Companies that supply fashion and lifestyle products typically invest heavily in market research and sales planning strategies.

Perhaps you’ve already identified new international market segments and are looking for the right approach to take in each case? Our language professionals can help you localize all your content for maximum impact in foreign markets.

Translations for fashion & lifestyle

EHLION’s language professional translate texts exclusively into their native languages and are experts in numerous different styles and types of text. So no matter where your customers live, your message comes across the way you intended.

Localizing your advertising copy often requires an ability to write creatively in the target language. We work closely with our clients on the foreign-language adaptation of advertising texts.

In addition to the translation and adaptation of advertising and website content, EHLION offers professional support in the development of a multilingual corporate language and brand image.

With the EHLION terminology creation service, we offer the best solution for optimizing your multilingual corporate communications. as consistent language that is appropriate to the relevant target group enhances the way your customers around the world perceive your brand.

EHLION has extensive experience in localizing websites, which play an important role in the marketing and sales strategies pursued by global companies. Our services can be custom tailored to meet all your localization needs. EHLION has the experience, tools and proven processes for successful translation project management – we look forward to providing you with individualized consulting.

We’re experts in a range of languages and styles



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