Tourism industry

Many companies in the travel and tourism industry provide services that enable their customers to familiarize themselves with different cultures and languages. We offer an extensive range of language services that can make your customers’ experiences even more memorable and enjoyable.

EHLION can translate your content and materials into all the languages you need, with meticulous consideration of the cultural differences involved. From websites and brochures to personal contact with partners, customers and employees all over the world, you can rely on our professional support when it comes to intercultural communication in all its myriad forms.

We’ll be delighted to provide you with an individualized offer tailored specifically to your needs.

Specialized translations for travel and tourism

Does your company organize long-distance travel, cruises, cultural tours, city visits or vacations for the entire family?  If so, you know how important it is to have a fast and reliable means of getting all the key information translated into your customers’ and partners’ languages.

EHLION translators have recognized translation qualifications and translate only into their native language. That enables us to guarantee outstanding quality and spares you the unintentional (and often hilarious) mistakes that typically appear in translations of menus, hotel and travel brochures, safety information and warning signs, and rules of conduct.

In addition to the translation of travel guides, image brochures, hotel and travel brochures and catalogues as welll as various other texts into the languages you require, EHLION offers much more. For example, we can also provide dubbing and subtitling  services for image films, marketing videos and other audiovisual media for famous sight-seeing destinations and museums with renowned art treasures. 

We’re a great choice to support your audio guide producers in implementing complex, multilingual projects smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, EHLION’s translation project management expertise enables us to handle translation projects of every scale and complexity.

Specialized translations for travel and tourism

Do you provide services to sophisticated clients who enjoy traveling to far-flung destinations primarily to experience different cultures? If so, you are certainly aware of the difficulties people often face when they don’t share a common language. 

EHLION’s interpreting services are just what you need in such cases: we can arrange for you and your customers to be accompanied by an experienced interpreter who is familiar with the relevant cultures and able to facilitate meaningful contact. Whether you require an interpreter for a city tour, a museum visit, or a series of lectures on an extended trip, we would be happy to discuss the best interpreting solution to meet your needs and provide any necessary equipment.

Getting the language of travel exactly right

Specialized translations for travel and tourism


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