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May 14, 2020

Professional Consecutive Interpretation

Our interpreters are experts when it comes to providing clear and direct communication across a wide range of languages and language pairs. Whether for meetings, presentations or talks, our professional consecutive interpretation service guarantees effective in-person communication without the need for technological aids. And having the interpreter on site with you means you can address and clarify any issues directly on the spot. Our team of qualified interpreters can help your business operate and communicate beyond language barriers.

Communicating beyond language barriers

Our professional consecutive interpretation service is the perfect way to get your message across at events, conferences and trade shows without getting tied down by extra equipment. We also provide high-quality interpreting for negotiation situations to help you represent your business’ international interests. Get in touch with us to learn more about how EHLION’s interpreting services can be tailored to meet your needs — no matter the situation.

Our consecutive interpreters use refined note-taking techniques to ensure accurate translation in person. These techniques enable them to take note of up to 15 minutes of speech at a time, which they then subsequently translate into the target language when the speaker has finished. Having a qualified consecutive interpreter in the room means you and your business associates can communicate with confidence and clarify any misunderstandings right on the spot.

Specialized interpreting services designed for global business

With qualified interpreters specialized in over 25 industries and fields, we provide high-quality interpreting services built for the world of business. Get in touch with us to discuss your next business event or meeting and to learn more about how our interpreters can help you and your international associates communicate clearly and effectively. Our qualified interpreters work in a wide variety of languages, including EnglishGermanFrenchItalianRussianSpanishChineseJapanese and Polish.

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Sign Language Interpreting

EHLION makes it easy to bridge the communication gap between deaf, hearing-impaired and non-deaf persons. Our qualified sign language interpreters have years of experience ensuring effective communication in business and education.

Barrier-free communication

Our sign language interpreters employ a combination of signing, expressive gesturing and mouthing to facility clear and effective interaction between hearing-impaired, deaf and non-deaf individuals. We also provide high-quality sign language interpreting for schools, universities and other educational settings.

We offer a variety of sign language service options covering a wide range of settings, situations and languages. Our qualified language specialists are trained to provide effective interpretation between different sign languages as well as between the spoken language of one country and the sign language of another, or vice versa.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our sign language interpretation services can be custom-tailored to meet your needs.

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Remote interpreting: efficient communication in any country, no matter where in the world!

Thanks to advances in technology, on-site interpreters are no longer the only option. With remote interpreting, you are no longer limited by your location. Even at short notice, it is possible to provide a suitable interpreter at any time via live video conferencing – which is an ideal way of dealing with translation requirements that arise with little or no warning.

According, the EHLION language portfolio for remote interpreting meets your requirements for flexible language management. Our range of language services is geared entirely to the needs of your company and your business sector.

We cover a broad portfolio of languages  and language pairs – we can provide you with interpreting services in SpanishFrenchItalian or even Chinese, as well as English.

Competitive advantage: save time through efficient communications!

An increasingly dynamic business world means that the pace of communications is accelerating in many industries. At the same time, it is important that the quality of communications remains high.

We at EHLION stand for excellent international communications – with all your foreign business partners and customers.

Do you need a remote interpreter or advice on our translation services?  Then simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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  • What is a remote interpreter?
  • When is remote interpreting appropriate?
  • How does remote interpreting work?
  • The benefits of remote interpreting
  • How much does it cost to use a remote interpreter?

What is remote interpreting?

In contrast with traditional interpreting services, remote interpreters do not attend the event in person: instead, they are joining the relevant negotiations, events or conversations via audio or video link so as to translate the spoken words into the target language. The interpreting provided could involve either the simultaneous interpretation or consecutive interpreting methods.

The remote interpreter’s task is to ensure the transmission of information and effective communication between the parties.

Remote interpreting is also known as video remote interpreting, and it is distinct from telephone interpreting.

When is remote interpreting appropriate?

Remote interpreting is suitable for events of all sizes, including:

  • web conferences,
  • webinars,
  • interviews,
  • international negotiations,
  • conferences,
  • meetings and discussions with customers and business partners.

