Wondering what ISO 17100 certification means for your translations? Intrigued by the idea of ISO for translation, and interested in finding out how a quality standard can transform the translation process?

At EHLION, our project managers apply stringent quality assurance criteria to deliver professional translation services that make your texts shine and your brand identity stand out from the crowd – wherever you are around the world.

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What is ISO 17100?

ISO 17100 is an internationally recognized standard that was ushered in in 2015 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and “specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services”.

Prior to ISO 17100, many translation companies and providers chose to work with ISO 9001 certification to guarantee a high standard of quality management – yet this standard lacked provisions for the specific steps and processes involved in the translation industry.

EN 15038 was a similar European standard brought in by the European Committee for Standardization, which was then withdrawn to make way for ISO 17100.

Who is ISO 17100 for?

Everything from translators to core processes, the steps involved in delivering the translation and the technology used are covered by the ISO 17100 framework, a detailed overview of which is available on the ISO website.

1SO 17100 certification may be awarded to:

  • Translation companies
  • Translators agencies
  • Individual translators

Companies like EHLION that offer professional translation services draw on ISO 17100 to give clients peace of mind, particularly in areas such as notarized translation and patent translation, where compliance is of the essence.

ISO 17100 requirements


Four key aspects

In order for a translation company to be deemed ISO 17100-compliant, four key aspects must be adhered to:

1) Provisions for Translation Service Providers (TSPs)

2) Minimum qualification requirements for professional translators

3) Availability and management of resources and technology

4) Peripheral processes, and data protection and confidentiality

Qualification requirements for TSPs

Professional qualified translators such as the talented linguists that EHLION chooses to work with are required to meet a certain number of set criteria for minimum qualification standards in order to fulfil ISO 17100 requirements.

All ISO 17100-certified translators must have one of the following as a bare minimum:

1)  A graduate diploma/certification in translation awarded by a recognized higher education body

2) A graduate diploma/certification in a different field awarded by a recognized higher education body, plus at least two years’ experience in professional translation

3) Five years’ experience as a professional translator working in the industry

Processes covered by ISO 17100

In addition to governing human resources and qualifications, ISO 17100 provides a framework for ensuring quality throughout the translation project management process:

  • Material and immaterial resources

Getting the most out of infrastructures, technologies, facilities, and professionals.

  • Pre-production processes

This includes initial consultations, feasibility, quotes, Client-TSP agreements and NDAs, data management and handling information surrounding each individual project.

  • Production process

The translation process itself, in addition to organizational and HR aspects of translation project management, including timetabling and proofreading.

  • Post-production processes

Receiving, handling, and applying feedback – including revisions, tweaks, and additions – and closing administration.

ISO 17100 spans the entire translation process from start to finish: from the choice of translator selected to work on your project, to ticking off a translation on our ‘done’ list.

The benefits of ISO 17100

ISO 17100 certification works to guarantee a certain standard in both the translation steps and output, resulting in a smoother process and higher quality of target text.

Choosing to work with an ISO 17100-certified translation agency such as EHLION means our clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that their texts are being handled with the greatest of care by top-notch industry professionals.

For translators and language service providers (or LSPs), meanwhile, working with an ISO 17100-certified agency can result in a sense of pride, motivation, and drive to continuously improve and nurture their skills.

The benefits for our clients

As a company, the benefits of opting for an ISO 17100 translation are invaluable:

  • Consistency across documentation
  • Impeccable quality assurance thanks to high minimum standards demanded of the translators and project managers assigned to your project
  • Accountability and transparency in terms of timelines, budgets, and processes
  • Unbeatable accuracy provided by highly qualified linguists
  • Water-tight data management, data processing and confidentiality
  • Complete traceability with all files, paperwork, and processes fully retrievable before, during and after the project

The benefits for our translators and linguists

  • Confidence in their skills and a sense of pride in collaborating with an ISO 17100-certified agency
  • Heightened motivation at the idea of working to the highest of industry standards
  • Opportunities to grow and upgrade their skills as the standard and its requirements evolve
  • Faster, improved output as a result of following stringent procedures designed to streamline processes and facilitate project management

ISO 17100: quality assurance and high standards

An ISO 1710-certified translation guarantees you a certain level of quality assurance, by putting your texts in the hands of proven professionals with years of experience and a strict protocol adhered to.

If you choose to work with non-certified translators, you can never be fully confident that your translations are entirely accurate – and that’s where we come in.

At EHLION, we have years of proven experience providing professional translation services by qualified, ISO 17100-certified linguists and subject matter experts. We’re committed to working to the highest possible standards in our industry, which is why we actively strive to maintain and even improve on meeting ISO 17100 criteria.

Get in touch to talk through your needs, projects and plans, and for help with understanding the translation rates we apply.

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