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Are you in the business of creating incredible virtual worlds which people flock to from all over the world? EHLION offers optimal support for developers and publishers of interactive entertainment formats.

We can localize your computer games, online games and browser games and confidently handle games for smartphones and tablets. We’ve got what it takes to create all the different language versions that players will enjoy all over the world.

We understand that global game publishers need to be able to offer digital experiences tailored to the languages and cultures of foreign markets. Which is why our expert translators take the time and care necessary to make sure your games are just as thrilling, funny or dramatic as you intended them to be — no matter the language.

Translations of computer and video games

Speed and the quality of the localization play a crucial role in the the success of computer and video games in international markets. That’s why you need a partner that offers so many services for game developers and suppliers under one roof. 

We adapt your video and computer games to the cultural and linguistic conventions of your different target groups. Our language experts only translate into their native language, so you know what you’re getting is authentic and culturally appropriate.

In addition to translating your content, we support you every step of the way in your localization project, from planning and preparation to linguistic and cultural adaptation and implementation. We offer you individualized consulting and customized solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Close collaboration with developers

We always work very closely with the game developers on our game localization projects. Thanks to our many years of experience in translation project management, we are able to execute even extremely complex localization projects professionally and efficiently. Our project managers ensure the flawless localization of your games.

We can help get your planning on track and coordinate the project across multiple interfaces. We use professional localization and project management tools, working on the basis of proven processes. We also enjoy localizing innovative applications of game technologies, such as simulations and interactive product presentations.

Dubbing and subtitling for games

In addition to translation, EHLION also supports you with our extensive expertise in dubbing and subtitling. We deliver not only the translated content, but upon request the accompanying sound as well — in all of our languages and in the desired audio format. We work exclusively with professional voice actors. Our subtitling projects involve localizing the text and creating clearly legible and well-synchronized subtitles which perfectly match the game’s pace and energy.

Localization for the game industry


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