It is also suitable for communicating with or among the hearing-impaired. Remote interpreting is used in deaf communication contexts in which the interpreter and the hearing impaired person cannot be in the same room. The interpreter uses sign language to convey what is said.

How does remote interpreting work?

Remote interpreting is a digital form of interpreting, made possible by the use of communication technology.

The event location or the parties involved in the discussion are connected via an audio and/or video link to the remote interpreter, who is at a different location. End devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones are suitable for video reception.

Good preparation and planning are not the only factors that contribute to the success of international communications mediated by a remote interpreter:

in particular, for those who have never taken part in a remote interpretation event before, it is vital to remember to speak into the microphone. This ensures that the interpreter is able to hear and understand everything that is said and reproduce it accurately in the target language.

Remote interpreters may use either the simultaneous or consecutive interpreting method. To ensure a smooth process without major delays during the call, certain important technical requirements must be met. These include:

  • A stable connection for data, communications and the Internet.
  • Secure, encrypted data transmission.
  • State-of-the-art attack-proof technology.
  • Highest quality audio and video / short loading times.
  • Image and audio are transmitted almost in real time.

With EHLION’s interpreting service, you are in safe hands. Together, our qualified project managers and our remote interpreters will ensure that your meeting or event is a success.

Our technical support team will also there for you, before and after the meeting or negotiation, to ensure that all your communications are successful despite the distance between the parties involved.

The benefits of remote interpreting

Remote interpreting has some advantages over the use of a speech-to-text interpreter or other translation options, which only become apparent when you take a closer look:

Lower costs: A remote interpreter can be booked for shorter assignments – this is reflected in the price. With remote interpreting you also avoid travel expenses, including accommodation, petrol, train and flight tickets.

Another factor that helps to lower costs is that with remote interpreting, you do not need to order, transport or install complex conference interpreting equipment.

Other advantages of remote interpreting:

  • No special IT technology is required.
  • The parties involved in the negotiation can take part no matter where their location: under certain circumstances, they can even follow the event while on the move.
  • Full flexibility, because location is no constraint (so even requests made at short notice can be accommodated).

How much does it cost to use a remote interpreter?

Remote interpreting is one of the comparatively less expensive interpreting services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you are not sure whether remote interpreting is the right option for you. EHLION is your partner for language services and we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of international communications.

Just let us know what linguistic challenge you need to overcome, and we’ll find the right language solution for you. Our consultancy services  ensure effective communication and optimized processes in foreign language management.

Book your free initial consultation now and let us know your exact requirements!

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Telephone interpreting: the convenient way to tear down linguistic and intercultural barriers

Since the cost of long-distance calls fell in the 1990s, the demand for telephone interpreters has increased steadily. In addition to the increasing globalization of our everyday and business worlds, this high demand for telephone interpreting is also driven by its versatility, yet simplicity and relatively low cost.

All you need for successful telephone interpreting is

  • a phone with a connection that is sufficiently free from interference, and
  • a trained, qualified and socially competent telephone interpreter with experience in the target language.

Do you need a professional and socially competent telephone interpreter whose discretion you can rely on for even the most sensitive of topics? 

Then you’ve come to the right place. As one of the leading full-service agencies for professional language services, our telephone interpreting service will help you to overcome any challenge involving interlingual communication.

We can provide you with bespoke telephone interpreting services tailored to your specific industry and topic of conversation.

  • What is telephone interpreting?
  • Possible applications: what is telephone interpreting used for and when?
  • How can I benefit from the services of a telephone interpreter?
  • Why should I use one of EHLION’s language professionals for my telephone interpreting needs?

Want to know more? We are happy to help you!

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What is telephone interpreting?

In telephone interpreting, a trained interpreter facilitates communications between at least two interlocutors who either don’t speak a common language at all or else only at a level that is insufficient for the purposes of the conversation.

As with normal interpreting, the telephone interpreter translates one person’s spoken words into the other person’s language and vice-versa, using either the consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting method. The participants (and the interpreter) communicate via a telephone connection, which must be as stable and free of interference as possible.

