Mechanical engineering

For mechanical engineering companies, exporting products to foreign markets requires translating technical documentation for local consumers, partners and employees. It also means needing to overcome the challenges of communicating effectively on a global scale.

EHLION delivers professional language services to businesses, professional associations and research institutes in the mechanical engineering industry. Get in touch to find out how we can best meet your needs.

EHLION’s specialized translations are exclusively carried out by native speakers who have translation qualifications and appropriate knowledge of the subject area.

Specialized translations for mechanical engineering

We cover the entire range of topics in the industry – from elevators and materials handling/conveyor technology to automation and robotics as well as fluid technology and pumps.

In addition to texts dealing with machine tools and precision instruments, we also process texts in the areas of production, packaging and process technology.

We translate all kinds of technical documentation including user guides, maintenance manuals, online help and product catalogs as well as content for sales and marketing. In addition to our specialist translations, we offer language consulting for companies who wish to reposition their international communication or set up their own language services department.

With our experience in translation project management, we’ll be happy to advise you on the options for structures, processes and tools.

We’re equally at home covering your translation needs as an external provider or helping out your in-house translation department when they’re working at full stretch. 

Our terminology creation enables you to maintain consistency in the use of specialist terminology for your technical documentation, That helps ensure that you provide legally compliant documentation of your machinery and equipment for the export market.

Specialized translations for mechanical engineering



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