Quality – The quality criteria for any given document or media will depend on the content, the target audience, the communication objective(s) and any legal requirements they might be subject to. In a preliminary review, a professional proofreader checks your source materials against these and other quality criteria that you may specify.
  • Getting the most out of translation memories – using translation memories in a professional way ensures consistency of spelling, terminology, slogans, unit formatting and symbol usage.

Turnaround and costs for copy editing

It is difficult to calculate the time required for professional copy editing, and the resulting costs, without first performing a detailed analysis of the respective text(s).

Among other factors, the turnaround and price will depend on criteria such as:

  • the source language;
  • the target language(s);
  • the subject area / field of expertise; and
  • the length of the text for copy editing.

Copy editing for many sectors, specialist fields and languages

To achieve the highest quality, we always recommend professional copy editing for your texts – no matter what the specialist field. For some industries, though, professional copy editing is particularly sought after: for example, documents and translations for the fields of medicinemedical technology and law (among others).

As well as offering translation services for our clients, EHLION offers specialist copy editing for all sectors and specialist fields  as well.

It goes without saying that we have copy editors and proofreaders for all languages – in addition to English texts, for example, reviewing texts in SpanishFrench or Chinese poses no problem. EHLION offers copy editing for all the languages included in our portfolio.

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Supplementary typesetting / DTP

As well as achieving linguistic perfection, we will also help ensure that your texts and documents have a suitable layout. As a provider of high-quality language solutions, we provide professional DTP and multilingual typesetting services designed to optimize the look and feel of your digital and printed materials for all global markets.

Working with the complete Adobe Creative Suite, our DTP team will deliver your documents in ready-to-print format.

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Why you should have your source materials reviewed by a professional proofreader

Submitting source materials for review before the start of a translation project may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a very effective way to streamline the overall translation process and avoid costly revisions down the line. And although source documents such as company brochures and user manuals or normally prepared with care, until they’re reviewed by a professional third party, there’s no way to guarantee that the text is truly understandable to audiences beyond your company’s own four walls. Especially for large localization projects with multiple target languages, a preliminary review is a simple yet powerful way to address potential issues and errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and readability before translators begin the challenging process of optimizing your message for foreign markets. Addressing problems such as rarely-used acronyms, inconsistent terminology and ambiguous wording up front allows you to save time responding to requests for clarification from multiple translators so you and your team can concentrate on what matters most.

Cost savings and higher quality results

There’s a long list of good reasons to have your source materials reviewed by a professional before sending them for translation. Here are just a few:

  • Readability: If the proofreader doesn’t understand a term, abbreviation or particular wording in your source content, there’s a pretty good chance your intended audience — not to mention the translators responsible for localizing the document — won’t understand it either.
  • Less time spent clarifying issues during the translation process: When you’ve got deadlines coming up, questions and requests for clarification from translators are the last thing you and your team need. But this type of feedback is common, and the best way to save time down the line and ensure you meet your deadlines is to set time aside up front to have your source materials thoroughly reviewed so that you can address any and all potential issues before the translators set to work.
  • Text quality: The quality criteria placed on any given document or media depend on the type of content they contain, the target audience, the communication goal and any legal requirements they might be subject to. In a preliminary review, a professional proofreader checks your text against these and other quality criteria you specify. When it comes to quality, the technical side of things also matters. For translation, this means making sure translation memories are populated with high-quality entries by first ensuring that the source document is completely free of errors. Failure to do so could end up costing you later on.
  • Getting the most out of translation memories: It’s important to make sure that source documents use consistent spelling, names, terminology, units of measure, slogans and formatting. Even minute differences in a text are taken into account by translation memories, and a lack of consistency means you might end up footing the bill for text which has already been translated.
  • Higher rates of correspondence between source and target: Translation memories are often used for translating in both directions (Across actually does this by default). This means your source text may be used at a later point in time as a suggested translation if there’s a high enough correspondence between the new source text and the former target text. For German to English translations, this means your German originals are kept in the translation memory to be used as potential content for subsequent translations from English into German, thus impacting the quality of expression in your target documents. Given the increasing amount of content being produced by non-native speakers today, it’s essential to have your source materials thoroughly reviewed prior to being translated to avoid having to make corrections and clean up your translation memories later.