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Professional quality assurance

Professional EHLION quality assurance

EHLION’s language services meet the most demanding requirements. The quality standards we set ourselves are at least as high as those set by our customers. We see quality assurance as more than ‘just’ delivering a linguistically and technically accurate translation by the agreed deadline. In our view, the quality assurance process begins with preparation of the files for the translation and encompasses numerous different stages up to and including follow-up of the project after editorial review and approval by our customers.

Maximum quality at every stage of the process

Quality assurance at EHLION encompasses every stage of the translation project workflow. These are the key principles of our quality assurance system:

  • Native speakers: EHLION translators only work into their native language. As well as proven qualifications and professional experience, they also have appropriate knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Revision and review by a second/third professional:

    In accordance with ISO 17100, EHLION ensures that the translation and the subsequent revision is carried out by two different translators. On request we can also arrange for a third person to carry out a professional review and quality check and deliver the files ready for printing.

  • Terminology management: EHLION works closely with its customers and translators in a dedicated partner network to ensure that all the specialised terminology used in its translations is both accurate and consistent. On request we can also produce glossaries and complex lexica for approval and release by our customers.
  • Professional preparation and follow-up of all our projects: : EHLION project managers take great care in preparing each project to ensure that the customer’s specific requirements are taken into account. We use translation memories and compile specialist terminology to ensure that all subsequent jobs can be produced cost-effectively with the same high quality standards.

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