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Other languages

1Other languages – from Albanian to Vietnamese

Are you looking for a company that can deliver professional translations of your business materials and technical documentation for Arabic markets? We are a reliable choice of partner for specialised translations from and into Arabic. Or perhaps you need product descriptions translated into Hebrew? Our specialised translators will deliver your texts in Hebrew by the agreed deadline. What if your company is keen to tap into new markets in Asia? No problem – we also work with Thai and Vietnamese. We can also provide assistance with Albanian, Croatian, Serbian and a number of other languages.

In addition to the languages shown in the menu, EHLION also provides all its language services including specialised translations, terminology creation, interpreting services and and the localisation of websites, apps and software in the following languages:

  • Albanian
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Irish
  • Catalan
  • Croatian
  • Maltese
  • Serbian
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

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