Language services for food and nutrition

EHLION offers a wide range of language services to meet the international communication needs of food and nutrition companies, from the localization of advertising copy to specialized translations and cross-cultural coaching. Get in touch so we can assess your needs and create customized solutions to help you communicate successfully with customers, partners, and employees around the globe.

Giving worldwide markets a taste for your products

We support global, brand-name manufacturers of food and beverages with our language services to enable them to communicate effectively with their partners and employees around the world. Our professional translations cover the entire range of content in the industry, including food processing, storage and packaging as well as marketing and sales.

Tap into new foreign markets

We work with food producers who have niche products or regionally targeted marketing strategies, helping them with the language skills they need to tap into new foreign markets and segments. Our marketing localizations are designed to make global consumers understand and feel your core messages, no matter the language. We work closely with our customers to help them localize their marketing content.

Are you also looking to create a multilingual version of your website? We are well-equipped to support you in this project, thanks to our profound expertise in website localization, and can help you to optimize your multilingual Internet presence for your target groups worldwide.

For communication that knows no bounds

EHLION supports companies in the food and nutrition industries in meeting the linguistic and regulatory challenges of quality assurance, because in addition to the laws in your home country, target markets often have their own rules and regulations. Our language services help you achieve effective cross-border communication with regulatory authorities, research laboratories and partners.

For this purpose, we utilize our expertise in technical documentation and terminology creation to ensure that all specialist terminology is correctly and consistently used and that your documents comply with the applicable statutory regulations. We maintain high quality standards in everything we do, which is why we work exclusively with native speakers who possess outstanding qualifications and profound expertise in the relevant subject matter.

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EHLION | Our services, our languages

EHLION offers a large portfolio of customized language services tailored specifically to corporate clients in the food and nutrition industries. Our project managers implement all your translation and localization projects efficiently and reliably, while our qualified translators translate your industry-specific content with an innate sense of the relevant language combined with subject-related expertise into the languages you require. We're just as comfortable translating your marketing materials as we are localizing your website for international target markets. In addition to French, Italian, German and English, our language portfolio naturally encompasses all European Union languages, including Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. Naturally we also have qualified specialist translators for Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and many other languages. For a complete overview of the services we offer, visit the EHLION website.

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