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Our high-quality specialized translations from and into Slovak help your company present itself credibly and professionally in the Slovak market. Our qualified EHLION translators can translate your content from English into Slovak and from Slovak into English.

We guarantee that all your translation and localization projects will be managed professionally and reliably, from the preparation of your materials to the final quality control process for the completed translation.


Together with CzechPolish and Sorbian, Slovak forms part of the West Slavic subdivision of the Slavic language group in the Indo-European language family. It is the official language of the Slovak Republic and one of the official languages of the EU.

The Slovak alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet but has a total of 46 letters. In addition to the 26 basic letters, there is also a variety of special characters, umlauts and sounds consisting of two letters.

Slovak | slovenský jazyk


The High Tatras – the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains system – are actually the smallest mountain range in the world. Two-thirds of the High Tatras are in Slovakia, with the remaining third in the neighboring country of Poland. As the first European cross-border national park, the High Tatras range is twinned with the Rocky Mountains National Park in the USA.

Andy Warhol achieved worldwide fame for his pop-art depictions of diverse subjects. The works he produced using the screen printing process – such as his Campbell’s Soup Cans – came to embody the pop art movement. Yet the artist’s birth name was Andrej Varhola, and his parents originally came from a village in the Carpathian Mountains in the north-east of the country now known as Slovakia.

There are approximately six million native speakers of Slovak, some five million of whom live in the Slovak Republic. It is estimated that a further one million speakers of Slovak live in the USA and Canada as a result of emigration.


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