There are two possible configurations for a professional telephone interpretation service:

  • Variant A: Two or more call participants are together in the same room using one telephone, and the interpreter dials in from a different location and can be heard through loudspeakers.
  • Variant B: Two or more call participants are at different locations and are connected by telephone, and the telephone interpreter is connected to the call via a conference circuit.

Note: Telephone interpreting is possible via both landlines and mobile telephones. This allows you to remain flexible, no matter your location.

The telephone interpreter ensures that conversations run smoothly without any misunderstandings. 

It is the interpreter’s responsibility to translate the spoken words accurately so as to avoid misunderstandings, e.g., through misinterpretation or imprecise translation. When selecting the appropriate interpreter for the specialist field or topic of conversation, we place the greatest importance on identifying experienced, qualified interpreters with the requisite specialist knowledge.

The telephone interpreter always adopts a neutral stance with regard to the participants, and strictly limits his or her input to accurately conveying what is said in the respective languages. Accordingly, the interpreter does not play an active role in the conversation.

One particular challenge for telephone interpreters is that, in addition to linguistic barriers, it is often necessary to overcome intercultural hurdles. Although interpreters do not play an active role in shaping the conversation, their social competence and intercultural understanding enables them to help reduce any tensions or inhibitions between the two parties, creating a relaxed and trusting basis for communication.

Possible applications: what is telephone interpreting used for and when?

There are practically no limits to the possible applications for telephone interpreting. Telephone interpreters can be used whenever a direct interlingual exchange is not possible due to a lack of the relevant language skills on the part of one or more of the call participants.

The sectors and topics of conversation involved might range from:

  • matters of public safety and security
  • to negotiations with international business partners,
  • through to maintaining international business relations, political dialog,
  • health issues with an international dimension, or
  • achieving clarity on sensitive issues – to name just a few.

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How can I benefit from the services of a telephone interpreter?

To be able to prepare for the telephone conversation and provide you with the best telephone interpreter for your current requirements, all we need from you is:

  • the desired language combination, i.e., the source language and target language into which the translation is to be held,
  • the subject of the conversation and any specifics that may be of crucial importance,
  • and the time and estimated duration of the call.

So, what language combination will your call involve? Just let us know. Thanks to our worldwide network of highly-skilled translators and interpreters, we are able to provide our translation and interpreting services into almost any target language, including hundreds of potential language pairs.

EHLION’s telephone interpreter service even extends to the less common languages 

In addition to all European languages, we also offer direct telephone translations for many other languages, including Arabic and Chinese.

Our top priority at EHLION is quality, so you’ve come to the right place for premium quality language services.

We’ll make sure that your phone conversation runs smoothly. 

To this end we’ll not only provide a professional and socially competent telephone interpreter, we’ll  also ensure that everything runs smoothly and easily from a technical point of view.

In fact, apart from a telephone, there are no special technical requirements: the call between you, your conversation partner and the telephone interpreter will take place using either a loudspeaker or a conference call. You’ll also have the opportunity to brief the telephone interpreter prior to the call.

Why should I use one of EHLION’s language professionals for my telephone interpreting needs?

Having an interpreter dialed in will enable you to concentrate fully on the content of the upcoming conversation and on the person you’re talking to.

This will allow you to approach any conversation, no matter how difficult, in a totally relaxed manner, because you’ll be able to say exactly what you mean in your own native language without having to grapple for words or stammer your way through the conversation in an unfamiliar language.

The use of a telephone interpreter will also benefit your interlocuter

As well as eliminating the language barrier, it will also break down any intercultural barriers, enabling you to quickly establish a rapport with your counterpart,even in difficult situations.

  • Bridging intercultural divides,
  • with smooth, flawless communication across language barriers:

whatever the purpose of your conversation, EHLION’s telephone interpreters will bring you several steps closer to your goal in all your international communications.

Interested in telephone interpreting with EHLION? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or simply send us a message.

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Expert Negotiation Interpreting

Good communication is key to successful negotiation. Our expert business interpreters provide qualified support in any negotiation situation and can help you communicate clearly and effectively across a wide range of languages and language pairs. Our job is to get your message across, live and in person. Years of experience and in-depth familiarity with your target markets enable our business interpreters to translate off the cuff and without the need for cumbersome technological aids. And having them there in person means you can directly address and clarify any issues on the spot.

