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IT and software

EHLION delivers a wide range of services to businesses in the IT and software industry, including high-quality translationslocalization of large software projects and cross-cultural coaching.

Our professional project manager have years of experience developing and using established workflows to coordinate complex projects across all interfaces. Please get in touch so we can put together a customized package of solutions to meet your needs.

Language services for IT and software

At EHLION, our language professionals translate your texts exclusively into their native languages. As well as their translation qualifications, they are also well versed in their specialist subject areas.

So you can be confident that our translations of your user manuals, graphical user interfaces and training materials will be of a high standard. This service is complemented by professional terminology creation  to ensure consistent usage of the relevant specialist terminology throughout your company.

Whether you need us to localize softwareapps or video games, we get everything translated and adapt all the content to match the target audience, including any supporting documentation. This includes the adaptation of the fonts and character sets, units of measurement and numbers, address and paper formats along with the color schemes and audio editions to the relevant target groups. We set very high quality standards for our work, which is good news for your customers and ultimately good news for your business!

Communicate in more than just programming languages

We use our expertise in inter-cultural communication to help businesses around the globe leverage the power of getting the details right when it comes to navigating multicultural events and meetings.

With cross-cultural coaching from EHLION, you and your employees will be well-equipped for your company’s work in foreign target markets. Plus we can help you get the best out of your multinational teams. Get in touch to find out more about our personalized consulting and training packages.


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