5 minutes with… Doriana Vella

Doriana Vella - EHLION Senior Project Manager

This month we sat down with one of our in-house Project Managers, Doriana Vella, to get a glimpse of the tasks that go behind the project manager role in the language industry.

What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Doriana and I am a Senior Project Manager at EHLON. My role is to manage projects for the language services that we offer. My main duty is to plan, organize, and coordinate the project efficiently and effectively. I often also provide training and support to my colleagues in the project management team.

Can you describe a typical day in the life of a Translation Project Manager?

The role of a Translation Project Manager is best described as fast-paced, exciting, and one in which there is rarely a mundane moment. A typical day includes being in charge of coordinating translation projects from start to finish, liaising with our clients whilst, most of the time, handling several projects at the same time.

What is the most important thing a project manager is engaged with?

It is very exciting to be the entity that manages all steps of a project to great success between our clients and our pool of linguists and language specialists for different language needs. Communication is key for successful project completion.

EHLION interpreting and translations service
Doriana Vella – EHLION Senior Project Manager

What would you say is challenging about Translation Project Management?

Challenges are what make this role interesting, and it is what I look forward to when tackling different projects. Some challenges present themselves in the form of communication barriers, others as difficulties in finding the perfect linguist for a project. With the correct mindset, approach, and a thirst for finding solutions, a challenge is merely an opportunity to learn more and showcase one’s skills.

What project management tools do you use?

At EHLION we are familiar with various software platforms. However, our main project management tools are Plunet Business Manager, a content management system created especially for the languages industry to keep track of all projects, and Across Language Server and SDL Trados, used as CAT tools.

What was your last project like?

My last project consisted of managing 3 different tasks, with a large volume of words for 7 different language pairs, including the translation and revision process. Preparation is key with projects like these, and I successfully coordinated all the steps involved, resulting in early delivery and a great client satisfaction rate.

What steps do you take for risk planning?

Risk planning in translation projects consists of keeping in mind the following factors:

  • area of expertise of the document (by ensuring that the translator is experienced in the sector)
  • format of the document (by checking the layout and verifying all text is editable)
  • due date (by keeping a leeway in case of any unexpected issues)
  • cost
  • final quality delivery (by adhering to ISO 17100 certification process)

Foreseeing and planning for different possible outcomes, especially with large-volume projects such as the ones frequently entrusted to EHLION, always helps a project manager to be well prepared with adequate risk response plans.

How do you monitor multiple projects that are at different stages?

Thanks to technology software such as Plunet and online CAT Tools, we are able to monitor the progress of the resources in real-time. I also keep a personal project overview of all my ongoing projects for backup purposes.

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