Qualified support where it matters

By accurately relaying what you and your business associates are saying — one short segment at a time — our interpreters are able to enhance the effectiveness and clarity of your negotiations in real time. EHLION’s expert interpreters understand the cross-cultural dynamics at play in international business communication. Their many years of experience in negotiation situations and qualified linguistic training means interaction between you and your internal business associates is both fully nuanced and perfectly understandable.

For negotiations taking place in court, we can assign you a sworn interpreter who specializes in your field and required language pair. No matter the subject or situation, we’ll work with you to create a solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs. Our comprehensive interpreting services also cover telephone interpreting for over-the-phone negotiations. Expert interpreting you can rely on, discretion you can trust.

Professional interpreting built for the world of business

Our interpreters can handle negotiations in any of the subject areas we service. We assign interpreters to you who are deeply familiar with your industry and with the countries and cultures represented in your negotiations. Simply let us know the subject area and context of your meeting, and we’ll select an interpreter who’s perfectly suited to meet your needs, no matter the language pair. Our interpreting service supports a wide range of languages, including GermanFrenchRussianSpanishChineseJapanesePolish and, of course, English.

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Simultaneous interpreting

Both our everyday lives and almost every sector of the business world are becoming increasingly globalized. These days, companies and institutions are obliged to operate far beyond their national borders. This is reflected not only in companies themselves, but also at congresses, meetings and conferences – and not just the major ones –  at which both the speakers and the audience members may hail from anywhere in the world.

At a meeting of experts from a specific field, such as the

it is not uncommon for representatives of a dozen or more nationalities to get together. Most people can communicate in English in simple face-to-face conversations.

However, this is not necessarily the case for technically complex

  • lectures,
  • presentations or
  • negotiations.

This is why the organizers of international events tend to rely on the competent support of qualified professional simultaneous interpreters to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

EHLION’s interpreters will ensure that you achieve flawless, first-class communication at all your international events. Our interpreters offer specialist knowledge covering an extensive range of industries,  in all the languages and language combinations included in our language portfolio!

Professional, first-class language services in any foreign language: that is what EHLION stands for.

Book an appointment for a free initial consultation with a specialist interpreter!

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As your expert professional language services partner, EHLION is exactly the right service provider for the highly demanding task of simultaneous translation.

We ensure that our interpreters are available for all necessary language combinations, and for the required periods of time. If required, we can also take care of organizing the technology,


  • soundproof booths with a control center,
  • interpreters’ desks including headphones and microphones for the interpreters, and
  • wireless headsets and infrared headphones for the participants.

If, for example, there are no booths provided for the interpreters at the event location, we will arrange to provide and set up the required number of modern mobile interpreter booths.

You can rely on EHLION’S ability to ensure smooth and effective communications, enabling all the participants at your event to concentrate fully on the content.

Bespoke, customized solutions for complex language services

Is it important to you for your international contacts and guests to be directly involved in the discussion? If so, then simultaneous interpreting is the right solution for you.

Contributions to the conversation are translated into the desired language almost without delay, facilitating direct communication without any detours and enabling the participants to react and respond directly to what is said.

We also offer a telephone interpreting service for conversations between people at different locations, and, for smaller groups, we provide the technically less complex whispered interpreting service. Whispered interpreting is the same as simultaneous interpreting, but the translation is delivered in a whisper so as not to disturb the speaker and other listeners

The interpreter is in the same room as both the speaker and the audience, instead of being in a separate booth, as is usual with simultaneous interpreting. In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits close to the person for whom he is translating and quietly whispers the translation into his or her ear. The primary benefit of this is its organizational simplicity, as whispered interpreting requires hardly any technical equipment.

Not sure which interpreting method is right for your event? No problem – we can develop a bespoke solution just for you, and  we can also manage all of the technology required for your conference. 

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters translate spoken language directly, i.e. without delay, into another language. Simultaneous translators are also referred to synonomously as simultaneous translators, synchronous translators and cabin translators.

How does simultaneous interpreting work?

