Specialized translations for medical technology


The medical technology industry is distinguished by its strong exports and innovative power, so that the manufacturers, which are often SMEs, are faced with major challenges: they have to communicate in the languages of their customers and partners around the globe and simultaneously meet the statutory requirements of the export markets for product information. Moreover, multilingual websites and international marketing materials are indispensable. Does all that sound familiar? As a full-service provider of language services for corporate customers, EHLION can provide you with a solution tailored specifically to your needs – we’ll be happy to discuss the best options with you.


Achieving success around the globe

EHLION specialist translations are distinguished by their outstanding quality, as they are done only by native speakers who possess the corresponding expertise in medical technology in addition to their qualifications as translators. They are experts in a wide range of styles and different types of content, from technical documentation such as operating manuals, user guides and maintenance manuals to a wide variety of marketing content. The topics we cover span the entire industry. We work on subjects ranging from instruments for minimally invasive surgery and imaging techniques to innovative materials and coatings for prostheses and implants. By supporting you with all your language needs, we can help your products achieve success around the globe.


Specialized translations for medical technology
Specialized translations for medical technology – helping you achieve success worldwide


Legal requirements and patents

Exporting your products to destinations worldwide is not only a challenge in terms of the language and cultural issues. Different target markets also have different statutory regulations for product information and for the languages in which this must be provided. Professional terminology creation by EHLION makes this easier for you. Medical device manufacturers are highly innovative entrepreneurs who need to protect their inventions. EHLION patent translations make a major contribution toward successfully protecting your innovative ideas, so that you see a return on your investment in developing cutting-edge computer-assisted surgical instruments, innovative radiotherapy devices or diagnostic kits.


Successfully exploiting growth markets

Your customers, sales partners and suppliers all over the world love your products and have confidence in their quality. But do you really speak the same language as your partners in your key growth markets? Cultural and linguistic differences can quickly lead to misunderstandings. But our cultural coaching helps you overcome those barriers to communication. We can prepare your employees to embark on foreign assignments or work with international partners. EHLION language services help you tackle the linguistic challenges you face in international markets – because we speak your customers’ languages wherever they are based.

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EHLION – Our services, our languages

EHLION offers customers from the automobile and automotive industries a comprehensive portfolio of language services, starting with our specialist translations of all types of text and media — precise, stylistically appropriate and accurate down to the last detail. And that’s not all: we can also provide you with professional and reliable support in many other areas of international communication, including website localization for your international target markets, translation of your technical documentation such as operating and maintenance manuals and product descriptions, professional terminology creation and DTP and foreign language typesetting to ensure your materials look perfect in each and every language. We support all EU languages, including FrenchEnglish, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Polish. We can also produce high-quality translations of your content into Russian, Arabic, JapaneseKorean and Chinese. You can always rely on us: quality is our top priority in everything we do.

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