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Well-qualified team

Our translators and interpreters

We work exclusively with translators and interpreters who have qualifications accredited to ISO 17100. The strict criteria we use to select our specialised translators and interpreters help us ensure that they meet our high quality standards. We require our translators and interpreters to demonstrate that they are committed to a process of continuous learning and professional development.

Qualifications and competencies stipulated in ISO 17100

  • Qualifications: a formal higher education qualification in translation
  • The specific translation competence required to produce high-quality translations
  • Linguistic and textural competence in the source language and target language
  • Research competence, information acquisition and processing
  • Cultural competence
  • Technical competence
Professional, qualified project managers

Our EHLION project managers play a key role in the quality assurance process for our language services. Almost all our project managers are qualified translators or language professionals. Working closely with our customers and partners, they ensure that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations every time. They are in charge of quality assurance at every stage of the translation workflow and are responsible for project follow-up.

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