Simultaneous interpreters must listen to and comprehend the source language whilst spontaneously translating it into the target language – this requires an extremely high degree of receptivity and concentration as well as professional competence on their part.

A simultaneous interpreter must simultaneously remember and understand what is being said, and then repeat it in the target language. 

Technically, this is how simultaneous interpreting works: the interpreter listens to the speaker’s words via headphones (in a soundproof booth) and speaks the target-language translation into a microphone. The participants can listen to the translation directly via headphones.

Large-scale events often call for the use of multiple interpreters,  with each interpreter being assigned a specific language pair. In many cases, depending on the duration of a lecture or presentation, two interpreters are used for the same language, allowing them to relieve one another after a certain period of time. This ensures that the best translation results can be delivered throughout.

Synchronous translation entails a high degree of personal responsibility. After all, large-scale events are attended by participants with diverse language backgrounds from different cultures, and it is the interpreter’s responsibility to ensure that no misunderstandings arise as a result of translation errors. For this to succeed, the translated speech needs to be accurate the first time. This explains why it is so important to use a qualified specialist for simultaneous interpreting.

Don’t take any risks at your international events – rely on EHLION, your competent partner for simultaneous interpreting.

Request your free consultation now!

Contact us now! 

Both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are potential options for large and small events (conference interpreting). Our highly qualified and experienced language professionals translate the spoken word immediately and correctly.

Lively interactions with all your event participants thanks to simultaneous translation

Our interpreters combine linguistic and technical competence to ensure effective communication across all language barriers.

EHLION’s interpreters achieve remarkable results: they follow the spoken word with an intense degree of focus and translate it almost simultaneously into the target language. The flow of translated speech enables the listener to follow the speaker word for word and respond directly, without delay. Whatever your event, our simultaneous interpreting will enable you and your international guests or participants to interact naturally with each other.

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Simultaneous interpreting: a vital success factor for international events

Regardless of the industry sector or subject area concerned, very few international events can succeed without the services of simultaneous interpreters, and there’s a good reason for that: a certain quality standard is simply expected from events attended by international guests from all over Europe or even further afield. In terms of quality, the use of simultaneous interpreters is crucial for such events –

because successful communication is essential to the success of any event, whatever its type or central theme. Simultaneous interpreting ensures successful communication regardless of the number of different nationalities and cultures involved.

EHLION’s highly qualified interpreters can make a crucial contribution to the success of your entire event, whereby our overriding objective is to assure your satisfaction as our valued customer. What’s more, thanks to our strict quality standards, our performance consistently exceeds expectations.

A wide range of applications for simultaneous interpreters

Theoretically, there are no limits to what interpreters and translators can do. The type of events at which our simultaneous translators are happy to help include:

  • international conferences, conventions and congresses,
  • trade fairs,
  • seminars, continuing education courses and workshops,
  • guided tours and factory tours,
  • presentations and product demonstrations.

Don’t worry if the business event you’re currently planning doesn’t quite fall into any of these categories: simply take advantage of our experience with international events of all types and sizes, and talk to us about your ideas and event plans. We’ll develop the perfect solution for you!

EHLION’s simultaneous interpreting service in a wide range of languages and language pairs

Our experienced interpreters provide simultaneous translation services at the highest level, and with the requisite professional expertise. We can even find you the right interpreter for uncommon specialist topics. Our simultaneous interpretation service is available in English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, German and more. Our language portfolio  includes over 100 languages.

Costs for simultaneous interpreters at international events 

Are you interested in learning more about our simultaneous interpreting service? Would you like to know what the hourly rate is for simultaneous interpreting? Chat to us about your project and your requirements and we’ll prepare a personal quote based on what you tell us, tailored to your needs and budget.

Request your free consultation now!

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April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Conference Interpreting for Your International Events

EHLION’s conference interpreters are ready to assist at any kind of conference, congress or event. Our professional conference interpreters will ensure that you can communicate smoothly with your international contacts in numerous languages and language combinations, so that your events run successfully and are not inhibited by language barriers.

We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Depending on the size and nature of your event, we can offer a range of solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Our conference interpreters have a wealth of experience, including in your own special subject area. And naturally, if required, we can also provide the necessary technology for high-quality conference interpreting.

  • Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting is the most common form of interpreting at events
  • Communicating information effectively through consecutive interpreting
  • Specialist interpreters: Professionals with a great deal of specialist expertise
  • EHLION interpreters offer their services in many languages and language pairs
  • Chuchotage, a special form of whispered interpreting – how it works

Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting for direct communication

Simultaneous interpreting is used for the vast majority of business events: EHLION’s experienced simultaneous interpreters will only be heard by their respective target groups via headphones. They follow the spoken words with a high level of concentration and translate them simultaneously into the target language.

As a rule, our experienced conference interpreters sit in their own interpreting booths, which are equipped with high-quality sound systems. They follow what is said at the event via their headphones and speak their translation into a microphone.

The advantage of professional simultaneous interpreting is obvious: immediate translation enables lively interactions with your international business partners, without any delay. Simultaneous interpreting is used, among other things, for:

  • Conventions
  • Specialist conferences
  • Congresses
  • Symposiums
  • Workshops & training courses
  • Business meetings etc.

The technically less complex “chuchotage”, or whispered interpreting, which does not involve the use of technology  is also available on request for small groups.

Contact us for a consultation on conference interpreting tailored to your own specific requirements!

For companies 

Consecutive interpretation

Whatever your international event – a business meeting, workshop, conference, press briefing, trade fair or international conference – you don’t want to have to bother with expensive technology. Because after all, the focus is on the professional transfer of information, not on the equipment. In this case, we would recommend consecutive interpreting.

Specialist consecutive interpreting enables you to provide your international audience with the relevant information, accurately and in a professional manner. EHLION’s interpreters work with sophisticated note-taking technology to record individual sections of the speech, which they then translate into the desired language in a consecutive process.

Specialist interpreters: Language professionals with specialist expertise

Like EHLION’s specialist translators, our specialist interpreters are command a high level of linguistic and technical competence and can communicate effectively across all language barriers. EHLION’s expert interpreters offer professional interpreting at the highest level, and cover all topics and specialist areas included our industry portfolio.

Let us know which technical specialties will be discussed at your event and we will provide you with an interpreter who specializes in the required language combinations and subject areas. EHLION’S experienced interpreters are:

  • well trained and competent;
  • able to familiarize themselves with new specialist areas quickly and professionally;
  • experienced in dealing with international clients;
  • able to adapt their demeanor and appearance to suit your event;
  • skilled in the use of the requisite technology.

Book an appointment for a free initial consultation with a specialist interpreter!

For companies 

Conference interpreting in many languages and language pairs

EHLION stands for perfect language services in every foreign language. Would you like to know which languages our qualified technical translators and interpreters can work with at your conferences? Do you, for example, need a conference interpreter for Arabic?

In addition to German and English, our extensive language portfolio includes all EU languages, such as FrenchItalian and Spanish, as well as Arabic, RussianChinese and Korean. You can view our entire language portfolio here.

Do you need a particularly unusual language combination? Perhaps the subject of your symposium is highly demanding and you require an interpreter with a lot of specialist knowledge? We will always search out the perfect specialist translator for your specific language pair and conference subject.

Send us all the information about your event and we’ll send you a quote!

For companies 

Chuchotage, a special form of whispered interpreting – how it works

Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is a special form of simultaneous interpreting. Its main benefit is that it does not require complex technology, and it is particularly suitable for smaller groups.

In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits next to or behind the listener and whispers the translation as quietly as possible into his or her ear. No technical aids such as headphones or microphones are required. However, the whispering can sometimes be disturbing to the other participants.

April 24, 2020

Our interpreters can interpret for you in all languages

Our professional interpreters can provide you with support for all languages and at all types of events, accompanying you during negotiations, personal conversations and business trips. Perhaps you need an interpreter for a very specialized subject area or a court interpreter for meetings with the judicial authorities or courts? EHLION will find the right specialist interpreter and develop an interpreting solution tailored to your specific needs.

EHLION’s interpreting services at a glance:

We are happy to provide more detailed information – just give us a call!

