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For the last ten years, EHLION has been working with translation technology from SDL, the market leader for language and content management solutions.

Our mission EHLION Language Consultancy is to deliver high quality, professional translations to our clients. In order to fulfill our strong commitment to quality, we employ project managers and translators who carry out translation projects with passion and professional expertise in equal measure.

In addition to human expertise, as a professional language services provider we are reliant on technologies and software solutions that support our work effeciently and effectively. With their translation software for businesses, SDL is exactly the right partner for us.

The innovative software solutions from SDL help us  

This saves us time and enables us to carry out translation projects in an efficient and focused manner.

What is SDL?

SDL is the global market leader for software solutions and content management. Digital technologies paired with expert knowledge ensure innovative solutions.
These technologies include

  • SDL Trados translation software, 
  • SDL Passolo software localization tool,
  • SDL Trados GroupShare for managing translation projects or
  • SDL MultiTerm for terminology management.


Major brands and leading companies trust in SDL technologies.
And that’s worldwide.

EHLION has been working with SDL Trados Studio since its inception in 2009. It is now a market leader in translation software with more than 250,000 professional users worldwide, according to SDL.

The latest version, SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional, offers a comprehensive translation environment for the project manager and for the translator. It is used for to process, correct, and manage translation projects and company terminologies.


Reduces the amount of follow-up work as well as the administrative costs of translations.

In 2013 EHLION expanded the company-internal infrastructure to include SDL Trados GroupShare: “Teamwork in real time” is now possible thanks to a simple solution for translation management. The benefits:

  • Projects are created online,
  • modifications to translation projects are performed in real time,
  • simultaneous access to projects makes teamwork easier,
  • it cuts down on manual tasks,
  • transparency is assured across the entire translation process,
  • and status reports make it easy to monitor the progress of a project.


These are just some of the many advantages to using SDL Trados GroupShare. We also use SDL MultiTerm to create and manage professional terminology databases. Find out more here.


What are the advantages for clients in using SDL software?

GroupShare functions seamlessly with SDL Trados Studio. This optimizes the workflow, and all data files can be managed centrally. Both of these advantages mean that first-class translations can be delivered more quickly.

Increased productivity results in excellent outcomes in the form of high quality translations.


What is the SDL Partner Program?

Recently, EHLION joined the scheme known as the “SDL LSP Partner Program” as an “Advantage Plus Partner”. This level is for SDL LSP Partners who use the latest versions of SDL Trados Studio Professional and SDL Trados GroupShare.

This aim here is to developm and centralize knowledge, and to simplify the application of new know-how.

By continuing to improve our expertise, we can guarantee to deliver better quality translations. Even for large workloads.

The increase in productivity does not mean that we can handle a large number of assignments at once. Secure and automated processes enable us to use resources in an economical way, so that we can offer cost-effective translations and localization services.

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