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Chinese technical translations

Our Chinese specialised translations satisfy all the requirements of professional, high-quality translated texts. EHLION’s qualified translators translate exclusively into their native language. As well as having appropriate translation qualifications, the translators we work with also have years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge of the specific subject area relevant to your materials. We can produce Chinese versions of your technical documentation, translate your annual reports into Chinese and localise your company’s for the Chinese market.

Chinese | 汉语 oder 漢語 | [hànyǔ]

So, what does Chinese sound like?

Would you like to hear a sample of someone speaking it? Click the play button to get an impression of how this language sounds. The native speaker in this recording is speaking Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is a tonal language in which words take on different meanings depending on the tones in which they are spoken.

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