For companies 

Specialist interpreters for all languages and language pairs

We can provide you with qualified interpreters for all languages and language pairs and, and we also ensure that the chosen interpreters have the necessary specialist knowledge for your subject area.

Let’s imagine,, for example, that you need a medical interpreter for certain languages. We would provide you with an interpreter with the appropriate medical expertise as well as the necessary languages. Like EHLION’s specialist translators, our specialist interpreters are command a high level of linguistic and technical competence.

Our specialist interpreters ensure effective communications across all language barriers. Are you looking for an interpreter for EnglishFrench, or Spanish, or for less common language combinations such as Arabic – GermanRussian – German and other languages, including Polish, Lithuanian or Chinese? Whatever your requirements, we have the right specialist interpreters to meet them. Our languages portfolio currently includes the following combinations (this is only a selection):

  • Interpreter English – German
  • Interpreter Arabic – German
  • Interpreter Russian – German
  • Interpreter Polish – German
  • Interpreter Lithuanian – German
  • Interpreter Chinese – German
  • Interpreter French – German

Conference interpreter: Professionals for your events

EHLION’s conference interpreters are ready to assist at conferences, congresses and events of any kind. We can help you to communicate smoothly and efficiently with your international partners in numerous different languages and language combinations during your events. If required, we can also provide the necessary technical equipment, such as interpreting booths or portable tour guide systems.

Book your free initial consultation now!

For companies 

Simultaneous interpreting with high-quality technology

With simultaneous interpretation, EHLION’s specialist interpreters translate the spoken words directly, enabling international conference and meeting participants to follow the various lectures and discussions with almost no time delay.

As a rule, high-quality technology is used for simultaneous interpreting: for large events, our experienced simultaneous interpreters usually work in booths equipped with headphones and microphones. They can only be heard by the target group via headphones.

Consecutive interpreting using note-taking techniques

With consecutive interpreting, our interpreters translate without using complex technology. This might occur, for example, during conversations between business partners, or during presentations and lectures. And having the interpreter on site with you enables you to address and clarify any issues as they arise.

Our specialist consecutive interpreters usually use sophisticated note-taking techniques which enable them to record up to 15 minutes of speech at a time. They then translate each block of speech into the target language once the speaker has finished.

Having a qualified consecutive interpreter in the room means you and your business associates can communicate with confidence and clarify any misunderstandings right there on the spot.

Special forms of whispered interpreting and telephone interpreting

We offer telephone interpreting for conversations between people at different locations. And for smaller groups there is the technically less complex option of whispered interpreting, in which the interpreter sits close to or behind the listener and whispers the translation directly into his or her ear.

Sworn translators and interpreters

The presence of a sworn interpreter or translator may be required during court proceedings, police interviews or official meetings. In this case, one of our sworn translators or interpreters can provide you with competent, professional support.

In Germany, for example, the precise requirements and formulations differ from state to state. However, in general all sworn or authorized translators and interpreters have taken an oath in front of a court or other relevant authority. As a rule, they are also required to provide evidence of their professional competence and personal aptitude. And finally, they swear, on oath, to produce faithful and conscientious translations into the respective target language.

Formal and personal requirements for sworn interpreters:

  • Diploma or Master’s degree
  • or a state examination for the respective foreign language
  • Many years of experience as a translator/interpreter
  • Proof that their financial situation is in good order
  • A clean police certificate of good conduct
  • A sworn commitment to observe confidentiality and remain impartial

Professional sign language interpreters

EHLION also offers high-quality interpreting services and interpreters for the deaf. Our qualified sign language interpreters are used whenever communication is required between people with hearing disabilities and others with unimpaired hearing.

Our pool of professional sign language interpreters speak many different sign languages, which vary in a way comparable to the spoken languages. For example, German Sign Language (DGS) is the most common sign language in Germany, while American Sign Language (ASL) is the most common sign language worldwide. We do, of course, offer ASL interpreting services if required.

Interpreter vs. translator – what’s the difference?

Both interpreters and translators work as language mediators between two or more languages. However, the professions, and therefore also the specialist training requirements, differ considerably.

Interpreters usually translate the spoken word in the context of a live speech situation, and must be capable of grasping what is being said very quickly and translating it orally.

Translators, on the other hand, usually work with text and deliver written translations, which gives them the chance to research the subject matter and correct the target text. Find out more about our range of specialist translation services.

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For companies 

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Soundtracks and dubbing by professional speakers

Audiovisual media are an integral part of modern corporate communications. EHLION provides soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-over services for your audiovisual media in all languages within our language portfolio. You choose from a pool of professional speakers, and receive a perfectly dubbed file in the specified format.

  • Applications for soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-over
  • Professional on-hold messaging systems – including in the target language
  • Soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-overs in multiple languages
  • Costs for professional soundtracks and dubbing
  • Alternative subtitles: professional subtitling for video footage

EHLION offers dubbing, voice-over and sound recording services for a wide range of audiovisual applications – from image films with core messages and corporate values to e-learning and internal communication programs. We also supply additional audiovisual material for your technical documentation, and create audio podcasts as guides for your employees and customers.

Dubbing makes your message audible!

It goes without saying that we cut and edit the audio file to the highest quality. If you wish to emphasize the original sound of your customers or employees, we also offer voice-overs for authentic interviews and documentaries. The newly recorded soundtrack is blended in over the original sound, which is preserved and can be heard in the background.

As a rule, if the spoken text comes from the off, traditional dubbing is generally recommended:  this means that only the voice of new speaker(s) can be heard in the respective language. Any background noise is then professionally mixed with the speaker’s voice in the recording studio.

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For companies 

Target language option for your professional on-hold messaging system

“First impressions count” – this saying is widely known, but we generally think of it in terms of the impression we make personally in direct contact with other people. But what happens if your customers end up in the waiting loop of the on-hold messaging system? Their experience of what they hear in this situation also makes a crucial impression!

Impress your international customers with a multilingual corporate on-hold messaging system recorded by professional speakers. Our native speakers ensure that your company will impress customers with a perfect tone in all corporate on-hold messaging systems.

Soundtrack creation, dubbing and voice-overs in multiple languages

EHLION can create professional audio tracks in all the languages and formats you require.

We provide professional speakers for numerous languages – EHLION’s extensive language portfolio naturally includes all commonly spoken languages such as

Do you need a soundtrack for your corporate image video in Standard Chinese or Mandarin? Do you need to prepare your product presentations for use in an Arabic-speaking country? We’ll find the right professional speaker with the desired mother tongue, pronunciation and pitch for your needs, and we will ensure that all your materials are dubbed perfectly.

Tell us what you are looking for – we’ll be happy to send you voice samples!

For companies 

The costs of professional soundtrack creation and dubbing

The costs for a dubbing project with professional speakers will, to a large extent, depend on the general conditions:

  • What is the source language of the video material?
  • Which target language(s) do you want it translated into?
  • Technical text or colloquial language: What is the level of difficulty of the text?
  • Is the speaker’s text already available in transcription, i.e., in text form?
  • How long is the video for which the soundtrack is required?
  • How many speakers are required in total?
  • Do you desire any special features, e.g., a special dialect or accent?

Would you like us to calculate the costs as accurately as possible in advance? Simply contact us and give us the most important key data for your sound project. We’ll be happy to advise you and prepare an obligation-free quote based on the information you supply.

More about EHLION’s videos and footage subtitling service.

The alternative to dubbing: professional subtitling

If none of our voice-over options appeal, we can also produce professional subtitling for your video material. Moreover, subtitling in one or more foreign languages is usually less costly than dubbing.

Whether it’s your corporate image film or maintenance instructions for technical personnel, EHLION will manage your subtitling projects to deliver finished subtitled videos in all desired languages, for your various target groups worldwide.

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Professional transcription

Comprehensive coverage of all your transcription, translation and subtitling needs

Foreign-language transcripts

Have an audio file which you would like us to transcribe in the original language and translate into your own language? EHLION can create transcripts from all standard file formats including MP3Windows Media Audio (WMA)RIFF WAVEOgg VorbisFree Lossless Audio CodecBroadcast Wave Format (BWF) and Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). We can provide transcripts in standard Microsoft/Mac text formats and in a number of other open source formats.